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Dzhupina S.I. Epizootic process and its control in factor infectious diseases. Part 2, 2002
The book shows the nature of factorial infectious diseases of farm animals. An attempt was made to illuminate it from the point of view of the author's understanding of the essence of the epizootic process as a natural environmental phenomenon. The economic activity of people and changes in the living conditions of animals have a great influence on this phenomenon. Such factors are regarded as stressful. They play the role of a trigger mechanism for factorial infectious diseases, the causative agents of which naturally survive in the body of farm animals. Accordingly, diseases are called factorial. On such a theoretical basis, preventive measures have been successfully implemented for many widespread factor infectious diseases (colibacteriosis, necrobacteriosis, mastitis, etc.). The book is intended for veterinarians, biologists, researchers, students of veterinary universities and faculties.
Streptostaphylococcosis (mastitis)
Sap horses
Cattle Brucellosis
Cattle Brucellosis
Horse Infectious Anemia (Inan)
Cattle leukemia
Classical swine fever
African swine fever
Visna Madi Sheep

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