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Zlojakіsna kataralna garyachka great horny skinny

Zlooyakisna is a catarrhal garyachka of a great horned thinness (Coryza gangrenosa bovum, ZKG) - a guest of a noncontagious twig of great horny thinness and buffalo, which is characterized by a hot spell, which is littered with mucous membranes that are very weak.

Istorichna dovidka. Farther to the twig named “typhus of a great horned thinness”, having established at 1832 p. Anchor. In Russia, I have described in detail I. І. Ravich at 1873 p. Vіrusnu etiologіu Bulo z'asovano at 1923 p. Mettam, Virus Vidіliv Pіrsі (1953). Armstrong (1964) in detail having twisted a spruce і vidnіs її zbudnik to herpesvirus.

Zlooyakіsna kataralyna garyachka to go round in the baggage of the lands of Europe, Asia, Africa and America at the sight of sporadic hardships and obmezheneny enzootichnyh huts. In Ukraine, twigs do not splurge. Economical flakes are insignificant in the case of zvjazku to be confused with the extensive twigs.

The spit of the twig - DNA-virus from the homeland of herpesvirus. There are two types of virion: with a diameter of 140 - 220 nm; with a central shell and a central capsid; and a virion with a diameter of 100 nm and a frequent capsid. In organisms, the creature of Twarine Virus is avenged in the blood, lymph nodes, parenchymatous organs and brain. The antigenic structure of the virus is not implanted. Infected creature is superconducting to assimilation of neutral neutralization and complementarity and precision antithesis. Vіrus is reproduced in the early cultures of the clitin of the shield-like lodging of calves and sheep, pest testicles, nirok rab_v, interchangeable mainly in the clintine-zvazyazannom viglyadі. It is cytopathogenic dya virus that can be spaced after 5 - 9 db for the infection of the infected and supervised forms and the DNA of the internal internal type-A type.

Vіrus can be cultivated in smoking embryos. The sparrow-tree is unstable in the middle of the middle and the other is physically-chemical. In the natural minds of zberig, their activity is up to 35 db, in the blood for room temperature - 24 years, at 4 ° C - 14 db. Virus sensitive to efiru chloroform, inactivate when frozen. Installed trivial persistence virus in the infected organisms of the creature against the backdrop of the manifestation of specific antibodies.

Epizootology twig. Before catching up, the horniness of thinness and buffalo is great, it’s important to have 1 to 4 rockets. Sensitive є overgrown creatures, especially bika, calves hvіyut r_dko.

It is described okremі vipadki catching sheep, cat, pigs, bison, elk, roe deer, giraffes, antelopes. Dzherelom zbudnika Інфекції є ailments are large horned thinness, a reservoir of virus - vivtsi, goats, as well as rare wild animals, in such infections it is asymptomatic. Installed the power of endogenous infection at the time of low resistance to organism. Shlyakhi vidіlennya zbudnika with the organism of ill creature and the mechanism of transferring it to healthy creatures until the end is not clear. At the same time, we ascertained the nature of the disease in case of twisted contagion and transplacental infection.

Also excluded is the fate of the bloodsucking coma in the creatures transferred to the virus. Sparrow pass perevodno at the foresight of sporadic vipadkiv, atodyndi small enzootіі with a free appearance for sale 1.5 - 2 ms for 1 - 2 heads of creatures. Vіdomі vipadki winnings of twigs in the same and quiet themselves, selling 5 - 10 rok_v.

Pathogenesis. It’s not enough. To respect, to ensure that blood is spread throughout the entire body, to reproduce in the clits of lymph tissue, to deflect the obliquely epithelium of the mucous membranes of the oral nasal cavity, the forelock and the neuron of the brain. In the final stage of conquest, the degeneration of the contemporaneous ball of blood vessels, the implementation of the characteristic of the spinal cord in the mucous shell of the mouth, and the passageway and the front gate are degenerated. Typical є mean vascular fibrinoid necrosis of the vasculitis.

