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Zemlyansky OA. Program of intermediate certification of students in the disciplines of virology, microbiology, immunology, 2002
The program is compiled in accordance with the State educational standard of higher vocational education. The program presents the topics necessary for studying: History of the development of the theory of viruses Systematics and nomenclature of viruses Structure of viruses Physiology and biochemistry of viruses Genetics of viruses Bacteria viruses (bacteriophages) The concept of "infectious process" The role of microorganisms in the infectious process Factors of pathogenicity of microorganisms Phases of the development of the infectious process Concept of pathogenesis of infectious diseases Immunology as a science about methods and mechanisms of protection against genetically alien substances in order to maintain homeostasis of -organisms immune system of the human body and its main functions of nonspecific factors of protection of the human body. Antigens and antibodies Specific forms of the immune response Immune phagocytosis and killer function of cells Hypersensitivity of the delayed type. Immediate hypersensitivity. Immunological tolerance Immunological memory Allergic reactions Allergic reactions of the humoral (immediate) type (types I-III, V) Allergic reactions of the cellular (delayed) type (type IV) Immunological reactions History of microbiology Systematics and nomenclature of microorganisms. Bacteria morphology Bacteria physiology Bacteria genetics Bacteria ecology Human microflora and its role Microbiological basis of antimicrobial prophylaxis and therapy Bacteria are causative agents of infectious diseases The third part presents exam questions.

Books and textbooks on the subject Virology:

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