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Zloyak_sna kataralna garyachka great horny thinness

The sinister cataract of the hot hog of the great horn of thinness (Coryza gangrenosa bovum, ZKG) is a guest of the unconsious ill of the great horn of the deer of the likeness of that bully, who is characterized by the hot, hardened of the humps of the humps of the little ones of the horn of the eyes of the bully of the horn of the eye

Historical dovdka. First of all, the painter, under the name “Typhoid of the Great Horned Thinness,” stood at 1832 r. Anchor. In Russia, the painter described in detail І. І. Ravych at 1873 p. Vіrnu etіologіyu bulo z'yasano at 1923 p. Mettamom, vidrus vidіl Pіrsi (1953). Armstrong (1964) has detailed the garden and herd up to herpes.

Malicious catarrha garyachka reєstuyutsya in Bagatokh kraynah Evropi, Azії, Africa and America from viglyadі sporadichnyh vipadkіv that obmozhenih enzozotichnih spalahіv. In Ukraine, the garden is not trap. Economical zbitki insignificant at the link with the vastness of the avenues.

Zbudnik pains - DNA vіrus z Rodini herpes. Vіrіoni buvayut two types: with a diameter of 140 - 220 nm from the back wall and a central capsid і vіrіoni with a diameter of 100 nm and a part of the capsid. In organisms, diseases and diseases can be found in blood, lymph organs, parenchymal organs and brain. The antigen structure of the virus is not vivcheno. Infections tvarin suprovruzhuitsya established vіrusneytralіzuvalnyh і komplementvzvazuvalnyh prekip_tualnyh antitіl. Vіrus reproduce itself in the primary cultures of clintins of schipodopodibnoi volzi calves and sheep, worn testicles, nirok raviv, perebuvayuchi in the main in klіtinno-vylyannomu viglyadі. Cytopathogenic disease is tested in 5–9 dB after infection of clitin and provided with formulations of DNA and other DNA-inclusive type A-Coder.

Vіrus mozhe kultivuvatsya takozh in smoky embryoah. Zbudnik is a painful nestiy in a dangerous middle way and against furious-chemical means. In natural minds, zberiga has its own activity of up to 35 db, in blood for kimnatno І temperature - 24 years, at 4 ° С - 14 dib. Vіrus chutlivy to efіru y chloroform, inactivate when frozen. The persistence of the persistency of the virus in the organ of the organism on the background of specific anti-bodies has been established.

Epizootologiya avenues. Before the conquest of the spirits, the hornedness of the thinness and the buffalo is great, in a great way from 1 to 4 rocks. Bіlsh chutlivimi є Doros tvarini, especially biki, calves are sickly rіdko.

Described ochemі vipadki zahvoryuvnya sheep, kіz, pigs, bіzonіv, elk, roe deer, giraffe, antelope. Dzherelom zbudnika infectsii є the apex of a large hornedness thinness, reservoir vіrusu - vіvtsі, kozi, and tako rіznі dikі parnopopitnі, yaky іfefektsіya pass without symptom. Established the possibility of endogenous infection in a very low resistance to the organism. The gowns of the vision of the zudnik from the organ of sickness are tvarine and the mechanism of transmission of one's health to the tvarinam until kinitsya is not broken. At once, we decided to establish a relationship with the sickness of contact and transplantology.

Also included is the fate of the blood comatos in transmitted to the viri tvarinam. The crossroads should be carried out well in the vigorous sporadic vipadkiv, in the infantile enzootіi with a generous appearance of 1.5–2 m / s each in 1–2 heads of the disease. Vіdomі vipadki viniknennya khvorobi in some і silently themselves іstsyah udrodovzh 5 - 10 rokіv.

Pathogenesis. Drawings are not enough. Vvazhayut, so vіrus roznitsya from the blood of the whole body, reproducing in the clintins of lymphoid tissue, urazhaє peshrivnyh epithelial mucous membranes of the mouth of the nasal porozhnin, peredlichnogo neuron bracel In the end of the warrior vydbuvatsya degeneration of the back of the ball of blood of the blood vessels, the establishment of the characteristic for this sickle on the rotary shell of the mouth of the flood, the drain and the branch. Typical є meaningful vascular facial necrosis and vascularization.