Clinical signs and interruptions of twigs. Іnkubatsіyniy perіod trivaє vіd kіlkoh tizhnіv to 3 - 4 ms. Perebig twig gostrii, pidgostri and abortion. When the patient is at a constant temperature, they can increase their temperature and reach 41 - 42 ° С, their chills, chills, lack of appetite, and sprays and bluish chewing. Vіdmіchayut alertness, inodі, navpaki, pіdvishchenu vzvudlivost ailing creatures. Garyachka of a post-type type, dying is accelerated, important, the pulse on the cob of the twigs of parts, stresses, and the half-hearted is steady. The secretion of milk is pricked. The generalized education of the Republic of Belarus is manifested, the fribrile driving of the okremikh group is m'yaziv.

Selling 1 - 2 d'yb is sluzotechka, on the first hand, sveloboyazn, keratitis is developing for the sake of the year, now it’s nebulous horn. In severe vipadas on the hornets there are twists and turns, scrubbing the sclera and vipadanny of the iris with the capsule of crystalline. Cataract, slіpota on one chi two eyes are difficult to develop. The mucous membranes of the nasal mouth, epididymis of the skull are protected for a water hour. The firing process in the frontal sinuses can be broadened to the basis of the horn, which is why they need to be performed. The mucous membrane of the nose is inflamed, it is slightly affected by fibrinous nasaruvanny, and viraki are not easily seen. To speed up the sound of the nasal passages, the appearance of the nose from the nose is the admixture of the serous-mucous membranes, and then the gnomes, from the house’s fibrin, can see the rotten odor. The mucous membrane of the company is dry, hot, sometimes there are erosion and virazki, wicked trouble. Vіdnachaetsya strong salivatsiya, unacceptable smell from the mouth empty.

Z'avlyayutsya cough, ardor, wheezing in the legs. The passage of blood from the house of blood and fibrinous streaks develops in a year. Inodiliziruyutsya general organisation, on the mucous obolontsі pihkhvyutoryutsya fibrinoznі plіvki and virazki, can abortion. The ignition process will expand for an hour to the mucous membrane of the sectional mikhur, to the nirka, to zoom in on cystitis and nephritis. The ill creatures have a severity of severity and are more ill, by cutting off the reaction, in it there are blocks, shelter, cross-section cylinders, nirkovy epithelium. Gostry pereb_g trivaє 4 - 10 dib і in 90 - 100% vipadkiv zakіnchuєtsya lethally.

When you begin to interrupt the twigs, the symptoms themselves are manifested, the first time they are less and the more developed.

Hvoroba trivaє 14 - 21 ext. І at 50 - 90% vipadkі v zakіnchuєtsya zagibella tvarin.
In case of abortive form of twig, the danger is small, short-term nature, clinical signs are slightly twisted, and sometimes erased. At the conqueror of creatures, a heavy accelerated development is taking place - slіpota, agalaktiya. May relapse with lethal kіnets.

Pathologist zmіni. The corpses of visnazhenі shvidko rozklada huddle, the shelter is dark, thick. From the nasal and oral cavity of Vitíkaє Ridina with a rotten smell. Naiharakternіshimi є firing eyes of the mucous membranes of the head, especially nasal empty, stare of eyes. Povіki gіperemіyovanі, scruffy, horn calamutna, with turn, conjunctiva with other bloodshed. During gostroma, the lining of the nasal pharynx, sinuses, larynx, trachea is mucous, mucous, smoothed by numerical hemorrhages, gnarly exudate, croupous-diphtheria molluscs, and mucous membranes. The picture is similarly seen on the hour of the day before the throat, is clear, on the night, language. Blood grass, catarrhal, hemorrhagic, croupous-necrotic inflamed mucous membranes, glaboki virazki, erosi are spaced in the herbal canal. In ceremonial whores there is a great deal of chervonuvno kalamutnoy ridin.

Lymphatic universities, especially mesenteric, limited in volume, juice, in blood. In the anterior parts, the patient is able to stand out for bronchopneumonia, in the posterior - the guest is interstitial emphysema. The spleen is without pathological changes, the liver and liver are in volume, with bloodsheds.

