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Smoking prevention

Smoking is a social problem for society, both for its smokers and non-smokers. For the first, the problem is to quit smoking, for the second, to avoid the influence of the smoking society and not to “become infected” by their habit, and also to preserve their health from smoking products, since the substances entering the smoke exhaled by smokers are not much safer than if a person smoked himself.

It's no secret how dangerous smoking is, however, around the world smokes about 15 billion cigarettes daily.

According to sociologists in Ukraine, 70% of men and 45% of women smoke. Now tobacco companies have found a second wind, having discovered for themselves an inexhaustible market in Eastern Europe. The sad fact is that most of their products are labeled "For export only", these cigarettes are banned for sale in Europe and the USA. The reason for this ban is the low quality of this product, the high content of resins and nicotine. Thus, we have become a market for second-rate products.

What are the very measures by which developed countries get rid of smoking.
First of all, this is a complete ban on tobacco advertising and the promotion of non-smoking. Of particular note is the package of measures of economic impact on smokers. In many firms and non-smokers, monthly bonuses are paid. Indeed, the smoker periodically breaks away from work to take the next dose of nicotine, his labor productivity decreases. For less productivity - less pay. This method has been recognized as the most effective.

As for smoking among adolescents, in this situation, an attractive factor is the desire to look like an adult.

To reduce smoking, you can apply many different measures: strict restriction of places for smoking, fines, the creation of a network of medical institutions specializing in the treatment of this type of problem, etc. Speaking of help to non-smokers, we can offer free treatment and spa holidays for people suffering from tobacco allergies and cigarette smoke products. But all this requires a review of both the economic and social policies of the state in which we live.
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Smoking prevention

    V.F. Levshin RONTS them. N.N. Blokhina, Moscow Prevention of malignant neoplasms by helping to quit smoking (TK) is based on the following scientifically sound provisions: - tobacco is the most common of the proven carcinogens for humans; - TC is the leading of the proven causes of death from cancer. In a number of special studies, convincing
  2. Smoking and health
    Without going into a historical digression of the appearance of tobacco, its reception, the nature of manufacture, etc., I will give examples of harm to health. Just the facts! It is proved that smoking plays a large role in the development of many diseases, the main of which are: coronary heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In addition to these diseases that often cause death, smoking leads to persistent
  3. Second hand smoke
    The opinion that habits that negatively affect a person’s health is a personal matter is deeply flawed. And, in particular, this can be confirmed by data obtained by studying the effects of smoking on non-smokers and the appearance of diseases characteristic of smokers. Passive smoking - forced inhalation of cigarette smoke by a person smoking nearby - is as bad for health as
  4. Smoking and breastfeeding
    I am a heavy smoker, but I want to breastfeed my baby. Is smoking dangerous while breastfeeding? Smoking and child are incompatible. Despite the fact that smoking is one of the most difficult quitting habits, you must quit smoking for your own sake and your family, or at least drastically reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. You risk all that you would not like
  5. Psychology of smoking
    The first encounter with tobacco is rather painful. Weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness appear, and sometimes fainting is observed. At this stage, the body protects itself from the harmful effects of nicotine. When you turn to the cigarette again, the toxic effect is expressed in a weakened form. There is a pleasant excitement, inner warmth, a soft "high", and smoking
  6. Smoking as a way of life
    Smoking is part of the lifestyle, a certain form of behavior, which is based on psychological and physiological factors. At the initial smoking stage, the main role is played by socio-psychological factors: the tendency to imitate, the example of peers, curiosity, the influence of cinema and television, the fear of being unfashionable and out-of-date, the attitude of parents to smoking. Found that the number
  7. The effect of smoking on the female body
    Many people look at smoking as a mostly male problem, perhaps because men were the first to acquire this habit and, therefore, were the first to suffer from its adverse effects, at risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Now the situation has changed and women who smoke on a par with men and die on a par with them. Current statistics indicate that
  8. The effect of smoking on the cardiovascular system
    One of the heroes of Greek mythology Sisyphus was sentenced to push a heavy load uphill. Modern cardiology has achieved great success, but sometimes its struggle becomes similar to Sisyphean work. Millions of rubles are spent on research on the cardiovascular system, help and support for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. And at the same time, the frequency of various
  9. Smoking and its effects on the health of offspring
    Smoking adversely affects fertility (the body’s ability to create offspring) not only of the smoker himself, but also of his children, show the work of scientists from Denmark and Germany. It has been proven that male smokers have a lower concentration of protein in the testicles, which has the worst effect on sperm production. Another study claims that women who smoke while
  10. Smoking as a risk factor for developing immune system disorders
    First of all, local immunity of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract suffers from smoking. In smoking adolescents and adults, sIgA level is significantly reduced, and ^ M level is slightly increased compared to that in non-smokers. The decrease in sIgA level depends on the number of cigarettes smoked and is reversible when quitting. With a longer smoking experience with a large
  11. Sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. AIDS and its prevention. Prevention of Sexual Violence
    The sexual life of a person can be divided into three components: the platonic part, the erotic component and coital contacts. In the platonic part, the spiritual layer of questions is concentrated - words, views, letters, phone calls, etc. Erotic - these are dances, hugs, kisses, affection. Coitus from Latin translates as intercourse, and the couple chooses the form that is most pleasing to them and
  12. Alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking
    Alcoholism is not only a social, but also anesthetic problem, since the anesthetic supplement has specific features, and it is different during surgical interventions in patients with chronic alcoholism and in patients who are intoxicated. Chronic alcoholism There is an entrenched view of predominant liver damage in patients with alcoholism,
  13. Smoking is a concentrated form of environmental pollution.
    It is known that the total indicator of pollution by tobacco smoke is a significant value - 384000 MPC. That is how many times it is necessary to dilute tobacco smoke so that it becomes harmless to breathing, while toxicity will decrease to 1 MAC, that is, to the norm. It was found that the toxicity of tobacco smoke is 4 times higher than the exhaust gases of a car. According to numerous data, burning
  15. The fight against smoking, alcoholism in school age. Physiological and hygienic foundations of physical education: the effect of physical exercises on the functional systems of the body
    FUs do not affect in isolation on any organ or system, but on the whole organism. However, the improvement of the functions of its various systems does not occur to the same extent. Particularly distinct are changes in the muscular system. They are expressed in an increase in muscle volume, a change in the physicochemical properties of tissues, enhanced metabolic processes, and improved functional
  16. Health effects of production factors. Hygiene of mental and physical labor. Prevention of overwork. Industrial hazards and occupational diseases. The main directions of their prevention
    Productive activity is an integral part of the life of an adult able-bodied person. At the same time, the production process and factors of the working environment have a multilateral effect on the human body. The scientific direction of preventive medicine in the field of hygienic aspects of human labor is occupational hygiene or (in recent years) - medicine
  17. . Medical and hygienic and sex education of adolescents. Features of a hygienic approach to the regimen of the day, study and personal hygiene of boys and girls. Medical and hygienic approaches to the prevention of bad habits, sexually transmitted diseases in older students. AIDS Prevention The effect of drugs on the human body and offspring.
    The specific immunization of HIV infection has not been developed. Educational preventive measures include: 1. inclusion of a lesson in the OBZh course of 10-11 grades 2. various activities for young people aimed at creating a responsible attitude to their actions in life. Medical preventative measures include: * Blood donor screening,
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