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Wingfield V.E. Secrets of emergency veterinary care. Part II 2000
The manual discusses the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of wounds, injuries and emergency conditions that threaten the lives of the most common domestic animals - cats and dogs. The book has a purely practical focus, contains detailed descriptions of medical manipulations in providing assistance to these animals. It has a lot of useful tips for pet owners on how to recognize and prevent the development of severe pathology in pets. For veterinarians, students of veterinary educational institutions and everyone who cares about the preservation and strengthening of the health of their pets - cats and dogs.
Shishkov V.P. Veterinary Encyclopedic Dictionary 1998
Scientific reference book, in which in alphabetical order, in 4000 articles, contains comprehensive information on veterinary medicine. The main place in the Dictionary is devoted to the description of diseases of agricultural, industrial and domestic animals, including fish, bees, and silkworms. Much attention is paid to the issues of veterinary-sanitary examination, veterinary sanitation and disinfection, organization of veterinary medicine, veterinary services for animals in large specialized farms and complexes. Due place is given to problems of keeping and feeding farm animals; It covers the theoretical issues of veterinary medicine and related disciplines. The reader will receive information about the biological laws, as well as normal and pathological anatomy and physiology, virology, microbiology, mycology, etc. In the Dictionary 1120 pages. + Reference tables 40str. Very suitable for making cheat sheets (Question-short is essentially the answer).
M.I. Rabinovich Medicinal plants in veterinary practice 1987
The directory contains about 200 plants. Given their brief botanical characteristics, places of growth, pharmacological effect on the animal organism, indications for use. It is told about the order of collection, drying in storage of medicinal raw materials, as well as the forms of use for animals. For veterinary specialists.
Glagolev P.A. and Ippolitova V.I. Anatomy of farm animals with the basics of histology and embryology 1977
The textbook is intended for zooengineering faculties S.-H. universities. It provides data on animal anatomy and brief information on cytology, histology and embryology. The features of the anatomical structure of poultry are given.

This edition has been largely revised in accordance with the level of achievements of science and practice. Expanded description of the functional features of a number of organs. The section "Embryology" was supplemented with ultrastructure of cell organelles, etc.
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