The mucous membrane of the sectional mihura is hyperemic, sagged, and shaved with other blood-shedding. When there is a pidgostroma, there are greater sermons, the avera of the hemorrhagic dyathesis of the turn is much weaker. At the hour of histological examination, there is a ballooning degeneration of the mucous membranes, especially of the oral cavity of the pharynx, erosion of the thorax, perivascular tissue infiltration, and it is clearly transmissible. Types of non-cognitive disemporaneous menopause of the brain are sprung up in the brain - the infiltration of the small cerebellum membranes and the recovins of the brain with serous-fibrinous exudate, hemorrhage.

Dіagnoz ustanovlyuyut on pіdstavі characteristic klіnіchnih Find our (Visoka temperature urazhennya mucous obolonok, keratitis), patologoanatomіchnih for Change (nekrotichnі urazhennya shkіri th mucous obolonok, chislennі krovovilivi, erozії that fіbrinoznі nasharuvannya on mucous Ilya Obolonkov intestines) that epіzootologіchnih danih (priurochenіst to pevnoї teritorії, nayavnіst contact with vivtsyami).

Differential diagnosis. Transmissionє inclusion of plague, foot and mouth disease, narrative, viral diarrhea. Plague and horny skinny and foot and mouth disease are characterized by a high contagiousness, and are not superconducting with menoencephalitis and keratitis. First hour, foot and mouth disease, aphthous and erosive infections of the mucous membranes should be repeated with reflexes at the end.

The tale is manifested by aggression and parallaxes, diagnosed by manifesting itself in the clits of the brain of specific Babesh’s bodies - Negro, by testing on large bears and due to the additional reaction of immunodiffusion. Virusna diarrhea є contagious twig, to pass at the watchhouse of enzooti, ​​at half an hour I’ve been fighting with up to 50% of the herd, the creature of the 5–6-month-old wiku, the main sign of the twig, is diarrhea.

Imunitet not vivcheno. Overcooked creatures in an hour may be able to bury again. Vaccines against malicious catarrhal garyachki not propounded.

Likuvannya. Specific therapy is not fragmented. As symptomatic, stiff heart preparations, 10% of calcium chloride (200 to 300 ml internally), autohemotherapy (80 to 100 ml of blood should be administered twice a day after 48 years), 40% alcohol (300 ml internally) 48 years old), sulfanilamide preparations (50 - 100 ml each of 10% rosin norsulfazole in 10% rosin glucose), antibiotics of a wide range of dії. Rinse the mucous membranes of the oral nasal empty with antiseptic rosins, wound with antiseptic ointments.

At times of significant difficulty in the breath, conduct tracheotomy, with pus purchased in the frontal sinuses - trepanation.

Prevention and come on. With the method of purchasing, you need to carefully and thoroughly understand the veterinary and sanitary rules for completing the bath, and for the operation of the large horny thinness and buffalo. Do not be allowed to dine in the morning with the potential noses of the virus - the vivts and the goats. At times, show zvyvoryuvannya gospodarstvo, but if you scream the farm, you will deafen the dysfunctional people with evil, catarrhal garyachki and reserve quarantine obmezhenenya. At a dysfunctional farm, there is a fence for livestock and livestock for great horny thinness, forcourse of raw milk, for both ill and poorly ill creature.

Milk can be sold in the state thanks to the celebration of kip'yatinnyam. To get rid of utrimany, vipasannya and napuvannya great horny thinness at once with vivtsi y goats. In a dysfunctional statehood to conduct a holy day of sight and thermometry of creature. Sick twarin іzolyuyut and lіkuyut. Carry out systematic cleaning and disinfection of primitives, inventory, objects after the creatures, transport concerns. Zabіy tvarin spend less on a sanitary slaughter, but specially introduced for the whole maydanchik under the supervision of a veterinarian special. Bury the corpses in biotherm pits. Gnіy, pidstilku and surplus feed znoshkodzhuyut bіothermіchny way.