Klinіchnі signs that overlap pain. Onkubatsіyny perіod trivaє vіd kіlkoh tizhnіv to 3 - 4 ms. Perebіg painful Gastry, p_dgostry and abortive. When taking care of the situation, I try to get rid of the temperature of the body to 41 - 42 ° C and I feel like a chill, give a feeling to the appetite, a strong sprag, close to the cheek. Vidmichayut nastorozhen_st, іnoі, navpak, pіdvischenu zudlivіt nvto ї tvarini. The type of postcard is dichanic, regrettable, dazzling, pulse on the cob of frail, parts, strain, and then become stable. Secretsiya milk pripinyaинtsya. The generals of the wolf of the lyfovuzlivs are frowned upon, and the friar is not the subject of the frontier groups.

Udrodovzh 1 - 2 dіb z'yavayutsya slyozotecha, a little povіk, svitlobyazn, with kegabite evolve, infusion of darkening of the hormone. In the giggles of the horns of the horizons, we see virazi, having penetrated the sclerae and the vidhadnja of the ryuduzhka with the crystal capsule. Nerіdko rozvivaєtsya a cataract, a lot in one chi two eyes. The water is treated with a sheath of the nasal oral cavity, the appendages of the skull. The igneous process of the frontal sinuses can be extended onto the base of the horns, just as the cause of it falls. The nasal obstruction of the nasal mucosa is fiery, with a curvature of febrile nasaruvannias, under the lines of virazki. Sposter_gayutsya sounding nosovih hodіv, vidіlennya from the nose with the help of serous-mucous membranes, and after that, sob, from the house fіbrinu vidіlen, that may smell a rotten smell. Mucus obolonka rota is dry, hot, ініі on nіy vyalyavlyayutsya eros і ta virazki, kovtannya udrudnene. Significantly strong is salivat, the unacceptable smell of the mouth of the empty.

Z'yavayutsya cough, zadishka, wheezing in legends. Years of progressing through home domination and fibrinous pilvok. Inodi urazhuyutsya genіtalnі organizatsii, on slizіy obolontsі pіkhvi uvёlyuyutsya fіbrinnosnі pіvki that virazki, can aborti. The igneous process will be spread over an hour to the mucous membrane of the slit-like mechur, to nirki, to cause cystitis and nephritis. In the case of sick people, they are more painful, slashing a sour reaction, and they have a billock, shelter, sich cil_ndri, and nirkovyi ітітелій. Gastry pebіg trivaє 4 - 10 dіb і in 90 - 100% vipadkіv zakіnchuєitsya lethal.

When p i d g about with t r o m i perebіgu ailment of the wilderness are so symptomatic, they stink the hell out of them and develop.

Twigs trivaє 14 - 21 dobu і in 50 - 90% of the surpluses zakinčuєtsya zagilellyu tvarin.
In the case of abortive forms of the fever, the priest is a short-term character, the key signs are weakly bored, and there are signs of vzagal steri. In perehvorіlich tvarin rozvyvuyutsya hardness accelerated - slіpot, agalaktiya. Mozhliv_ recurrence with lethal kintsam.

Pathologist anatomy. The corpses of Visnazheni and Shvidko rozklada yutsya, the shelter is dark, thick From the nose of the mouth of the porozhnin vitіka іdina with a rotten smell. Naiharakternіshimi є zapalnі zmіni mucous membranes of the head, especially the nose empty, urazhennya eyes. Povіki gіperemіyovanі, nabryklі, hornіvka kalamutna, with virazkami, conjunctiva with other bloodsheds. When GOSTR perebіgu mucous Ilya Obolonkov nosovoї throat, sinuses pridatkovih, gortanі, traheї gіperemіyovana, nabryakla, vkrita numerical krovovilivami, gnіynim eksudatom, lobar-difteritichnimi plіvkami, mіstsyami - erozіyami that virazkami. Analogous picture is revealed after the hour before the throat is clear, clear, paved, yazika. In the herbal canal, they are infected with bloodsill, catarrhal hemorrhagic, croupous-necrotic foulness of the skin of the sheath, gliobioziazi, erozі. In the small shlunochkah to move there is a great kіlkіst chervonuvatoy kalamutno rydin.

