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Separate food

I was invited to the city of Khabarovsk in the 88th year in the summer. And it was getting dark there, and in the first lesson they didn’t want to disperse: “Well, Vladimir Georgievich, well, give me some assignment. Well today, give us a task. ” I say, okay, write everything on a piece of paper and give definition-answers at home: What is absolute alcohol? What are alcohol drinks? What is therapeutic fasting? What is split food? What is a dry law? Who is a drunkard? Who is an alcoholic? Well, give these definitions.

The next day they handed me pieces of paper and one colleague writes: “Separate food - my wife and I have been eating separately for the second year.” :-) I'm in the kitchen, she can’t see me, she’s leaving the room. ” Well, he had such a concept of separate nutrition.

In fact, all the products that a modern person consumes can conditionally be divided into three large groups. Divide the notebooks into three large zones. The first group is called "squirrels." The second group is called "live foods." And the third group is called "carbohydrates." Proteins, live foods and carbohydrates.

So, they include proteins, write down: meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, legumes, soy (a very important product), eggplant, nuts and seeds. These are squirrels.

Now let's write carbohydrates, the third column. Carbohydrates include bread, cereals, sugar and all derivatives of sugar (sweets, preserves, tea with sugar, honey), potatoes.

And let's fill in the middle column, live products. These are greens, fruits, dried fruits, vegetables (except for potatoes, legumes), fresh juices, berries, watermelons.

Draw a line under live foods and write below: fats. They do not belong to live products, but they stand in the middle.

And now the backfill question: how do proteins differ from carbohydrates? If you do not know, do not even strain your memory. The main difference between proteins and carbohydrates is that for normal digestion, splitting and assimilation of protein products, an acidic environment must be created in the human gastrointestinal tract. And for normal digestion-splitting-assimilation of products of a carbohydrate nature, an alkaline environment must be created. This is the fundamental difference between proteins and carbohydrates. There is an acidic environment, and here is alkaline.

And now let’s take a simple Soviet man who, as they say, “doesn’t sing or whistle” in this matter knows nothing. He takes a piece of sausage in his right hand and a piece of bread in his left hand. Yum-yum-yum-yum, filled his stomach, sits and rejoices. He sits and rejoices, and in the gastrointestinal tract the following process begins.

Sausage is a protein that requires acidic enzymes: “Come on, come on!” Send acidic enzymes. And bread is a carbohydrate, it requires alkaline enzymes: "Come on, alkali!" Alkaline enzymes went there. Acid and alkaline enzymes met in the stomach and what happened to them? Mutually neutralized, right? Chemistry lesson, seventh grade, everyone knows about it. Neither sausage nor bread is digested. Then sausage begins to dig in: "Come on, acid!" “Come on, alkali,” shouts the bread. All organs of human internal secretion begin at this moment to work with the maximum possible, about a hundredfold overload. Acid alkaline enzymes enter the gastrointestinal tract, they mutually neutralize there, the digestion process does not go on.

And these fermented pieces of mixed food soured, soured, and when a person eats proteins and carbohydrates at the same time, this kind of food is called mixed. They fermented in the stomach, pushed into the duodenum, and there they must be split into nutrients. Why split there? They are undercooked. And they fermented, fermented in the duodenum, pushed into the small intestine in a person, and in the small intestine it is already necessary to absorb nutrients into the blood. And what is there to suck in? They were undercooked, undercooked. And in the small intestine from these chewed pieces of mixed nutrition (lumps), moisture is removed, moisture is sucked out. They are dehydrated and turn into so-called fecal stones. And these fecal stones are pushed further into the large intestine and there they get stuck. And they can be stored there for many years, up to fifteen years. Poisoning our body from the inside with constant these slag emissions.

And it’s almost impossible for a person to quickly restore his health if a) he doesn’t stop poisoning himself with mixed food, and b) if he doesn’t cleanse his body of rubble of these slag fecal stones that he has accumulated over many long years of malnutrition.

"What to do?" - you say. And you need to eat separately. And how is it separate? And here's how: I ate meat, ate fish, egg, mushrooms, snapped nuts-seeds. All these are products of a protein nature, very few acidic enzymes will stand out, all this will be digested, broken down, digested, in response you will get what? Health.

Do you want some bread? For God's sake. Wait two hours. After two hours, the stomach will empty, the valves will close, eat bread, potatoes, sugar, honey - these are products of a carbohydrate nature, very few alkaline enzymes will be released, all this will be digested, broken down, digested, in return you get what? Health.

Therefore, write everything: “Proteins, carbohydrates are incompatible. Food poison. "

But for our happiness, there is a large group of so-called living products. These products are so well suited to our body that they are perfectly broken down, digested, absorbed in both acidic and alkaline environments. There is no difference for them. Moreover, these products themselves carry additional enzymes that contribute to better cleavage and absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, live foods are compatible with proteins and carbohydrates.

But proteins and carbohydrates are not compatible.

By the way, do people know about this? People know this and know perfectly well. Give any small child a sausage with bread - he will throw bread, he will eat only one sausage. Everything inside him protests: "It will be bad, it will be bad."

I have a huge sin in my soul. Both my daughters, in childhood I went to a white heat when they ate dumplings, just turn away - they pick out meat and do not eat skins. Oh you! Spoon on the forehead: “Eat with bread! Eat with bread! ” The program “Eat with bread” was hammered into us with a spoon; we, with our own spoon, scored the same program and scored the program. But many things with bread are simply dangerous.

And now a person, if for many years he has been poisoned by mixed food, his internal secretion organs work with wild overload and somewhere around forty, forty-five years old these internal secretion organs begin to fail one after another. And it begins: “Ah, I have cholecystitis. And I have pancreatitis. And I have diabetes.
And I have a prick. And I have something else. ” And there is only one reason - poisoned-poisoned himself with mixed food, well, get it. He earned what he was supposed to get.

