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Systemic Vasculitis 500

Nodular polyarteritis 501

Microscopic polyarteritis (polyangiitis). 509 Nonspecific aortoarteritis (Takayasu disease) 511

Wegener's Granulomatosis 516

Hemorrhagic vasculitis (Shenlein's disease—

Genoa) 520

Test questions and tasks 523

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  1. Blood oxygen
    The total oxygen content in the blood is equal to the sum of the oxygen physically dissolved and bound to hemoglobin. The binding of oxygen to hemoglobin never reaches a theoretical maximum, therefore, it is believed that 1 g of hemoglobin can bind approximately 1.31 ml of oxygen. The oxygen content in the blood (C, from the English, content - content) is expressed by the following equation: The oxygen content (in
  2. The content of the children's drawing
    The dynamics of the development of the content of children's drawings. Drawings of children from different countries are full of “cephalopods”, houses, trees, flowers and cars. Children borrow this content from adults, who offer some graphic patterns when a child begins to enthusiastically draw scribbles. A child’s drawing of a person, of course, is determined not so much by his focus on his own kind,
  3. Feeding and feeding system
    The farm is bred red cattle. Animals are characterized by average milk productivity, annual milk yield per feed cow 5000 kg., The fat content in milk 3.8%, average live weight of cows 400-500 kg, adult bulls 450-600 kg. The meat qualities of livestock are satisfactory; the slaughter yield of meat and fat is 54-58%. Cattle farming system
  4. Communication Content
    The content of communication is information transmitted through contacts of people. This can be information about the internal motivational state, about cash needs, transferred to the partner with the expectation of his participation in their satisfaction. This is knowledge about the world, acquired experience, skills and abilities. Communication is multidisciplinary and diverse in its internal content, which can be known only by analyzing
    The cattle farm is intended for placement, veterinary examination, sorting and rest of slaughtered animals. For cattle farms, a site with dry soil or an asphalt surface is allocated. It should be flat, evenly sloping, protected from cold winds. The cattle farm is enclosed by a continuous high fence. The number of animals kept in the cattle depot is designed for 3-day work of the workshop
  6. The pedagogical essence and content of an integrated approach
    In its content, an integrated approach includes the following basic elements: - definition and setting of educational goals, or goal setting; - the optimal choice and application of the content, methods, forms, means and methods of pedagogical influence; - the study and accounting of the level of education of soldiers; - coordinated and coordinated pedagogical activity of commanders, their
  7. Content
    Pneumonia 16 Bronchiectasis 40 Chronic bronchitis 44 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .... 56 Bronchial asthma 66 Pleurisy 85 Pulmonary heart 94 Control questions and
  8. Content
    Rheumatism (rheumatic fever) 105 Infectious endocarditis 116 Myocarditis 128 Pericarditis 136 Disorders of heart rhythm and conduction. - Prof. A.V. Inaccessibility, Cand. honey. sciences O.V. Blagova 146 Extrasystole 148 Paroxysmal tachycardia 154 Atrial fibrillation 159 Atrioventricular block 166 Sinus weakness syndrome 170 Acquired
  9. Content
    Chronic gastritis 291 Peptic ulcer 304 Diseases of the intestine 313 Chronic enteritis 314 Nonspecific ulcerative colitis 320 Crohn's disease 328 Irritable syndrome
  10. Content
    Acute glomerulonephritis Chronic glomerulonephritis. . . Amyloidosis Chronic renal failure Control questions and tasks
  11. Content
    Hemoblastoses 422 Acute leukemia 422 Chronic leukemia 433 Chronic myelogenous leukemia 434 Erythremia (true polycythemia, Wakeza's disease) 439 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia 445 Multiple myeloma 450 Anemia 458 Iron deficiency anemia 458 Siderochrestic anemia 465 anemolemia 464 B12
  12. Content
    Diffuse connective tissue diseases. . 525 Systemic lupus erythematosus 526 Systemic scleroderma 539 Dermatomyositis 548 Control questions and
  13. Content
    Joint diseases 556 Rheumatoid arthritis 556 Osteoarthritis 569 Gout 574 Idiopathic ankylosing spondylitis (Ankylosing spondylitis) 581 Control questions and
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