Lymphatic vuzl, especially mesenterіalnіl, zbіlshenі in ob'єmі, sokovіtі, іnodі z krovovilivami. The anterior part of the lungs is intercepted by the broncho-pneumonia, and in the back room there is a gossip of the interstitial emphysema. Selezinka without pathological zmіn, pechіnka nd nirki zbіlshenі in ob'єmі, with blood vessels.

Mucus obolonok sechovogo mіhura gіperemіyovana, potovshchena, curled by other bloodsheds. When the surgeon moves through, the pod_bnі zmіni, ale niavsha haemorrhagic diathesis, the turns are much weaker. The first hour of the course of study is the balonuyucha dystrophic epithelium of obolonok, especially the mouth of the empty pharynx, erotica of the pharynx, the perivascular incision, tissue tissue, and the lymphocytic type In the spinal cord, there are types for the non-uncommon dis-eminent meniosis and mental illnesses - infestation of myemic corpuscles and the cerebral serous fibrinosnye exudate, the bloodstream.

Dіagnoz ustanovlyuyut on pіdstavі characteristic klіnіchnih Find our (Visoka temperature urazhennya mucous obolonok, keratitis), patologoanatomіchnih for Change (nekrotichnі urazhennya shkіri th mucous obolonok, chislennі krovovilivi, erozії that fіbrinoznі nasharuvannya on mucous Ilya Obolonkov intestines) that epіzootologіchnih danih (priurochenіst to pevnoї teritorії, nayavnіst contacts with partners).

Differential diagnosis. Perebacha vyklyuchennya Chumi, foot and mouth disease, skazu, virineo diarei. Chum and horny thin and foot-and-mouth disease are characterized by a high level of contact, not superimposed by meningoencephalitis and keratitis. The first hour of foot and mouth disease of aphthous and erotic diseases of muckous obolonok to з enjoy the urazhennya on kіntsіvkah.

The tale is manifested by the aggressive paralysis, dagnatuyutsya on p_stavі viyavlennya in klіtinah cerebellar specific features of Babesha - Negrі, bioproboyu on bіlikh mishah for additional reaction imunodifuzі. Vіrіsna dіarey є kontagioznoy ailment, held at viglyadі enzootії, pіd hour spalahu urazhaє up to 50% of the herd, over the top tvarin 5 - 6 months old, the main sign of the sickle є dayarea.

Immunity is not vivcheno. Pekhvorіl tvarini through the hour can mozhnu znovu zahvіti zinuti. Vaccine against the evil catarrh garyachki not proponona.

Likuvannya. Specific therapy is not broken. Yak symptomatic complications, 10% roschin calcium chloride (200 - 300 ml intravenously), autohemotherapy (80-100 ml blood should be administered in 48 years), 40% alcohol (300 ml inside air), 40% alcohol (300 ml inside air) 48 years old), sulfonate preparations (50-100 ml each of 10% rosin norsulfazol 10% ros y glucose), antibiotics of a wide range of diseases. Slips of the mouth of the nip and the nose are washed with antiseptic rosins, worn with antiseptic ointments.

In case of significant difficulty, to perform a tracheotomy, with pus in the lobias, with trefoil, with pus.

Prevention that come in trouble. With the help of zapobіgannya hvorobі potrіbno ch_tko dostrimuvatsya veterinary and sanitary regulations set the kitten, utrimannya that otkpluatatsії great horno thin skinny buyvolіv. Do not allow spritsnaya utrimannya koriv with the potential nose vyrusu - vіvtsyami that goats. At the beginning of the occupation of the gospel abo ohlem the farm is exposed to unsuccessful souls of the poor and the quarantined quarantine. The unfavorable farms were buried vivedennya vivezennya other high and thinness, vikristannya milk milk vіd hvoryh і pіdozryuvanihroh zapvoryuvannya tvarin.

Milk is possible in Victorian state in a gospodstvіr liche pіslya nozherazherazuvannya kip'yatіnnyam. Fury up utterly, vpasannya that poovuvannya great horny thinness at once with hertrobes and goats. In the unfavorable gospodrastvі conduct a generous double look and thermometer tvarin. Hvoryh tvarin іsolyuyut і lіkuyut. Carry out systematically cleared and disinfecting eyes, to the driver, to watch for the goods, transport units. Zabіy tvarin to spend more on san_tarn_yy boyn_ abo special v_dvedenomu for tsogo maidanchik pіd control of veterinary special_al_sta. The corpses are buried at the bioterm pits. Gnіy, p_stilku that the surplus of the stern from external use in a bio-thermal way.