Record everything:


The first one. Cleanse the intestines according to the scheme Semenova.

Today I also gave you one piece of paper on which the material is written. Semenova, “Food Hygiene. Hygiene of the body. " Nadezhda Alekseevna Semenova herself is a well-known promoter of a healthy lifestyle. At thirty-nine, she, the director of a refrigerator, a large refrigerator in Rostov-on-Don, was charged to die. She was discharged from the hospital by a disabled person of the first group, they thought she would die. She didn’t want to die, climbed into folk medicine, climbed into foreign medicine and found out that many products are incompatible, they kill a person, and she switched to separate nutrition, completely cleaned her body and describes this super marathon to herself, cleaning her body, this one here.

And she writes: "The first step is washing the intestines." She writes: “Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to two liters of chilled boiled water.” If there is no lemon juice - then you can add nothing, just clean water. Pour it all into Esmarch's mug. Esmarch’s mug sounds very formidable, but it’s a simple heating pad with a hose, it’s a device for washing the intestines, in any first-aid post there is. We had two of them at home, I didn’t even know that it was Esmarch’s mug. The position during the procedure on the elbows and knees, breathing through the mouth, the stomach is relaxed, the procedure should be performed before bedtime.

This means that a person gets on his elbows and knees, inserts this tube into the intestines from behind, opens the faucet, relaxes his stomach, all this water enters his intestines, then he neatly got up, walked around, gurgled, so that he could grab more of these fecal stones and in five to seven minutes he runs to the toilet, with this whole thing comes out with a whistle.

By the way, bowel cleansing is, comrades-in-arms, everything, all body cleansing systems, from yogis ending with Malakhov and others and others, they all begin with cleansing the large intestine, because it’s dangerous for a person to clean up any other organs, because powerful slag emissions from the large intestine can simply damage its health. Therefore, we recommend that everyone do this procedure. If there is no Esmarch mug, you can just take a big enema. You don’t need to bring Esmarch’s mug here :-) this is an intimate affair, here you have to do it at home, yourself. If any questions arise, you can then come up, ask me, I will explain and tell.

The second one. Switch to separate meals. Wherein:

1. Dramatically decreases the need for food. A man who eats mixed food, no matter how much he ate, he constantly walks hungry, he wants to eat. Why? Because a sufficient amount of nutrients does not enter the bloodstream. He switches to separate nutrition - he weighs half as much, he is full, because he constantly receives nutrients in the blood.

2. The state of health improves.

3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract resemble.

4. Normalize the discharge. That is, a person is not ashamed to go to the toilet. Here is a man who eats mixed food, he comes to the toilet and leaves so much from it that sometimes there are not enough two tanks to flush, so to speak. And the smell is so terrible that you need to spray on five rubles with deodorant to cover up this matter. And then use another ruble for three toilet papers to cover everything, as they say.

A person switches to separate food, eats half as much, leaves four times less (because everything is digested and everything is in favor) and there is no terrible smell, everything is cultural, like a little sheep - once, he’ve gone and went. As they say, everything is fine and normal.

Here you are smiling, but smiling in vain. I myself am from the village and I will tell you that every morning a peasant goes to the farmyard and the first thing that interests him in the farmyard is not that the cattle ate during the night, but what came out of the cattle during the night. This is what interests him the most. And he immediately: “Ah! The cow got sick. " Something from the cow didn’t go right — the cow got sick, it immediately throws everything away, runs to the veterinarian, medicine, everything, fifth to tenth. And only a man imagines himself to be the king of nature, with him God knows for years what comes out, he won’t even think of anything - maybe something is not right? Well, if such disgusting comes with me, then maybe I am eating something wrong?

Record everything:

Conclusions: Mixed nutrition is work on the disease and the toilet. Separate nutrition is work for your health.

I advise you, comrades, to rewrite this separate power plan on a separate sheet and stick it in your kitchen. And to tell relatives and friends that there is such a scientific approach to the problem of nutrition that allows a person to dramatically improve their health, additionally cleanse their body of toxins and poisons. And at the same time, memorize what is compatible with what, so that you are no longer confused and this does not present any difficulties for you.

(Note from the author of the site: a slurred question from the audience.)

- Soup? Meat broth? You are welcome. With cabbage and eat cabbage soup, without potatoes, without bread, this is compatible. Fats are compatible with everything as an additive.

And dairy ... I haven’t said anything yet? I haven’t said anything yet - eat. In general, dairy is not compatible with anything. That is, it is impossible to combine dairy with anything. Here.

I conducted a group in Kharkov, I forgot to write about fats, I look - they are all alert, then they ask: “Can I have bread and lard?”

- Bread and bacon, yes.

Well, bread with lard is possible, meaning you can live. We live.

Fats are compatible with both protein and carbohydrate supplementation. And what is fats? This fat, this vegetable oil, butter - it is sour cream, it is also fat, it is also compatible, you can season both those and other products.

Well, for your inspiration, I’ll tell you that many of the so-called stars of the national stage switched to separate nutrition. And the first one we crossed was Larisa Dolina. And she, about three years ago, she suddenly turned herself, she was not so slender and young at the age of eighteen as she looks now. Looking at Larisa Dolina, Alla Borisovna and her young husband Filipp Bedrosovich also switched to separate meals. True, they stayed for only seven months, on separate meals, also refused cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol. But Christmas meetings of the ninety-eighth year, here you look at Pugacheva, she simply could not be recognized. Do you understand? She was physiologically younger. This is not pumping fat and stuff. This is a physiological rejuvenation associated with proper separate nutrition.
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