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Інфекційна катаральна garyachka sheep

Infektsiina cataralah (febris catarrhalis), a bazaar, a bazaar The link with characteristic urazhennyam of the language of the branch was called “blue tongue” or “black mouth”.

Historical dovdka. The garden was buried in 1876 p. in Pivden Africa. The inconsistency of the catheral hotdog was felled by a sheep of the porcelain pіd і often passed asymptomatically. However, after having been delivered to Africa, a sheep of the European porridge (1852 - 1870 p.), The branch was filled with a sinister character and widespread across the whole continent. Ninі infectinous catarrhal hotdog becoming a serious epizootic and economical problem in our country.

First, the twilight vivchiv і describing Hatchіn (1881), and setting the nature by setting Teiler (1906). Spreewell (1901), with the help of a sheep's immune system, was given a paternal blood and immune sirovatka, and Tayler (1907) was the first to give a vaccine to live vaccine. In 1947, p. Alexander ізолював вірус in smoky embryoah.

For the rest 60 rokіv інфекційна катарална гарячьць стерерігалась to Mayzhe in all regions of Africa, and also from Palestine, Syria, Iran and Turechchin. In 1948, p. The garden was built in America, in 1956. - on pvivnі Portugal in the Іspanії, in 1959 r. - In Pakistan Pakistan and Japan, in 1946 r. - in India. For Dani International Epizootical Bureau, Infektsiyu Catarum Garyachku installed in 40 kraynah svitu, however, from 45 ° Mon. sh. not detected. Economists who are yaks, those who are looking for a branch, are chosen by a high temper (10–50%) and by lethally (90–100%), by lowering the productivity of the sheep, by vitrates to the organisation, by going to the horses and by yvitshchas. Infectious catarrh vegetation sheep passed to the capture of group A, about Ії ії viniknennya informuyuet MEB і to enter into the intermediary for intermediary trading me, outside of that thinness.

The sickness pathogen is RNA-genomniy vіrus, which can be laid down to the birthplace of Reoviridae, the genus Orbivirus. Vіrіoni mayut spherical form, diameter 65 - 80 nm, two ед ед kosadralnyh capsidi, 7 structural bilkіv. Widom 24 serotype vіrusu, yakі not uvoryuyuyut sheep overrides іmunіetu. Vіrus mіstitsya in blood, sirovatі that plasma blood, in the blood-forming organs, p_d hour garchika - in selenium, liver, lymphovuzlah. In the period of the vagrant keynotes, the mark is localized in the intestinal mucosa, the epithelium of that intestinal tissue. Vіrusemіya u sheep trivaє vprodovzh 35 - 49 dіb pіslya vuzhuvuvannya, nezazhazhuyu on Najavnіst in the blood of v_rusnejtralіzuyuchih antit_l Virus is cultivated in chickens embrums 6–8 days or 11–13 days, in newborn organisms, in the first cultures, clintin nyrok lambs abdominal cows, as well as in spring laboratories, and they are in the same cultures, but also in spring laboratories, as well as in crabs, as well as in spring crops.

After 2 - 3 dobs of infection, the CPD is infected: rounded clintin, granularity, the establishment of internal plasma (RNA-positive) and internal (DNA positive) cell-inclusion, fragment of the classic monosarum. From laboratory labs to the virus, 1 - 4-day targets, and also hams.

Vіrs dositsky at the backward middle. In carcasses, a sheep with a pH of not lower than yak 6.3 і for temperatures of 4 ° C should be reduced to 30 db, in іні ікованій іві, conserved with Edіngtona, for кімнатної temperature is covered with life of 25%. Constant confinement and low temperatures do not go into the frozen to -70 ° C sperm. Heated up to 60 ° С Ruynu вірус through 5 хв, at 37 ° С and pH <6 вірус inactivates through 1 хв. For 3% rosin formalinu vinus guinea after 48 - 72 years, 3% rosin of natural nato or 70 ° ethyl alcohol - after 5 years.