The glorification of happiness is the welfare of the evil of the Cathar after 2 minutes from the remaining view of the yard of the house and the rest of the disinfection.

For disinfecting the suspension of chlorine vapna, mix 4% of active chlorine, 5% emulsion xylon oil, hot 2% roast natr, 20% suspension of fresh vapna when applied to the greenhouse, and ajourn by the greenberry.
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Zloyak_sna kataralna garyachka great horny thinness

  1. Plague of the Great Horny
    The plague of the great horny thinness (Pestis bovum) - the gotara of the jungal tvarin, is characterized by a septicemia, hemorrhagic diathesis, and sparking necrotic urazhennymi of the sheaths of the canal, the young, the visceral, the visceral, the visceral, and the visceral Historical dovdka. The plague of the great horn of the thinness of the зах one з from the nayzhorstokіhih zakhvoryuvan, scho vpovovzh bagatoh stolit caused the bagatomіlyonnu bend
  2. Infectious retrace of the horn of thinness
    Іnfektsіyny rinotraheїt velikoї rogatoї thinness (Rhinotracheitis infectiosa bovum, mіhurtsevy visip, "Red nіs" іnfektsіyny rinіt, іnfektsіyny catarrh verhnіh dihalnih shlyahіv, іnfektsіyny vulvovagіnіt vesicular hvoroba statevih organіv, pustulozny vulvovagіnіt, balanoposthitis) - GOSTR visokokontagіozna hvoroba scho harakterizuєtsya garyachkoyu, catarrhal -necrotic swirls of mucus
  3. Hubchopopodіbna encephalopathia of the great horn of thinness
    Gubtsopodnoye Painful zavіdchі zakіnchutsya lethal. Historical dovdka. The first visions of the gubstvo encephalopathia great
  4. Ephemeral lihomanka great horny thinness
    Ephemeral ovum Historical dovdka. In the foremost ephemeral recklessly describing Schweinfurm (1867)
  5. Paragrip great horny thinness
    Paragrip (Paragrippus bovum, transport likhomanka, parainfluyents-3) is a gotah of the disease of the young of the great horny thinness, which is characterized by hot and urazhennyam dikhannya organs. Historical dovdka. First of all, describing Scott and Tarley in 1932. in the United States under the name "transport likhomanka." Vіrs paragripu-3 bv izolovany at 1955 r., Identifications Reyzingerov at 1959r.
  6. Contagious pleuropneumonia of the horn of thinness
    Kontagіozna plevropnevmonіya velikoї rogatoї thinness (Pleuropneumonia contagiosa bovum, broken-winded poshesne legen, peripnevmonіya velikoї rogatoї emaciation, CAT) - hronіchne visokokontagіozne zahvoryuvannya scho harakterizuєtsya serous broken-winded іnterlo- bulyarnih lіmfatichnih sudin, sero-fіbrinoznim pleurisy, lobar pnevmonієyu of utvorennyam in legenyah anemіchnih oseredkіv necrosis (sequestration).
  7. Вірусна діорей Великої ррогатої об об
    Peace of earths (diarrhea viralis bovum, crosshair obolon - concocted backbones rebuilt, rebuilt, rebuilt, rebuilt, rebuilt Korіv mozhlivі abortion. Historical dovdka. Vahvoryuvnya first bulo
  8. İnstruktsіy z of the practice of health and health of the horny thinness of the leukemia
    Dodatok 2 HAS DECLINED the Order of the Sovereign Department of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine No. 21 of December 21, 2007 p. INSTRUCTIONS of occupational medicine and health improvement of great horn and thinness due to leukemia I. Main position 1.1. Institutionalization of the procedure for professional medical visits not to allow the leukemia of the horny thinness (dal - VRH), veterinary sanitaria zahodiv at times
  9. Diseases of the Great Horny
    Diseases of the Great
  10. Instructions of diagnostics, prophylaxis and battle against the perceptive encephalopathy of the great horny thinness
    Dodatok 16 FASTENED the order of the Head of the State to the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine No. 61 of 7.11.02 p. INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT
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