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V.N. Mitin First Aid for Small Pets 2009
This publication is a small excursion on the private problems of first aid to small animals, affecting information about the state of the home pharmacy, the basics of resuscitation, injuries, childbirth, prevention of infections and helminth diseases.
Novits'ka O.V. The course of lectures with biotechnology for students, is taught in the specialty "veterinary medicine" 2009
The main principles of the discipline “Biotechnology at the veterinary medicine” were vaccinated, and it was the first time that the discipline was self-controlled by the control of scientific and pedagogical books. Recommended by the Council of Veterinary Medicine at the National University of Biological Resources and Nature Management.
abstract Biochemistry of bone and connective tissue. 2008
solitary tissue. Composition and structure. Glucosaminoglycans. Glycoproteins. Connective tissue fibers. Collagen synthesis. Biochemical changes of the connective tissue during aging and some pathological processes. Factors regulating the metabolism of connective tissue. Bone. Osteoblast Osteocyte. Osteoclast The chemical composition of bone tissue. Bone formation Factors influencing the formation of bone tissue. The main groups of bone diseases. Bones, teeth and connective tissue. Osteomalacia and rickets. Pathology of the bones. Differential diagnostic signs of some inflammatory diseases of scurvy.
Course work Pulloz in chickens and typhoid in chickens. 2008
Content. 1. Introduction. 2. Systematics. 3. Biological properties Morphological Cultural Biochemical Resistance Toxic formation Antigenic structure Pathogenicity. 4. Diagnostics. 5. Specific prevention and immunity. 6. Specific therapy. 7. Conclusion. 8. References.
Course Robot Toxicology of protoveratrin and of the most common alkalo isdomer 2008
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Introduction, Botanical description, Active substances and their properties, Active substances and their properties, Pathogenesis, Clinical signs of various types of poisoning, Pathoanatomical changes, Diagnostics, Treatment, prevention, Veterinary-sanitary assessment of livestock products, conclusion, list of used literature.
Thesis Epizootic monitoring and organization of veterinary and sanitary measures against highly contagious avian influenza 2008
The thesis on Epizootic monitoring and organization of veterinary and sanitary measures against highly contagious avian influenza described the epizootology of avian influenza, countries that have reported cases of human flu and avian influenza, morphology, antigens, clinical signs and pathology. changes in highly pathogenic avian influenza. The degree of spread of highly contagious avian influenza was studied and the intensity of immunity in the post-vaccination period in vaccinated birds of the Akmola region was determined.
Kravtsiv R. Y., Salata V. Z., Semanyuk V. I., Freiuk D. V., Yaroshovich I. G. Veterinary radiology in power supplies і відповідях 2008
In posіbniku navedenі vіdomostі of foundations yadernoї fіziki, radіoekologії, radіobіologії, radіotoksikologії, promenevih urazhen (GOST R i hronіchna promenevі hvorobi, urazhennya shkіri, vіddalenі naslіdki promenevih urazhen) kombіnovanih urazhen (promeneva injury that іnfektsіya) profіlaktiki i terapії radіatsіynih urazhen, radіatsіynoї veterinary sanіtarnoї Experts, radio and immunologists, dosimeters and radio meters, knowledge of the necessary veterinary medicine in their practical activities. The book describes the biological basis of radioactive information branches and the laws of migration radionuclides in other biosphere sites. Significant respect for the organization of radiometric and dosimetric control of veterinary looks, described the sphere of radio navigation in agricultural science and practice. Nachalnitsa “Technology of Berry, Conservation and Meat Crest”, “Ecology and the Protection of the Middle Age”.
B. F. Bessarabov, A. A. Vashutin, E. S. Voronin Infectious animal diseases 2007
The textbook "Infectious diseases of animals" includes more than 150 nosological units. Material for all diseases set out in a single pattern. The epizootological characteristics of the disease are considered; reflected ideas about the incubation period, the nature of the course and clinical forms of manifestation of the disease; outlines the most characteristic pathological changes; describes the main methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease; diagrams of measures to eradicate the disease are given; the nature of restrictive measures is indicated

To better consolidate the material, a part of the data is presented in a tabular and graphical presentation, the illustrations are presented on a separate color insert. At the end of the articles is a small list of key test questions.

For university students enrolled in the specialty "Veterinary".
Gd Nekrasov, I.A. Sumanova Obstetrics, gynecology and animal reproduction biotechnology 2007
The educational publication describes the anatomical features and function of the genital organs of males and females of farm animals, methods for obtaining and evaluating sperm, physiology and biotechnology of insemination and embryo transplantation, physiology and pathology of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, diseases of the newborn and breast, principles of operative obstetrics, andro-logical and obstetric-gynecological medical examinations.

Designed for students of all forms of training in the discipline "Obstetrics, gynecology and animal reproduction biotechnology." Written in accordance with the program of the course in accordance with the requirements of the State educational standard of higher professional education in the specialty 311200 - "Technology of production and processing of agricultural products." It can be used in the preparation of students of agricultural colleges, operators of artificial insemination of animals, zoovets specialists of farms.
Vorovkov M.F., Frolov V.P., Serko S.A. Veterinary-sanitary examination with the basics of technology and standardization of animal products. 2007
The discipline "Veterinary-sanitary examination with the basics of technology and standardization of livestock products" (abbreviated "Vetsanekspertiza") studies the methods of veterinary-sanitary and techno-chemical studies of animal products (meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc.) and vegetable (honey, vegetables , fruits, roots and tubers, etc.) origin and determines the ways of their implementation. In addition, the object of veterinary expertise is technical raw materials (wool, feather, down, etc.).
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