Epizootologiya avenues. Before zbudnika infecting diseases of hot spots in natural minds, sprynyatliv vіvtsі і less - great hornedness thinness, goats, antelopes, elk, American bivalve deer, snigov v_vtsі. Especially sensible and lamb. The stationary unsuccessful points of the lamb-sisuni nabuyvat passive іmunіtetu i do not sick. Dzherelom zbudnika infektsіІ є hvorіy y rehvorіlі vіvtsі, scho stat vyrusonosiyami vprodovzh 3 - 4 ms. Transferring to the illusion of healthy people in a healthy environment can be seen in the wet Culicoides, which are characterized by significant broader numbers and a great number of people, Melophagus ovinus mosquitoes. The most significant reservoir of the virus in nature is a thinness of a great horned catastrophe, and the development of pitiful comas in an organ advancement cycle. Prominent lanka, through yaku takozh mozhly in transferring to viru to a spriyatlivy to v_vtsyam, can but wild dzhuyn_ tvarini that gruzuni. Contact zbudnik not transmitted.

Infectious catarrh of a hotdog sheep is characterized by seasonally, scooped out with a perusal of that naive activity of coma-transferring. Epizootі і хvorobi sposterіgayutsya in the lowland areas, during the current rіchok, along the banks of standing waters.

The creatures are infected at the vipasans of their fights early in the week. The dry mountains, the dry season, the hot days of the day, with the utter sheep at primishchennyakh, as well as the mountain zones in the zahvoryanny not take a nap. Infectious catarrha garyachka take place in viglyadі significant epizoot, with great occult pawns (50 - 60%), characterized by severe retreat that high lethality, reach within 50%, i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm gonna get

The pathogenesis of wivcheniye is insufficient. After penetrating into the organisms of the world, reproducing themselves in the blood and sounding of the trival of the priest.

With the development of the klіnіchno карти picture vіrus z'yavєatsya in selekintsy, lymphaus, pechenitsі, year to localize in slimy intestines, epithelial taiga and myazovіy cloths. Reproduction in the organs in the organs in the tissues and in the tissues zumovlya ре pomushhennya obmіnu rechovin, pіdvishchennya penetration_ sudin, development of the fuse-degenerative і necrotic nyhvisch, erozіy that virazok. Urazhennya fetus nd embrіonіv wiklika жен abortion, popular woman nezhattитdatnogo young. In the case of illnesses, it is difficult to reduce the resistance of the organisms to the organism, to develop a secondary bacterial infection, to bring about significant pathological processes and curvature.

Especially infectious process in case of infectious catarrhal hot sheep (trival (in succession of the first place), I have been diagnosed with the Cross-Dyestroma, I have not had a good condition.

Klinіchnі signs that overlap pain. The Incubation Period Trivaі 2 - 6 dєb. Perebіg hvorobi Gastry ta p_dgostry. Also, abortive form of the disease. In each case, I will take care of it, and the temperature should rise to 40.6 - 42 ° C, and make up on the distance of 6–12 dB. One hour, the prignіchennya, hitku nevpevnenu go, grabbed all the way across the herd.

In 24 - 36 years after p_dvishchennya tempera tures, conjunctivitis develops, the catarrhum of the mucous membranes of the company, jazica, pharynx, nose is empty. The heads of the head are shown, the language is lined up in volume, the chervono-blue is barred, the music is called “blue tongue”. A protean cyanotic language may not be abo in 1–2 after the test. At once, we see the vivid eyes of the empty light of the patient's sheath (the “vologa muzzle”), just get rid of your own beautiful, dead-ruined language, and see your nose, touch the watery face, and the human eye to remove the eye makeup. To develop virazkovy abo gangrenous stomatitis, to be carried out with home.

