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Crib. Veterinary genetics, 2011
TyumSAA, specialty 600 - veterinary, 1st course - 2nd semester Subject and methods of genetics Types of variability. Types of heredity. The cell as a genetic system. The role of the nucleus and other organelles in predating, preserving and implementing the hereditary information. The morphological structure and chemical composition of chromosomes. species characteristics. The role of the genotype and environmental conditions in the formation of the Mitosis phenotype. Meiosis. Gametogenesis. Oogenesis. Features of gametogenesis of males and females. Polyploidy and its values. Pathogens of meiosis and mitosis and its values ​​Fertilization. Mono di and polyhybrid cross-resolution. The essence of the laws of uniformity and splitting. Experimental method and laws of inheritance Mendel Multiple allelism. Types of domination. Analyzing crossing. Polyhybrid crossing. Pleiotropic effect of genes. Types of interaction of nonallelic genes. Epistasis. Polymyria. Lethal genes. Genetic analysis of complete linkage. hooked inheritance of traits. Features of inheritance of a trait in incomplete and complete stselenii. Chromosomal theory of heredity Genetic docking of crossing-over. Crossing. Chromosome mapping. Types of sex determination. Karyotypes of male and female sex in different Homo species and heterogametic sex. . Inheritance signs limiting. Gender. Inheritance of signs of sex-linked Inheritance of a trait. Practical use of inheritance of traits. Nucleic acids, evidence of their role in the genes. Types of DNA and RNA. Complementarity. DNA structure. DNA replication. Genetic code and its properties. Protein synthesis. Transcription. Translation. and in protein synthesis. Transfer of genetic material from one cell to another. Transformation. Transduction. Conjugation in bacteria. Using the conjugation process. Mutational notation. Genomic mutations. Chromosomal utatsii.Strukturnye genes and gene regulation Regulation Action genov.Operon.Lizogeniya and lysogenic state kletok.Obmen genetic information in bacteria and prokaryotic structure virusov.Ponyatie of prophage and lysogenesis in bakteriy.Aneuploidiya.Translokatsii.Geteroploidiya.Geneticheskie Anamaliya have to. x animal types of hereditary anomalies. The concept of the population and the pure line. Characteristics of the gene. Population structures. Formula and the Hardy-Weinberg law. Practical significance of the law. Genetic engineering. Practical use of blood groups and polymorphic systems in animal husbandry. Genetic load of populations. Methods for producing transgenic animals
Subject and methods of genetics
Types of heredity
Cell as a genetic system
. Meiosis
Gametogenesis. Oogenesis
. mono di and polybreeding
essence of uniformity and splitting laws
Experimental method and the laws of Mendel's inheritance
Multiple allelism
Gamete Frequency Rule and Its Significance
. Types of domination
Analyzing Crosses
Types of interaction of nonallelic genes
Genetic analysis of complete adhesion
Linked trait inheritance
Characteristic features of inheritance in incomplete and complete differentiation
chromosome theory of heredity
. Genetic docking crossover
Crossing over
Types of sex determination
Male and female karyotypes in various animal species
Experiments on the regulation of the ratio of prols
Inheritance of signs of cut. By sex
Inheritance of sexually coupled traits
Trait inheritance
Practical use of trait inheritance
Types of DNA and RNA
DNA structure
Protein synthesis
rna role and protein synthesis
Transfer of genetic material from one cell to another
Conjugation of bacteria
Using the conjugation process
Mutational noticeability
Types of mutations
Genomic mutations
Chromosomal mutations
Structural and regulatory genes
Gene regulation
Lysogeny and lysogenic state of cells
Exchange of genetic information in prokaryotes
The structure of bacteria and viruses
The concept of prophage and lysogenesis in bacteria
Types of hereditary anomalies
Concept of population and clean line
Characteristic of the gene. Population structures
Formula and the law of Hardy - Weinberg
Practical meaning of the law
Practical use of blood groups and polymorphic systems in animal husbandry

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