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Course project. "Farm for 178 heads of young cattle", 2009
Justification of technological baseline data and basic technological solutions. Technological development of the scheme of the master plan of the enterprise. Formation of volumetric planning solutions for livestock farms. Standards of area and size of the main technological elements of the movement. Justification of the parameters of the life support of the object and its technological solutions. Determining the number of skotomeste. Calculation of the needs and stocks of litter, the necessary structures for its storage. Calculation of water demand and requirements for water supply, determination of the power of water supplying devices. Calculation of manure output, requirements for manure removal and sewage systems, determination of the required amount of manure storage. Determination of optimal conditions for animals. Optimal microclimate parameters for livestock buildings. Calculation of the volume of ventilation and heat balance. Optimization of natural and artificial illumination of the room. Compliance of the main content parameters with the requirements of industry standards. Conclusion Bibliography.

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