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Colin J. Vogel. Veterinary horse care, 2000
This book is a modern, reasoned guide to assessing the health of a horse, the work of all its body systems, as well as a valuable reference book on horse diseases. The book is written in a language that is understandable both to veterinary specialists and horse owners, with strict observance of scientific terminology. A unique style of presentation and descriptions of diseases with an abundance of illustrations will help the reader to quickly find in the book answers to burning questions, among which, of course, the primary ones are the following: what are the symptoms of the disease; what causes the disease; how to help a sick animal. Colin J. Vogel, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, is a practicing physician at the Norfolk Veterinary Association, a member of the board of the British Association of Veterinarians. He has repeatedly published the efficacy of success in veterinary medicine, widely published in the veterinary press. Constant correspondent of the British edition `Horses and Hound`.

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