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Course work. Cost-effectiveness of therapeutic measures for calf bronchopneumonia, 2010
Characteristics of the farm General information about the farm Natural and climatic conditions Climate Relief Vegetation Main lines of activity Feeding and feeding system Analysis of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise Own research Characteristics of the veterinary service Veterinary documentation in the farm Literature review Concept of the disease Determination of the etiology of calf bronchopneumonia Pathogenesis of the disease Clinical signs Pathological changes Diagnosis and differential di gnosis Treatment of calves with bronchopneumonia Prevention of disease Initial data for determining the economic efficiency of veterinary measures Economic damage from mortality, forced slaughter of young farm animals (calves up to 6 months) Economic damage from reduced animal productivity due to their disease Determining the cost of veterinary measures for the elimination of the disease under study Payment of labor by veterinary specialists Calculation of the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of the veterinarian Measures prevented as a result of medical measures Economic efficiency of medical measures
Characteristics of the economy.
Analysis of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise.
Own research.
Literature review

Books and textbooks on the subject of Veterinary Medicine:

  1. Zhulenko V.N., Rabinovich M.I., Talanov G.A. Veterinary toxicology - 2011
  2. Crib. Veterinary Genetics - 2011
  3. Course work. Gastritis and treatment of gastritis in dogs - 2010
  4. Kolesnichenko I.S. History of Veterinary Medicine - 2010
  5. Abstract. Urolithiasis in cats - 2010
  6. Course work. Diagnosis and treatment and preventive measures for dog dirofilariasis in the territory of the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd - 2010
  7. Training and metodology complex. Veterinary Surgery - 2010
  8. Abstract. Methods of drug administration - 2010
  9. Abstract. Abdominal operations in animals - 2010
  10. Course project. Pig Balantidiosis - 2010
  11. Course work. Cesarean section of small pets - 2010
  12. Belov A.D., Danilov E.P., Dukur I.I. Diseases of dogs - 2010
  13. Kornіnko L. M., Kornіnko L. Є., Yarchuk B. M .. Plan of veterinary visits - 2010
  14. Course work. Pathologist rosin and ship veterinary medicine - 2009
  15. Course project. “Zoohygienic, sanitary and environmental assessment of a dairy farm for 800 cows of the Ilyinsky state farm - 2009
  16. Course project. “Farm for 178 Heads of Young Cattle” - 2009
  17. . Sanitary Code for Terrestrial Animals - 2009
  18. Test. Veterinary and sanitary examination of livestock products and hygiene of farm animals - 2009
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