On the back of the headlines are scooped on the soil and tumors of the grape, I agree, rainy, most painful on the contrary.
In bagatokh tvrin, they try to cultivate, “tied up” to the move, on the curtains, they are executing matched urazhennya, vipadannya wool. Tvarini grow thin on 7 - 8th dob painful gib. Mortality can reach 70 - 90%. Viduzhuvannya nasto пов duzhe povіlno, not earlier nіzh after 10 - 15 hours after the reduction in temperature. In lambs, pneumonia develops, accelerates by necrobacteriosis, and 100% of the vipads are dead.

First time p i d g about with t r o g about pebіguu sposterіgayutsya takі samі klіnіchni oznaki, as іk at the guest room, however, the burden of their turn is much less. Triviality of the disease - 12 - 25 dB, mortality to become 20 - 60%. A b about r and in a n and the form of a branch manifest itself as a short-term hot-dog, mlyav_styu, above the catarrh of fills of the mucous membranes of the mouth of the mouth of the nasal porozhnin, conjunctivitis. Ozhuzhnya nastaє porіvnyano shvydko. At tsomu, anorexia, salivatum, hyperemia of mucous membranes of the mouth and nose are visible. On the nasal dzercaltsi, lips, yasnah, vimeni, vulvi znazhodit virazki, kroviovili. The tongue is strongly swollen, it hangs from the company, it is very difficult to wear, and the thinness of the spine. Іnodі sposterіgayutsya abortion, popular women indulge in indulgent lodging. In the endemic middlelands of the districts of the field, the greatness of thinness often became asymptomatic and trivialous.

Pathologist anatomy. Corpses visnazhenі, on shkіrі sposterіgayutsya eczematnoz urazhennya. Pіdshkіrna klіtkovina і міжм'язова with only a fabric on the head, shih ї, backs nabryaklі, іnfіltorovanі zhovtuvatuyu rіdinoyu. Nayabraki znakhodyat takozh in the dіlyantsі mіzhzhelepovogo open space, pharynx, gortana, lang that lips. On the lips, lips, inner surface of the wall and neck of the blood.

Selective means significant in volume. Lymphaticus, especially swallowed up, podschelepovі, shiynі that mesenterіalnі, zbіlshenі, gіperemіyovanі, nabryklі. In the chest and the empty air, the accumulation of the dragty ekudatu with the houses of the blood. On the surface of the leg, the mucous sheaths of the canal of the th dichal slopes, the capsule of the perennial and the spleen, and the epicard and endocardium are affected.

Diagnosis is established on the basis of epizootic danikhs, common signs of ailment, pathologist anatomy and results of laboratories doslіdzhen.

Laboratory diagnostics. Translator's office In summaries carry out a test on lambs.

For a stay in the countryside, in a laboratory

To view a virus, to conduct infection with a pathologic material in a young bird of 6–8 days of chicken embryos abo in Sudini HAO 11–13 days of smokers of embryos. Specific infestation of embryo infestations in 4–8 and 3–4 dobs.

In the case of a victorist for a species of the virus of the classical cultures, there are 2 - 4 slides of passions, first of all, characteristic features of cytopathogenicity in the mono sphere. IDENTIFICATION OF VIEWED TO VIRUSHEINCED FOR THE ADDITIONAL REACTION OF NEUTRALIZATION IN CLINTERNY CULTURES ABOUT THE CHICKEN EMBRIAONS UNDEREARROWED BY SPECIALISTIC SIROVATKO, AND ALSO FOR ADDITIONAL RIF, RZK AND ROD.

