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1. Diseases of the respiratory system. A guide for physicians ed. N.R. Paleev. - M .: Medicine, 1990. - TZ, T.4.

2. Okorokov A.N. Treatment of diseases of internal organs:

Practical tutorial: In Zt. TI - Mn.Vysh.shk., Belmedkniga, 1997.

3. Harrison T.R. Internal illnesses. - M .: Medicine, T.7, 1993.
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    Entrance exams in literature are held orally and in writing. On the written exam, knowledge of Russian is also checked. The applicant is invited to write an essay in prose on one of the 5-7 proposed topics: on literature of the first half of the 19th century, on literature of the second half of the 19th century, on literature of the 20th century, and also on free topics of literary, publicistic
    Medical genetics. - 2009. - V. 8, №1 (79) 2.Shevchenko V.A., Topornina N.A., Stvolinskaya N.S. Human genetics: Textbook. for stud. higher studies. institutions. 2nd ed., Corr. and add. 2004 3. Medical genetics E.K. Ginter textbooks for medical students
  3. Independent work with literature
    Topics of essays and recommended literature to them. 1. The perception of man by man. Literature: Bodalev A.A. Personality and communication. M., 1983, pp. 115-133. Batygin G.S. Behavioral stereotypes: recognition and interpretation / Sociological studies., 1980, pp.96-102. Cole M., Skibner S. Culture and thinking. Psychological essay, M., 1977, (Culture and Perception),
  4. How to read fiction
    One can definitely say that there is still no clear answer to this question. There may be several different approaches. Fiction needs to be read slowly, very slowly. “This is not true,” you will say after reading all our previous conversations. And you will certainly be right. Fiction needs to be read quickly. “And this is not true,” you say. And again you will
    Big Medical Encyclopedia. “Soviet Encyclopedia” M., 1980 2. V.I. Krikov. “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy”, 2nd edition, Meditsina Publishing House, M., 1983 3. I. B. Zarhin. "Essays from the history of domestic pharmacy 18 and the first half of the 19th century", State Publishing House of Medical Literature, M., 1956
  6. Registration of references
    Observe all dashes and indents! Be sure to specify all those parts of the links that are given in the examples! By the number of sources, I have already written on p. 9. The list of references includes books (monographs, textbooks), articles, abstracts of conferences. Make sure that it does not consist entirely of, for example, articles - it is necessary to show that we have worked through the issue in the most profound way, with the involvement of
  7. Literature
    Medical Microbiology. Edited by V.I.Pokrovsky, О.K.Pozdeeva. M .: GEOTAR, Medicine, 1998.- p. 201-203. 2. Medical microbiology, virology, immunology. Edited by L. B. Borisov, A. M. Smirnova. M .: Medicine 1994.- S. 260 -262. 3. Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Virology. Edited by AI Korotyaev. St. Petersburg: Special literature, 1998.- p. 340 - 341.
    Main literature: 1. Developmental and pedagogical psychology (ed. By M. Gamezo, M. V. Matyukhina, T. S. Mikhalchik). - M., 1984. 2. Kulagina I.Yu. Age-related psychology. - M .: Izd. URAO, 1997. - 176 p. 3. Lyublinskaya A.A. Child psychology. - M., 1971. 4. V. Mukhina. Age-related psychology. - M .: Izd. Academy, 1998. - 456 p. 5. Nemov R.S. Psychology: In 2 kN. - M., 1994.
  9. Pedagogical and psychological literature
    In the previous section, advice was given on how to work with a book. In this - we will recommend a reading circle to the future teacher. When did pedagogical literature emerge, what are its main genres? This section of literature is one of the oldest. Probably the first teaching books were textbooks. Ancient Egyptian papyrus, for example, already contain study tasks for schoolchildren. Perhaps the textbook is the most
    The main literature: 1. Aurora VN, Lebedev A.V. - Veterinary ophthalmology. - M .: Agropromizdat, 1985. - 295 p. 2. Magda I.I. Operative surgery. - M .: Agropromizdat, 1990. - 333 p. 3. General Veterinary Surgery / Ed. A.V. Lebedeva, B.S. Semenov. - M .: Kolos, 2000. - 488 p. 4. Petrakov K.A., Salenko P.T., Paninsky S.M. Operative surgery with topographic
