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Jupina S.I. Epizootic process and its control in factor infectious diseases. 2002
The book is designed for veterinarians, biologists, researchers, students of veterinary universities and faculties.

SI Dzhupin's book "Epizootic process and its control under

Factor Infectious Diseases "approved and recommended for publication the Academic Council of the Agrarian Faculty of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples (Minutes No. 1 of October 1, 2002).
Jupina S.I. Epizootic process and its control in factor infectious diseases. Part 2 2002
The book shows the nature of factor infectious diseases of farm animals. An attempt has been made to elucidate it from the point of view of the author's understanding of the essence of the epizootic process as a natural ecological phenomenon. This phenomenon is greatly influenced by the economic activities of people and changes in the living conditions of animals. Such factors are regarded as stressful. They serve as the trigger mechanism of factorial infectious diseases, the causative agents of which naturally survive in the organism of farm animals. Accordingly, diseases are called factorial. On such a theoretical basis, measures for the prevention of many widespread factor infectious diseases (colibacteriosis, necrobacteriosis, mastitis, etc.) have been successfully implemented. The book is designed for veterinarians, biologists, researchers, students of veterinary universities and faculties.
IA Bakulov, A. Smirnov, D. A. Vasiliev Toxicoinfections and toxicoses 2002
Textbook on the course of veterinary and sanitary examination of food products for students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy: Department of Microbiology, Virology, Epizootology and Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise. Authors: Academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Doctor of Science IA Bakulov; Academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences; A. M. Smirnov; Professor of the Department of Microbiology, USAS, Dr.Sc. D. A. Vasiliev.
AVLipin, AVSanin, EVZinchenko Veterinary Handbook Traditional and non-traditional methods of treating cats 2002
This guide describes in a popular way how to provide first aid for various cat diseases and possible accidents, how to determine if your care will be sufficient, or if you need to contact a professional veterinarian. If you have kittens "problematic" for the health of the breeds - be sure to check with a specialist and take appropriate preventive measures, do not wait for the appearance of abnormalities in growth and development. Prevention will help to grow a healthy animal, and any preventive measures in the long run are always cheaper than the subsequent treatment. This book is intended for a wide range of readers. It will help you to provide first aid not only in a timely manner, but also in a qualified manner. Mastering the skills of pre-medical care, as well as basic rules for keeping the animal and caring for it will help you in emergency situations to save the life of your pet, to gain time, as sometimes there are situations when the account is not for hours, but for minutes and even seconds. However, it should not be forgotten that no veterinary reference book can replace the professional help that your veterinarian can provide to your pet. However, the knowledge gained from this book will allow you to not only determine when professional assistance is required, but also better and more accurately describe the symptoms of the disease to the veterinarian.
AF Karisheva Special еpізоотологія 2002
It is described the basic principles of conservation of all species of Sylskopodarskih tvarin, and takozh poultry, hutroviq zvіrіv, бджіл та риб. It is imposed in order to cross the border and enter the territory of the tropic regions, but for the formation of various international threats, it is becoming very difficult for the European countries. The material of the skin of the skin is hiked for єdinoyu schema, the yak includes її shortly історію, stеінь поширення, міру екологічної та економічної безпеки, characteristics of the zbudnik, pathogenesis, clinical signs and peculiarities of hornbeam, pathologic anomalies, dіnnostiku dіferentsіalnu dіagnіku hvorbi, lіkuvannya tvarin. Especially uwagi pridіleno rekomendatsіyam efektivnosti i ekonomіchno obґruntovanih zasobіv profіlaktiki that lіkvіdatsії іnfektsіynih zahvoryuvan of minds rіznobіchnogo Keeping tvarinnitstva and takozh Suchasnyj lіkarskih i dezіnfektsіynih preparatіv.Dlya studentіv vischih agrarian zakladіv osvіti III - IV rіvnіv akreditatsії Zi spetsіalnostі "Veterinary Medicine". Mozhie Buti corsets rumors FPK that pratscnikam service veterinary medicine.
Korotonozhkina O. and others. Veterinary Medicine. Cats 2002
Articles on veterinary medicine. Contents: Anneke L. Leipoldt. Blood groups in cats. Olga Korotonozhkina. Calicivirus infection of cats. Olga Korotonozhkina. Chlamydia of cats. Ruslana Roshchina. Toxoplasmosis is a modern view of the problem. Olga Korotonozhkina. To the question of sterilization. Pavel Korchanov, Natalia Hrameshina. Childbirth and obstetrics. Ruslana Roshchina. Skin diseases of cats.
Senchenko B.S. Veterinary and sanitary examination of products of animal and vegetable origin. 2001
The materials of this publication are intended for practical veterinary and sanitary experts of meat processing enterprises, slaughter stations, poultry plants, markets; veterinary doctors of livestock, fish farms; veterinarians serving apiary, factory of fur products and tanneries, students of faculties of veterinary medicine.
N.S. Motuzko, Yu.I. Nikitin, A.P. Martseniuk Directory of clinical and biological indicators of animals 2000
The handbook systematizes the digital material of clinical and biological indicators in different species of farm animals, fur-bearing animals and birds.

For veterinarians, zoo-engineers, scientific laboratory workers, students of zootechnical departments, students of technical schools.
Colin J. Vogel Veterinary care for horses 2000
This book is a modern reasoned guide for assessing the health of the horse, the work of all systems of its body, as well as a valuable guide to horse diseases. The book is written in a language that is understandable to veterinarians as well as to horse owners, with strict observance of scientific terminology. The unique style of presentation and the described descriptions of diseases with an abundance of illustrations will help the reader to quickly find in the book the answers to the burning questions, among which, of course, the following are paramount: what are the symptoms of the diseases; what causes the disease; how to help the diseased animal. Colin J. Vogel, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, is a practicing physician at the Norfolk County Veterinary Association, a board member of the British Association of Veterinarians. He has repeatedly published works on the veterinary science that have always been successful, widely published in the veterinary press. The constant correspondent of the British edition of `Horz End Hound`.
Wingfield V.E. Secrets of emergency veterinary care. Part I 2000
The manual examines the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of wounds, injuries and emergency conditions that threaten the life of the most common pets - cats and dogs. The book has a purely practical focus, it contains detailed descriptions of medical manipulations when helping these animals. It has many useful tips for animal owners on how to timely recognize and prevent the development of severe pathology in pets. For veterinarians, students of veterinary schools and everyone who cares about preserving and strengthening the health of their pets - cats and dogs.
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