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Korchemny PA Military psychology: methodology, theory, practice 2010
This tutorial represents the views of military psychologists of the Department of Psychology of the Military University on the present and future of military psychology on all three main levels of the military-psychological science: methodological, theoretical and actually applied.

The publication is recommended by the Main Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as a teaching aid.

The manual is intended for adjuncts and students of the Military University of the Russian Federation, military research psychologists and teachers of military psychology.
abstract Military Relationships 2009
Introduction The study of interpersonal relationships in the team and the diagnosis of non-statutory behavior. Prevention is the primary means of preventing non-statutory relationships. Conclusion Appendices. References
abstract Diagnosis of non-statutory relations between military personnel 2009
Requirements for achieving military discipline and ensuring its sustainability. Directions for achieving military discipline and ensuring its sustainability. Forms of manifestation of "non-statutory relations". The reasons for the "vitality" of non-statutory relations between military personnel (according to the officers). Portrait of "credibility" among conscripts (in%). Diagnosis of non-statutory relationships. Methods of prevention of non-statutory relationships. Diagnosis and prevention of non-statutory relations between military personnel. The mechanism of functioning of non-statutory relations

Thesis Development trends and features of the formation of incentives for military activities 2009
The object of study of this work: the professional activities of military personnel in the conditions of modern Russia.

Subject of research: the nature, content, state, development trends and features of the formation of the motives of military activities. The objectives of the thesis: Consider the nature and specifics of military activities and on this basis to determine the content and features of its motivational and semantic sphere; To carry out a theoretical and methodological analysis of the main motives of military activities, the totality of which constitutes the military-professional orientation of army and navy personnel: Examine the state, dynamics of changes and ways to improve the management of the motivational and semantic sphere of military activities.
abstract The origins of bullying in the Russian (Soviet) army 2009
Discipline: military psychology.

The importance of the topic and methodological considerations. Chronology of hazing. Approaches to the classification of bullying. Formal description of hazing rituals. The role of various causes in the appearance of hazing in the Soviet Army. Common causes are zero and first level. Reducing the degree of solidarity of the Soviet society. Degradation of the management mechanisms of society. Democratization of society and the weakening of discipline. Private reasons of the second level. Decomposition of the army in peacetime. Connivance of the highest military and political leadership. The weakening of the junior commanding staff (foremen, sergeants). Influence of the campaign against squealing, conducted by the sixties. Deterioration of the draft contingent and the penetration of criminal elements. Occasion: the conflict of generations. The resistance of bullying and the role of the officer corps. Possible measures to eliminate hazing.
abstract Military psychology and psychotherapy 2009
Discipline: military psychology

Military psychology as a branch of domestic psychology. Definition of the term psychotherapy. Objects of psychological psychotherapy. Psychological structure of the situation. The dynamics of mental health in situations of different classes and groups of subjective complexity.
Evsyukova N.I. Psychological and pedagogical conditions of the formation of young men of pre-conscription age for service in the armed forces: monograph 2009
The presented monograph is devoted to the study of the psychological and pedagogical conditions of the formation of young men of pre-conscription age for service in the Armed Forces. Special attention is paid to the personality-activity approach in the upbringing and formation of the personality of the future warrior.

The content analyzes the historical and pedagogical foundations of patriotic education, pedagogical concepts of training specialists for patriotic education and shaping the personality of the future defender of the Fatherland, identifies individual psychological characteristics of young men of pre-conscription age, analyzes levels of young people's readiness for service in the Armed Forces, defines psychological and pedagogical conditions, forms and methods of preparing young men for service in the Armed Forces.

The materials of the monograph “Psychological and pedagogical conditions of the formation of readiness of young men of pre-conscription age for service in the Armed Forces” can be used in the system of professional development of teachers in the patriotic education of youth, in the development of textbooks, lecture courses and special courses.
Serov A.S. Zhukov A.N. Skorobach L.V. The program of correctional work with maladaptive military personnel 2009
The work is devoted to an urgent topic - adaptation in a tough psychological environment of military conscripts and the effects of long-term stress factors. This manual presents the theoretical rationale for this problem and practical methods of working with military personnel who have difficulty in adapting.
abstract Methodological problems of military psychology 2009
Discipline: military psychology. Specificity of the subject of military-psychological science. Methodological foundations of military psychology. The current state of psychological science. Levels of methodology in modern methodology and logic of psychological science.
abstract Methodology of military psychological research 2009
Discipline: military psychology. Levels of psychological research methodology. Military psychologist. Theorist, philosopher or practitioner? The main subsystems of the research activities of the military psychologist: "military psychology" and "scientific information." The relationship of research models
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