    Vertkin AL, Gorodetsky V. V., Talibov O. B., Topolyansky O. V. Acute heart failure. Diagnosis and treatment at the prehospital stage // The attending physician, 2002, №9. Pp. 3-4. 2. Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary. M .: Sovetskaya Encyclopedia Publishing House, 1980. P. 608, 919, 1532. 3. I. P. Tatarken, N.V. Pozdnyakova, O. Morozova Dr. Angina pectoris: practical questions and advice.
  12. Literature
    Ablakulova V.S. Polyps of the endometrium // Akush. and gin. - 1987. - № 7. - p. 7-10. 2. Adamyan L.V., Kulakov V.I. Endometriosis. - M .: Medicine, 1998. —317 p. 3. Aliyeva E. A., Pshenichnikova T. Ya., Gasparov A. S. Results of laparoscopy in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome undergoing surgical methods of treatment // Akush. and gin. - 1996. - № 7. - p. 63-66. 610 Literature 4.
  13. Literature
    Vikhlyaeva Ye. M. Climacteric syndrome and its treatment. - M .: Medicine, 1966. - 138 p. 2. Vikhlyaeva E.M. Long-term replacement therapy. Clinical profile of Livial / Ovarian tumors - posto-riectomy syndrome - hormone replacement therapy. - M .: SC AgiP RAMS (Materials of the plenum of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties on obstetrics and gynecology, Irkutsk, September 28-29, 1999), 1998. - P. 146-151. 3. Vikhlyaeva E.
  14. Literature
    1 - Bakulov I.A., Tarshis M.G. Geography of animal diseases in foreign countries .- M., Kolos, 1971, - p.21. 2 - Beklemishev V.N. Pathogens as members of biocenoses. Zoological journal .- 1956.- Vol. 12.- p. 1765-1779. 3 - FM Burnet Virus as an organism .- M .: Publishing House of Foreign Literature. 1947 - p. 167-171 4 - Gannushkin M.S. General epizootology.- M .: Selkhozgiz 1961.- 264 p.
  15. Literature
    Alekseeva, L. L., Adamyan, L. V., Sturchak, V. V. [Features of the estrogen receptor system of the endometrium in physiological and some pathological states of the body], Probl. endocrinol. - 1980. - № 4. - p. 26-28. 2. Balabolkin MI. Endocrinology. - M .: Medicine, 1989. - 415 p. 3. Baymuhamedova X. K. Indicators of humoral and cellular immunity in patients with diabetes mellitus: author.
  16. Literature
    Anashkina GA. Hormonal parameters of the ovulatory menstrual cycle of a woman are normal and in some forms of impaired reproductive function: Author. dis. ... Cand. honey. sciences. - M., 1984. 2. Atlas of scanning electron microscopy of cells, tissues and organs / Ed. O. V. Volkova, V.A. Shakhlamova, A.A. Mironova. - M .: Medicine, 1987. - p. 385-435. 3. Babichev V.N. Neurohormonal
    Andrest B.V. Mushrooms. M .: Economics, 1968. 110 p. 2. Bakanenkov I.V., Khludeev K.D. Manual for the collector of livestock raw materials. M .: Economics, 1971. 248 p. 3. Boykov, Yu. I., Butko, MP, Vylegzhanin, A. F., et al., Guidelines for Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise and Hygiene of Meat and Meat Products. M .: Light and food industry, 1983. 480 p. 4. Borodin 3. V.,
    Avakayants B., Treskunov K. Phytotherapy of staphylococcal and fungal infections. Veterinary Newspaper, 1998, N 6-7. Akbaev M.Sh. Parasitic and invasive animal diseases. M. Kolos, 1998, 612 p. Amberger S., Lombard S.V. Cardiomyopathy of cats. Vet, 2000, N2. Amberger S., Lombard S.V. Rare cardiomyopathy in cats. Veterinarian, 2002, N1, p.28-30. Arzhayev A.M., Ozherelkov S.V., Danilov
  19. Children's literature
    Teachers, other children, parents of other children, books, relatives, toys and television - from all these sources the child learns about behavior, which is regarded by society as corresponding to one or another gender. In the majority of studies on sexism in children's literature, the focus was on analyzing the content of the texts, but it was silent about its influence on behavior. but
    I. Sources 1. Federal Law of the Russian Federation of March 6, 2006 No. 35-FZ “On Countering Terrorism” Consultant Plus. Pro version [Electronic resource]. - Electron. Dan. - [M., 2005] 2. Kozlova N. Kamikaze for sale. // Russian newspaper. 2004 - Jan 23 - C 2. 3. Korolev A. A. International terrorism at the present stage // “Knowledge. Understanding. Skill". - 2011. - № 8. II. Literature 4.
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