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Military Psychology and Pedagogy


Gubin V.A., Zagoryev A.L. The focus of youth on military professional activities 2011
The article presents the results of determining the severity of focus on military professional activities in various groups of modern youth. On the sample, which includes groups, a priori, contrasting with regard to professional choice (high school students, students of paramilitary secondary schools, cadets of high school students and military service personnel) standardized diagnostic complex VPN. Three levels of VPN development are identified, which are represented differently in each social group: negative, neutral, and positive professional orientation.
Course work Psychological features of the personality of female servicemen 2010
The theoretical basis of the study was the work of Rusalov V. M, Egorova M. S., devoted to the psychology of individual differences, as well as the work of Maklakov A. G., Perfilova O. V. and others, devoted to the problems of professional psychological selection of military personnel. The practical significance of the study is to identify the socio-demographic and psychological characteristics of military men and women.
Zuev Yu.F. Military Pedagogy 2010
The origin and development of military pedagogical thought in Russia is closely connected with the struggle of the peoples of our Motherland against numerous foreign invaders. The history of preparing young people for the fulfillment of military duty goes back centuries. However, a noticeable development of military pedagogy begins only with the period of the creation of regular troops — the army and navy in the epoch of Peter 1.
abstract Terrorism in Russia 2010
Introduction The concept of terrorism and its types. The concept and essence of "terrorism". Types of terrorism and terrorist groups. Terrorist attack in Domodedovo. Conclusion List of used sources and literature. Application.

abstract Organization of educational work in the school of V.A. Sukhomlinsky 2010

V. A. Sukhomlinsky and the struggle of ideas in the Soviet pedagogy of the 60s

The life path of V. A. Sukhomlinsky.

The main pedagogical ideas of V. A. Sukhomlinsky.


Course work The impact of the legal basis of service on interpersonal relations of military personnel 2010
Discipline - Conflictology


Introduction Military team. Interpersonal relations among military personnel. Relationships as a socio-psychological phenomenon. Relationships in the military team. Methods of studying the relationship in the military team. Empirical research. Results of parametric sociometry. The results of the survey. Conclusion Bibliography. Applications.
Diploma Psychological assistance to young servicemen with stuck characterological accentuation using group client-centered psychotherapy 2010
The object of the research is young servicemen with stuck characterological accentuation.

The subject of the research is psychological assistance to young servicemen with stuck characterological accentuation by the method of group client-centered psychotherapy. The purpose of this work is to identify the main psychological characteristics of young warriors with stuck characterological accentuation and to identify the main conditions for the provision and develop a methodology for psychotherapeutic assistance to such servicemen in order to increase the effectiveness of their activities in the framework of adaptation to military service.
abstract Prevention of drug trafficking in military units 2010
What are drugs? Armed forces and drug addiction. Narcotic drugs, signs and consequences of their use. Cannabis derivatives. Opiate drugs. Hypnotic-sedatives. Psychostimulants. Hallucinogens. Volatile substances of narcotic action. Conclusion
Kislitsyna A.S. Features of the personal adaptive capacity of conscripts 2010
Abstract of dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Specialty: 19.00.01 - general psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology
Diagnostics of the state of military discipline in the unit 2010
The concept of diagnosis in the theory and practice of modern social work. Objectives, principles and main directions of the diagnostic activities of the officer of educational structures. Diagnostics of military discipline in a subdivision as a line of activity of an officer-educator (by the example of identifying violations of the rules of the relationship). Technological map of diagnosing the state of military discipline in a subdivision (using the example of identifying violations of the statutory rules of relationships) Conclusion
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