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Solarization of the eyes

Solarization of the eyes - treatment of the eyes with solar or other light is one of the best exercises for restoring vision and relaxing the eye muscles.

Solarization can be done on any light source. Yesterday and the day before yesterday we did it with a candle, yes? Remember, they lit a candle and shook their heads to the right, then to the left, then to the right, then to the left. You can do it on the window: here you are near the window, the lights are extinguished and near the window - the window is now on the right, then on the left, twisted its head, made solarization. You can do it on a light bulb, on the one that is there in the hall: so I got up here and there, did turns and at the same time did solarization of the eyes. That is on my right, then it is on my left. But the most effective solarization, of course, is in the sun.

Solarization in the sun

Option 1.

We get up in the sun, eyes closed. Eyes, face directed to the sun. We start the "big turns". We repeat out loud: “The sun is on the left, the sun is on the right”, etc.

So, how is this option solarization? Imagine that lamp is the sun. I get up in the sun [from the author of the site: i.e. located facing the source of light], eyes close, eyes, face up to the sun. By the way, looking at the sun with open eyes is strictly prohibited; you can burn your macula, the central part [of the site author: the retina], the central fossa, burn it with sunlight. Watching with open eyes in the sun is strictly prohibited.

I am standing, my eyes are closed, my eyes, my face is directed towards the sun, my legs are shoulder-width apart, and I start to make “Big turns”, repeating aloud: “The sun is on the left, the sun is on the right, the sun is on the left, the sun is on the right, left, right, the sun is on the left, the sun is on the right, the sun is on the left, the sun is on the right ”. And somewhere in 20-25 turns, 10-12 powerful solar rabbits will appear in your eyes. Through the eyelid, the sun shines through and some bright orange or yellow dots appear in the eyes. And our eyes, they are so fond of the sun, they are so happy at this moment, so is the most powerful activation of the retina and the most powerful relaxation of the eye muscles. In all books, solarization of the eyes in the sun is put first in the effectiveness of restoring vision.

Option 2.

(Especially with macular degeneration - this is a diagnosis of macular degeneration, and this is a deterioration of the blood supply to the central part of the eye, and the person sees sideways better than directly.) A sharp shadow is chosen (tree, corner of the house). One eye is in the shade, the other is in the sun. Eyes are closed, eyes, face are directed to the sun. We start “Bear rocking”, repeating aloud: “The sun comes, the sun goes away”, etc.

So, how is this option solarization? You choose a sharp shadow on the street, let's say a tree. Let me have this table - a tree [from the author of the site: he lifts in front of him a printout of the Sivtsev table]. You get up so that one eye in the shade, the other - in the sun; the shadow passes in the middle. Legs are shoulder-width wide, eyes are closed, eyes, face are directed at the sun, and you begin “Bear swaying”, repeating aloud: “The sun comes, the sun goes, comes, goes, comes, leaves, comes, leaves, comes, leaves”. And somewhere in 20-25 rocking in your eyes, 3-4-5-5 most powerful sunbeams will appear in the center of the eye. And our eyes - here some points inside the eye arise right in the middle, orange or yellowish - and the eyes, I say again, are so happy about this solarization, are happy about the sun.

I somehow did one .. uh, focus. My friend wears glasses +3. I say, let's go. I taught him to do solarization in the sun, then did palming - turned my back, my eyes calmed down - and then I say, open your eyes, blink. I blinked, blinked, I gave him a newspaper, he started reading a newspaper in the sun without glasses - he immediately started reading without glasses. Truly solarizing the eyes in the sun is one of the most powerful exercises for restoring vision.

Option 3.

In the morning and in the evening, at sunrise and sunset, you can do solarization of the eyes in the sun with open eyes. Once again, colleagues, I will explain. There is no need to look even at the setting / rising sun, but to do the exercises - “Big turns” and solarization, or from behind a tree, just stand like this [from the website’s author: shows option two, solarization + “Bear swaying”] with open eyes on the rising - and it is a gentle sun - it is very, very useful.

Attention!!! After each solarization, we do palming while standing twice as long as solarization, until complete calm of the vision. So, when you did the solarization, your eyes are closed, you turn your back on the sun, rub your hands, do the palming. In this case, be sure to put your elbows on your chest, tilt your head slightly forward, and your feet shoulder-width apart, swaying gently, from foot to foot, relax, think about something good until you have bunnies in front of your eyes. The bunnies calmed down, disappeared, everything - they blinked with their eyes - you made solarization in the sun.

So tomorrow, colleagues, there will be sunny weather - do solarization 3-4 times. And with the "Big Turns" do it in the sun, and from behind a tree or from the corner of a house with "Bear swaying", do solarization and palming. And you yourself will see how powerful and beautiful this exercise is.

