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Course project Examination of the upper respiratory tract, examination and palpation of the chest 2007
Content. Introduction 1. Methods for the study of the upper respiratory tract. 2. Material research. 2.1 Characteristics of the examined animals. 2.2 diet and its analysis. 2.3 daily routine and its analysis. 2.4 analysis of zoohygienic content of animals. 3. research results. 4. conclusion. 5. list of references.
Mayor T. Horse colic 2007
Horse colic is one of the most common diseases affecting horses, and can range from minor irritation to widespread, causing severe discomfort. This book, written by veterinary specialist Tim Mayr, will tell you everything you need to know about these diseases - their causes, symptoms, and most importantly, treatment.
Abutalipov R.N., Ostapchuk A.N. PC for veterinarian 2007
The pace of life forces us to exert maximum efforts to analyze and record information, and the most difficult thing to do is with its continuous flow. The book will teach you the basics of programming, warned against computer pests, learn to use specialized programs in veterinary medicine. We are sure that this book will become your real assistant and will be useful not only for practicing doctors of the city, but also for the village.
The proposed reference manual is the result of the work of a team of authors. Veterinary Medicine Doctor Handbook 2006
The proposed reference manual is the result of the work of a team of authors as representatives of veterinary science, administrative veterinary authorities, experienced practitioners on the synthesis of the latest achievements of veterinary, medical, biological science, relating to all areas of veterinary medicine. A variety of information on veterinary and zootechnical disciplines is collected in one edition, covering the most complete data on all relevant diseases and animal rearing, taking into account the international epizootic situation and state problems of animal health.
Gusarov G.N., Koryagina V.N. Determination of chemical composition and examination of fish and fish products 2006
Gusarov G.N., Koryagina V.N. Methodical manual "Determination of the chemical composition and examination of fish and fish products" for students of specialties 310800 - "Veterinary" and 110501 - "Veterinary - sanitary examination" - Ulyanovsk, GSHA, 2006. p.66. The manual is intended for students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine when studying the course of veterinary and sanitary examination; It will be useful for workers of veterinary laboratories, laboratories of veterinary and sanitary examination. Reprinted by the decision of the Methodological Council of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of April 14, 2005, Protocol No. 7. Reviewer: DA Vasilyev, Head of the Department of Microbiology, Epizootology and VSE of Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.
Goody Peter K. Topographic anatomy of a horse 2006
The topographic anatomy of the horse contains over 250 separate diagrams and drawings, each drawing is numbered and provided with explanatory inscriptions; additional information to help their interpretation is given in the text.
Zipper A.F. Effective ways of treating poultry in the farm 2006
The features of diseases of poultry and their prevention are presented. Recommendations and recommendations aimed at the successful breeding of poultry and increasing its resistance to diseases are given.
Samoshkin I. B., Slesarenko N. A., Torba A. I., Samoshkin I. I. Dysplasia of the elbow joints in dogs (X-ray arthroscopic diagnosis) 2006
Guidelines are devoted to the discovery of the etiology and pathogenesis of congenital and posttraumatic pathology of the elbow joint in dogs on the basis of the analysis of the clinical X-ray morphological parallels of this joint. Methodical recommendations are intended for radiologists, traumatologists, orthopedists and specialists dealing with problems of the musculoskeletal system in dogs, as well as students of the FPC and canine schools.
V.P. Novak, A.P. Melnichenko Cytology, histology, embryology 2005
At the ceremonies Navalny ambulance supplement self-diagnostic preparations, just as importantly when preparing yak naukihs, so і practical pracіvnikіv. Recommendations yak school address for students of university campus ІІІ – ІV rіvnіv akreditatsі z sravіv 1305 - veterinary medicine and 1302 - zooinzhenerіya.
abstract General animal study 2003
Determination of animal habitus Buildness Fatness Body position (posture) Involuntary or forced movements Temperament determination Animals of a strong balanced moving type Animals of a strong balanced inert type Animals of a strong unbalanced (unrestrained) type of animals of a weak type Constitution of the body Skin examination Disruption of the physiological properties of the skin skin, skin rashes, ulcers, scars, violations of the integrity of the skin) Research lymphatic their nodes Study of the mucous membranes Temperature measurement (fever, hypothermia)
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