The statehood of thanks grants the blessing of a prosperous, evil-minded, catarrhal garyachka in 2 months after the remaining view of the ailing creature and the performance of the residual disinfection.

For disinfection, stasis of a suspension of chlorine vapon, avenging 4% of active chlorine, 5% emulsion of xylonaphtha, hot 2% of sodium hydroxide roasting, 20% of suspension of freshly burned vapna with a two-time applied for 1 year.
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Zlojakіsna kataralna garyachka great horny skinny

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    The plague of great horny thinness (Pestis bovum) is a guest of the contagious twig of ruminant creatures, which is characterized by septicemia, hemorrhagic dyathesis, glow-necrotic ulcers of the mucous membranes of the grassy canal, diarrhea, and long lethal. Istorichna dovidka. The plague of great horny skinny є one of the most nizhnorstokіshy zakhoryuvany, scho for sale bahogatoch stolit caused the bahatomillon bend
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    Morbid encephalopathy (spongiformly encephalopathy, transmissible lipophrenic encephalopathy) should be maintained until the previous infectious and characterized by a tricky period of illness, a centrally diagnosed nervous system Hvoroba wait to die lethally. Istorichna dovidka. Persian vipadki gubernate encephalopathy great
  4. Ephemeral Lyhoman of Great Horny Skinny
    Ephemeral Lymania of Great Horned Thin (Febris ephemeralis, Tridenna Lyhomanka, Spruce of Indomitable) - Gostra transmissive viral spruce of Great Horny leanness, which is characterized by emphysema, serous and catarrhal neoplastic disease. Istorichna dovidka. Forward ephemeral Lyhoman describing Schweinfurm (1867) with
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    Parainfluenza (Paragrippus bovum, transport lyhomanka, parainfluenza-3) is a gostra contagiosum twig young calves with great horny skin, which are characterized by hot and temperate organisms. Istorichna dovidka. Going forward, describing Scott and Tarley in 1932. in the USA, with the name “transport addict”. Virus parainfluenza-3 buv izolovaniye at 1955 p., Identification by Reyzinger at 1959 p.
  6. Contagious pleuropneumonia of the great horny thinness
    Kontagіozna plevropnevmonіya velikoї rogatoї thinness (Pleuropneumonia contagiosa bovum, broken-winded poshesne legen, peripnevmonіya velikoї rogatoї emaciation, CAT) - hronіchne visokokontagіozne zahvoryuvannya scho harakterizuєtsya serous broken-winded іnterlo- bulyarnih lіmfatichnih sudin, sero-fіbrinoznim pleurisy, lobar pnevmonієyu of utvorennyam in legenyah anemіchnih oseredkіv necrosis (sequestration).
  7. Vіrusna diarrhea of ​​great horny thinness
    The viral diarrhea of ​​the great horned thinness (Diarrhea viralis bovum, the twig of the mucous membranes - the contagious twig is very important for the young creatures, is characterized by the venomous, erosive-and-violet arthropods, the erysipelas, and the wild canines) Koriv mozhlivі abortion. Istorichna dovidka.
  8. Instructions for prophylaxis and rehabilitation of the great horny thinness of leukemia
    Dodatok 2 CONFIRMED Order of the Sovereign Department of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine № 21 від 12.21.07 p. INSTRUCTIONS for prevention and rehabilitation of great horny thinness and leukemia I. Zagalni position 1.1. Instruction to establish the procedure for preventive visits to prevent the leukemia of the great horny thinness (distance - BPX), veterinary and sanitary visits at times
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  10. Instructions for diagnostics, prophylaxis and prevention of malignant encephalopathy of great horny thinness
    Dodatok 16 CONFIRMED the order of the Head of the Sovereign Department of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine No. 61, dated 7.11.02 p. INSTRUCTIONS for diagnosis, prophylaxis and prevention of malignant encephalopathy of the great horny skin 1. External position of the labial arterialis of the great horny leanness
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