And now they have removed everything from their hands, rubbed all their hands to heat and made palming. [From the author of the site: rub hands, sit down] So, everyone’s eyes closed, calmed down, relaxed, took all comfortable postures, elbows surely stand on something solid, everyone’s eyes are closed, calm down, relaxed, we start our evening palming. We begin to relax the muscles of our eyes.

Our eyes are good, our eyes are resting, every day our eyes see better and better. The muscles of our eyes relax. The oblique muscles of the eyes relax, the eyes become round, balls, they will perfectly see into the distance without any glasses. The rectus muscles of the eyes relax, they allow our eyes to easily be pulled forward by the “cucumbers” and perfectly visible near without any glasses. The retina of our eyes relaxes, light-sensitive cells - cones, rods relax, the optic nerve cells relax, the cells of the visual analyzer relax in the brain. Our entire visual tract is relaxed.

Today we have taken another decisive step in the destruction of programs of bad habits in our mind and subconscious. We go to classes at the People’s University, we gain knowledge and skills in order to help ourselves purify our mind, soul, body, get rid of bad habits, diseases, restore our health, sight; and we also go in order to master Shichko’s psychoanalysis and Bates’s method to learn how to help other people.

Today, at home, in the evening before going to bed, we are waiting for a big work to purify the mind, soul, body - this is pouring over the Ivanov system. After that, we will warm up, put on something warm and do our homework: answer the questions of the Alcoholic Questionnaire, answer the questions of the Diary of Vision Correction No. 2. The more complete and detailed we answer the questions of the Questionnaire and the Diary, the sooner we will launch the process of destroying false programs and forming new programs.

At the end of the diary, we will definitely write the 27th item - Self-suggestion. And remember, comrades-in-arms, that every line of the Diary, every formula of Auto-suggestion is a devastating blow to the building of a false program, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is our foundation for the foundation of a new program worthy of a reasonable person, a program of sober healthy life, life with beautiful vision . At the end of Auto-suggestion, we will write three magic words: “Life! Vision! A life!"

And now pay attention, if before your eyes there are still residual light images, some kind of fog, clouds, something incomprehensible - here you have to imagine something uniformly black, dark: a black velvet curtain in the theater, a black velvet dress, or you can mentally pick up a brush with mascara and pomamavat these glowing places.

And the second exercise, very important, under the palming is a mental memory, a pleasant memory. Remember the good good man, a pleasant meeting with him, a pleasant journey, remember the good deed that you do to people. This pleasant memory relaxes the psyche, muscles, facial muscles, and eye muscles. And relaxation will give excellent eyesight. This is the basis of the Bates method - relaxation. And then there is a training of weakened eye muscles.

Do not forget, colleagues, as often as possible to remove glasses in your pocket, do exercises to restore central fixation, 3-4 times tomorrow, try to solarize the eyes in the sun, plan yourself every hour to do palming, give rest to your eyes, and 5-6 times tomorrow do exercises on the mobility of the eyes (a set of exercises that we have learned today).

Notice, on this leaflet, a diagram of the eye is drawn, and six oculomotor muscles are drawn, as they are located. Everyone must understand - what his muscles are tense, which are weakened, which muscles to relax him, and which muscles to train.

Now remember the way out of palminga. All eyes are closed, palms on the nose, all straightened [from the author of the site: straightened - it means that they stopped abutting their elbows, straightened, keeping their elbows on weight]. All under the palms of his eyes, his eyes squeezed slightly-loosened, squeezed-slack-loosened, squeezed his eyes-slack. All eyes are closed, palms removed, and all the nose - with eyes closed, with eyes closed, with a nose - drew a large letter Sh, letter B, letters M, N, K, and letters Y, M, B, Sh on the board The first, second and third lines of the check table - they drew their nose. And now the eyes, like children, rubbed, soaked them with their fists, breathed deeply, exhaled, and opened our eyes, quickly blinking.

Nobody puts glasses on his nose, why - this is a bad habit. They looked at each other once more, looked at the hall, blinked, looked at me. We looked, blinked at the plate check. Blinked-blinked-looked. And now let's play a little eyes.

Myopic eyes closed their eyelids and the "Chinese eyes" stretched out and looked at the tablet. Someone will already see the line, someone two, someone will see three lines. You hold your eyes for centuries, make them more round like this, and they see better. Blinked, that's enough.

