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The influence of valeology on human life

In many cases, the basis of most of a person’s problems that make his life less effective or joyless is the lack of adequate ideas and rules for choosing life goals and methods for their optimal achievement. Therefore, the first main task of valeology is to study the issues of choosing goals (their attainability, matching abilities, etc.) and the ways of their implementation, developing appropriate training programs.

The choice of the type of activity (work), attitude to professional growth and career - largely determines the position of a person in society, the circle of communication and the level of well-being (opportunities for maintaining health). Valeology should make a significant contribution to increasing the effectiveness of a person’s professional activity, which also corresponds to his personal interests and the interests of society, through training in the choice of work based on its social significance, assessment of one’s own abilities, inclinations and opportunities.

The solution of questions of personal life and relationships with others is one of the main factors that determine the internal state and external behavior of a person, characterizes the general culture of society.

Valueology should purposefully teach the culture of behavior, the ability to create a family, choose friends, maintain positive relationships, resolve conflicts, etc. based on an understanding of themselves and other people, which also corresponds to the interests of man and society.

Effective development (personal qualities, mental abilities, self-management, physical perfection, etc.) is the basis for obtaining the sensation and achievement of the above goals. Valeology should play a key role among other disciplines in the purposeful formation of an open, dynamic, spiritually strong, capable of independent development of man, which is especially necessary in conditions of continuous change in the socio-economic state of society.

One of the significant problems of our society is the low social activity of people, their inability to use the current legislation and choose worthy leaders.
The rapid establishment of the rule of law involves accelerating the solution of these problems by all available means, including through valeology. Its role is the formation of a strong, socially active person, capable of making a positive contribution to the social and political development of society.

Two basic conditions of people's social activity can be distinguished: negative (in the event that a person is forced to defend himself, etc.) and positive (based on the ability and understanding of the need for personal contribution to the development of society). Naturally, the second option is more desirable, but for its implementation, a person must learn to solve their own problems (personal life, environment, work, etc.), which is what the course of Valeology is primarily aimed at.

In addition, valeology should form a person’s interest and ability to actively interact with various state

structures, which is based on an understanding of the opportunities provided by the rule of law. The use of these opportunities by a person to solve his problems frees up his free time (one of the indicators of the well-being of society), which can be spent on development (improving health) and socially useful activities.

Valeology should also cultivate a person’s respect for the Law, understanding his need for regulating interpersonal, social, economic and political processes. Of course, for this, the system of legislation itself must be beautiful, clear, consistent and aimed at protecting the interests of man, his rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, at the moment, many laws are simply ignored, the number of offenses is increasing.
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The influence of valeology on human life

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    Recommended reading: • basic 1. Valeologiya: ed. V.I. Bobritsko.- Poltava: 2000.-Part 1, Part 4. Additional 2. Kosovanova L.M., Melnikova M.M., Aizman R.I. Screening diagnostics of the health of schoolchildren and students. Educational-methodical manual. - Novosibirsk, 2003; 3.Vayner E.N., Volynskaya E.V. Valeology: Training workshop. - M.: 2002 4. Medical and biological foundations
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