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Valueology: what is it?

Valeology is a science and a sphere of human activity that studies the possibility of the best adaptation of a person to environmental conditions, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The 21st century presents us with many problems, among which the most urgent today is the problem of maintaining health.

Studies of domestic and foreign scientists have long established that human health is only 7-8% dependent on the success of healthcare and 60% on lifestyle.

In this regard, we are confident that the education of the valeological culture is relevant especially in preschool age and one of the prerequisites for the upbringing of this science of the child is the valeological culture of the family.

It is known that the beginning of all beginnings in raising children is the family.
Each parent wants to see their child healthy, happy, but not everyone will think about how to teach the child to live in harmony with himself, the world, and other people. But this is behind, including a healthy lifestyle. It is he who gives physical and spiritual strength, a healthy nervous system, the ability to withstand harmful influences, to feel the joy of living.

Not one, even the best wellness program, can give positive results if its tasks are not solved together with the family. We hope that our cooperation will help children become truly healthy people.

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Valueology: what is it?

  1. The heart-rending cry of a donkey ... "Octave." What it is?
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    You can often hear from a nursing mother: "I feed on demand, my baby requires a breast every 3.5 hours." Or: “I always fed on demand. “We already had 1 feeding a year in the evening, and my baby calmly refused his breast.” Before talking about the requirement of the child, it is necessary to find out what modern women have in mind when they say “I am breastfeeding”. Modern moms think
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    When I start talking about the correct and incorrect attachment of the baby to the chest, very often I hear this phrase: “What do you mean? Is it possible to suckle the breast incorrectly? " Most often, I hear this question from medical workers. It especially upset me at the beginning of my activity as a breastfeeding consultant when I heard this phrase from the medical staff
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    Conversation Fifth. THIRD EYE - WHAT IS IT
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    Even if you stopped breastfeeding a few months ago, you will probably be able to squeeze a drop of fluid from your chest. Your milk system has not completely stopped. Resuming breastfeeding after you have stopped breastfeeding is called relaxation. Women who have never given birth have been nursing adopted babies, and this is called induced, or induced
  6. Health, norm - what is it? Health is in harmony. The concept of "health", its content and criteria
    Human life depends on the state of health of the body and the extent of use of its psychophysiological potential. All aspects of human life in a wide range of social life - industrial, labor, socio-economic, political, family, spiritual, health-improving, educational - are ultimately determined by the level of health (see table). Table 1. Specific
  8. My husband has a panic fear of being without money. And this despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to tell him?
    Have you tried just talking to him about what's bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid to be left without money? If so, what did your husband as a child feel when he saw this fear of his father? Did he judge the father? When we condemn our parents, we ultimately become just like them. It would be nice to give
  9. If something hurts you, this does not mean that you are a bad person.
    When you managed to create a mask so as not to suffer, it was a heroic act, a feat of self-love. This mask helped you survive and adapt to the family environment that you yourself chose before incarnating. The true reason for our birth in a certain family or our attraction to people with the same trauma as ours is that from the very beginning we like it when others
  10. I convince myself that I am not leaving my husband just because he will disappear without me. Is this not stupid of me?
    Your husband, perhaps, will disappear without you, and you yourself thought about the fact that it would not be easy for you without him? Apparently, he is very dependent on you. It is possible that you are both interdependent. I can assume that you like to play the role of a mother in your relationship with him. When you are fully aware of your own addiction, sit down and calmly talk to him. Plan this conversation on
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