Now look for astigmatic points. Everyone closed the left eye with her palm, and with the right eye we looked, and quietly pressed it from below, quietly pressed to the side, from above, from the inside - and here you will find a point on which you press - the eye looks all the time, you are in vain, why do you poke it, you press and look, press and look, now you press and watch a little nearby - and here you will find a point somewhere, press it and he sees better immediately. This dot is called astigmatic. If someone did not find her, come to me - I’ll instantly see it for you now, this point, I will show it in front of your eyes. All long-sighted and one has a flat eye - on the side, this dot on the side.

So, blinked eyes. And now everyone has closed their right eye, and they have looked at where they have an astigmatic point. We are not in vain looking for it now, this point, because tomorrow we will learn eye massage, and we have an astigmatic dot massage there, that is, this place, and we will massage it.

So, comrades-in-arms, all smokers go out on the porch, are waiting for me, I will go out and poison you with tobacco poison; all the rest - goodbye, all the best to you.

[From the author of the site: the shooting is further carried out on the porch, and, it seems, not from the very beginning, so a couple of words or sentences may be missed.] ... you know, the exhaust emissions of the KamAZ car. Moreover, of these 196 poisonous components, 14 are drugs. And the person who sucks tobacco smoke, he is a tobacco addict, a tobacco addict on these drugs. And so he sucked on this drug, walks contented, cheerful, in 30-40 minutes this drug begins to clear out of his body, to go out. And this process, when a person begins to leave a drug, is called narcotic breaking. And a tobacco addict begins a narcotic tobacco break. He feels bad, something is wrong with him, and now he needs to go suck again this very drug.

Have you seen how a drug addict in a movie shows how he breaks, he yells, screams and that's it? As soon as he is given an injection, he immediately - you, immediately satisfied, that's all. Because as soon as a new portion of the drug enters the body, withdrawal immediately stops, a new narcotic poisoning begins.

So let's take an alcoholic drug addict - an alcoholic, yes. An alcoholic from the evening poured a liter into himself: he walked, rested, showed off, drove his family. In the morning he wakes up - what about him? Pains, pains - lies, he poisoned himself with alcoholic narcotic poison. But the alcoholic knows: what he got sick of, and get well. He knows, he has 50 grams left. He only them - clap there, he was sober - and then he recovered. Why? Yes, because he began to leave the poison - he was sick, as soon as he accepted a new dose of poison - all at once, a new poisoning began.

So are you. But look, the alcoholic has poisoned himself with a liter, and has recovered from 50 grams. You, too, do not need to completely suck all the tobacco, you just have to make 2-3 smelly breaths, you have got the drug - everything, and immediately your withdrawal stops. Even a small dose gets, and breaking ... but there will be no more poisoning.

Now the second question. The composition of tobacco smoke 196 poisonous components included. [From the author of the site: addresses the listener.] Have you ever smoked? Here you let her suck up now, she will cough - her eyes will crawl out, right? The question arises: why don't you cough, why don't you have eyes on your forehead? It turns out that a person who smokes, he has in his mouth with these poisons kills in the mouth the taste buds that react to these poisons. But for your happiness, in the roots of the throat, right here, you still have taste buds that are not killed by tobacco. And these receptors will give a signal to the brain that yes, this is your tobacco that is the very poison that is being discussed.

In the evening, you will write auto-suggestion, tobacco is poison, I stop poisoning myself with alcohol and tobacco poison, and on the other hand, you now have to try and understand that this tobacco really is that very poison. How this is done means how you will do it. Put air into your mouth, not into your lungs, but into your mouth, inflate your cheeks and chew like a piece of meat. [From the author of the site: inflates and blows out the cheeks.] Great. And now they did this: they put air in their mouths, they clamped their nose, closed their eyes, threw back their heads and chewed. Close your eyes, throw back your head. Chew the air. Everything is fine.

Now you will do the same with tobacco smoke. You ignite this one, now it is no longer called a cigarette, but a poison projectile. You will set fire, ignite this poison projectile and type, as in childhood, not a puff, a mouthful of smoke. Not lungs, but mouth. Close your mouth, hold your nose so that smoke does not come out through your nose, close your eyes, tilt your head as high as possible and begin to chew this smoke. Four, five, six, seven. And this smoke you start to chew. And you chew it so that this smoke at you reaches the roots of the throat, now these taste buds, here it reaches. [From the author of the site: shows on the throat in the area of ​​the Kadyk. The listener asks again: “Gradually swallowing?”] - No, well, that is, a little bit of it ... so that it reaches here [from the author of the site: to the base of the throat], processed here, because here these feel this poison, it is your throat that you feel that it is poison.