Serotype nasnost vіruzu ryachayat for PH on plaques that іngіbuvannya plaque on agar monoshora infected with the culture Vero. A bioproot is carried out on 1 - 4-day bisex targets, which are infected intracerebrally, and also on lambs of 3-6 months old, ikim pathologic material is administered intravenously, internal intrasuminal abnormal material, intravenous, intraocular, intraocular, intramuscular, intramuscular, intraocular, intracranial

Characteristic signs of ailment appear in 6–8 dB and appear at temperatures of body, as a result of the mucous membranes of the company of the nose, in the swelling of the lips and tongue. Experimentally incubate lambs before infection and after 21–30 dB after infection and take shelter and complete control of RZK. Signs of specific complications of anti-bodies, related to the prevalence of doslіdzhuvanomu materiali vіrusu. Serodological diagnosis and retrospective diagnosis of infectious diseases catarrhal sheep should be carried out after the emergency check, RDP, RZGA, RN, and, if necessary, also RRG, RІF and ELISA method. At the same time, sirovatki reconvalescents doslіdzhuyut for RZK, for yakoyu can viyaviti group of specific antit_la against all serotypes zvudnik painful. Komlementzv'yazuvalnі antitіla z'yavayutsya in blood after 2 tizhnі pіslya infected in the credits 1: 4 - 1: 16 and reach the maximum showing (1: 60 - 1: 256) on the 30th that dobu.

Differential diagnosis. Perebacha necessary vylyuchennya foot and mouth disease, contact ectimi sheep і kіz, vesicular stomatitis, vіspi, necrobacteriosis, pain Nairobi, fever of the valley Rіft. Foot and mouth disease, contagious ectima sheep and kiz, wisps characterized by a high level of contagion, their lines are not related to the fate of the blood clods. For foot-and-mouth disease, characteristic aphthous diseases of the mouth of the lake are empty, in the name of the kingdom; important results in the development of doslіzhen. In case of contagious diseases, specific features of the pustules of the mucous membranes of the mouth of the empty fire and furrows in the city of Puti, winter, meeing of the schitlins. First hour of microscopic doslіdzhen nef_ksovanyh mazkiv and dry nonconserved scorpion viyavlyavlyat zbudnika painful. Foot and mouth disease and vesicular stomatitis diferentsiyuyu on p_dstavі і Resultіv RZK with the antigen sіnіk vesicles hvoryh tvarin. Carry out a test on rabbits and lambs. Wisp was assigned to Daniаниi mikroskopіnykh doslіdzhen pofarbovanih for Morozovim maskіv z internal_shnya ї sterni svіhih papuli i viyavlennyam on zhovtom fonі preparation of the single and rooted in merchants of adrenaline marsh tropes. In the case of a certain disease, terioses urazhayutsya bite ahead kintsivki, in the pathological materiia vyalyavlyayut zbudnik painful Fusobacterium necrophorum. Diseases of Nairobi are supplied with hemorrhagic diathesis and severe gastroenteritis. For the likhomanka of the Rift valley, there are characteristic dystrophic pechinki and seredki nekrozi. The residual diagnosis will be determined by the results of laboratory doslіdzhen.

Lykuvannya not broken down.

Imunit. Rehvariya tvarini nabuvayut іmunіetu tіlki against type vіrusu, yak sprychinin painful. Mozhliva reіnfektsіya іnshimshiy type vіrusu vprodovzh that season chi offensive rock.

The active Іmunіtet in reconvalescents is supervised by the approval of neutralizers and compliant antitum, yakі passively transmitted to the young with colostrum. Unsuccessful territories for specific prevention of infectious diseases catarrh sheep rye vicoristavuyut live and inactivated vaccine. Іmunіtet і spetsіvіchni antitіl at high titers zberіgayutsya pіslya vaccination not less yak one yr іk.

Prevention that come in trouble. Infectious disease is not registered in our country is not registered. To this I respect the basis of the spryovomuvati on the ground of the entry into the imperial worlds (vivts, kozi, the great hornedness of thinness) and wild jungle beasts. Obovyazkovym є professional lactic quarantine of all imported tvarin w held at the time of consumption of virusological and serological doslіzhen. For troubled countries, go to the occupational health and health problems of the vegetation in the veterinary laws.
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Інфекційна катаральна garyachka sheep

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