And now you begin to chew: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Somewhere on the 9-10th zhvkke the taste of smoke will change dramatically. It will become nasty, sour, that's how a cigarette butt in a urinal lies two days, that's about. But you continue to chew, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen - and then ... this muck was swallowed, exhaled, coughed up, and when you begin to chew this smoke, you will begin to pinch, tick, urge to cough - well, I understand, these receptors, it’s unpleasant for them that you treat them with this poison. And so you take the first smelly breath.

They gave everyone a cigarette, who doesn’t have it, it’s yours, I didn’t take it in my mouth, give someone else a cigarette. [From the author: understand, who can share cigarettes.] No, you are not engaged with us, you can not, otherwise you still break some buzz, here. So, all set fire to cigarettes, poison shells, all set fire. Do not smoke tight, do not smoke. Set on fire. And now everyone is picking up a mouthful of smoke - the mouth, not the lungs, but the mouth. They all gathered up, their mouths were closed, their nose was clamped, their eyes were closed, their heads were thrown back as high as possible and we began to chew. [From the author: they chew, Zhdanov corrects.] So, now they have inhaled this filth. Inhaled her, no, not swallowed, but inhale as normal. Well, you inhale and exhale. They coughed, fine, fine, there is. Here you took the first smelly breath.

Repeated: they scored again a mouthful of smoke, clamped their nose, closed their eyes and chewed. We chew and feel, tilt the head back harder, and feel, here it is, nicotine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, here it is here to go, here to this place that it goes, nicotine, this muck. Well, it is necessary to chew. They inhaled this filth, exhaled, so they coughed. Второй сделали вдох вонючий.

Третий вдох, контрольный делаем. Ничего страшного, тихонько делайте. Набрали, запрокинули, глаза закрыты главное, жуем. Как кусок мяса жуем. Так, вдохнули эту гадость, выдохнули, прокашлялись. Так, прокашлялись.

А теперь, в четвертый раз вы делаете следующее. Делаете затяжку, глубокую, ну как перед смертью, в последний раз. Затянулись на полные легкие, но когда вы затяжку кончили, вы этот дым не выдыхайте, а мелким кашлем животом выкашляйте. Затянулись и кхе, кхе, кхе, кхе, кхе, кхе. Ну-ка давайте, затянулись как можно глубже и выкашляйте эту гадость. Вот-вот-вот. Яду насосались, притушили аккуратно, и вот сейчас самое главное.

Вы берете пачку сигарет, которые у вас есть, и самое главное — вы берете и начинаете вести контроль: на пачке сигарет вы пишете: «время 21:15, четыре вонючих вдоха», и дальше ходите как простой человек. Курить захотелось — не курите, я запретил курить — только травиться. Э нет, травиться не буду, дай-ка я похожу. А кстати, когда хочется человеку курить, это хороший знак — это значит, идет очистка организма, табак выходит. Кстати, хочется курить всего два дня. Если два дня пройдет, то яд выходит и все дальше, ломка прекращается. Но если уже хочется так, что не можете, вот здесь некоторые не могут, просит, тогда ушли, ото всех спрятались, пожевали, поглотали этот дым, потравились, прокашлялись, все, записали на пачке, и все. Я говорю, больше трех дней у меня никто не выдерживал, то есть уже на третий день он уже не лезет, уже рвота начинается, кашель, как вот им [от автора сайта: показывает на некурящих], любому, дай сосануть, так и у вас.

И в конечном счете, но самое главное, вечером перед сном писать установку: табак — яд, я прекращаю травить себя алкогольным и табачным ядом, трезвость, здоровье и так далее. Все, травитесь на здоровье. Но только не вздумайте на публике. У меня в Сыктывкаре один утром вышел, полная толпа остановка народу, он взял, отошел в сторону, о-о, кхе-кхе, ну эти глаза вытаращили, скорая ехала, остановили, его заломали, забрали — ну с ума сошел человек. Everything.
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    КЛАССИФИКАЦИЯ Основными клиническими формами глазных инфекций по локализации являются конъюнктивит (66,7% общего числа пациентов с воспалительными заболеваниями глаз) и блефарит (23,3%), реже встречается кератит (4,2%). КОНЪЮНКТИВИТ Конъюнктивиты по скорости развития симптомов можно подразделить на молниеносные, острые и хронические. МОЛНИЕНОСНЫЙ КОНЪЮНКТИВИТ Является неотложным
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    С точки зрения этиопатогенетического воздействия на орган зрения и лечебной тактики, ожоги подразделяются на химические (вызванные кислотами или щелочами), термические и сочетающие оба фактора поражения. Химические ожоги случаются не только на производстве. Дома у каждого есть немало бытовых средств, контакт которых с глазами представляет большую опасность для зрения. Характер ожога зависит от
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