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Lectures Military psychology 2008
Military psychology as a branch of psychological science. The state and prospects of the development of military psychology as a science and the way of introducing its achievements into military practice. War as a socio-psychological phenomenon. The development of military psychology in Russia before 1917. The development of military psychology on the eve and during the Great Patriotic War. The development of military psychology in the United States. The development of military psychology in England, Germany, France, Japan and Israel. Psychology of combat activity. Psychological characteristics of modern combat and its impact on the psyche of a warrior. Combat stress and features of its manifestation. Psychological features of the actions of personnel in the conditions of the enemy using weapons of mass destruction. Psychological features of military operations of the personnel of units of land forces in local military conflicts. Psychological basis of military discipline. Features of team building in the process of military activities. Moral and psychological state of personnel and its dynamics.
Tutorial Military psychology and its applied aspects 2008
Military psychology as a branch of psychological science. The subject of military psychology. Basic principles, methods and tasks of military psychology. The state and prospects of the development of military psychology as a science and the way of introducing its achievements into military practice. The reasons for the growing role of military psychology and its state. Prospects for the development of military psychology and the ways of introducing its achievements into military practice. The development of military psychology in Russia until the middle of the nineteenth century. Formation of the system of military psychology at the stage of empirical development. The structure of military psychological knowledge in the XVII - XVIII centuries. The development of national military psychology in the late Х1Х-го - beginning of the XX-th centuries. The main directions of knowledge of the subject of military psychology. The transformation of military psychology into an independent branch of psychological science. The development of national military psychology in the period from 1917 to the early 40-ies. Features of the formation of military psychology since 1917 and in the first half of the 30s of the XX century. Scientific-educational and psychotechnical components in the development of military psychology. Military psychological studies on the eve and during the Great Patriotic War. The development of the problems of Soviet psychology in the interests of conducting military operations. Development of military psychological problems of the personality of the fighter and commander. The development of military psychological research in Russia after the Great Patriotic War and up to the present time .........
Graduate work Re-adaptation and rehabilitation of servicemen after military-traumatic stress 2008
The object of work is the organization of psychological work in the troops. The subject of the work is the process of psychological re-adaptation and rehabilitation of servicemen with PTSD in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The aim of the work is to study the theoretical and practical aspects of systemic rehabilitation of servicemen.

Contents: Military-traumatic stress and its consequences. The essence of post-traumatic stress disorder (syndrome) (PTSD). Disadaptive manifestations of military personnel with PTSD as a socio-psychological problem. Military-psychological system of re-adaptation and rehabilitation of servicemen. Psychological bases of construction of the system of readaptation and rehabilitation in the Armed Forces. The main areas of work, organizational forms and effective methods of military psychologist, ensuring the functioning of the system of readaptation and rehabilitation in the Armed Forces. Personnel growth of the soldier as an indicator of the effectiveness of the system of psychological rehabilitation and rehabilitation Creation of conditions for personal growth in advising military personnel of the "risk group" on PTSD and their family members. Group work with persons with PTSD: methods that promote personal growth. Results, practical recommendations and main findings. Applications (5).

It is recommended for psychologists, military psychologists, cadets of military institutes and universities, teachers of military schools, officers of the Armed Forces.
Course work Medico-psychological training of astronauts 2008
Introduction. Influence of professional activity of astronauts on their psychological properties and qualities. Preparation for space flights. Space flights. Post-flight re-adaptation period. Organizational and methodological foundations and principles of medical and psychological training. The purpose of medical and psychological training. General conditions for medical and psychological training. Methods, methods and measures of medical and psychological training. Stages of medical and psychological training. Evaluation of the results of medical and psychological training. The conclusion. Bibliography
Didenko I.V. Psychophysiological and psychological features of the adaptation of servicemen at various stages of military service activities 2007
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of psychological sciences. Specialty 19.00.02 - "Psychophysiology" (psychological sciences). The scientific adviser is Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAO Ermakov PN.
Senyavskaya E.S. The psychology of war in the XX century - the historical experience of Russia 2007
In its history, Russia has experienced many armed conflicts, but it was in the 20th century that a mass socio-psychological phenomenon of the "warring man" emerged. This book tells how this phenomenon was reflected in the popular consciousness and influenced the fate of several generations of our compatriots. Its main theme is a person in extreme conditions of war, his thoughts, feelings, behavior. Psychology of combat and soldier fatalism; a heroic rush and panic; features of front-line life; the relationship of the rank and file; interaction and rivalry between the branches of the armed forces; the role of ideology and propaganda; symbols and myths of war; soldier's superstitions; the formation and evolution of the enemy's image; the phenomenon of women's participation in hostilities - this is far from a complete list of problems that for the first time in historical literature are revealed by the example of all foreign wars of our country in the XX century - from Russian-Japanese to Afghan. The book is based on rare archival documents, letters, diaries, memories of participants in wars and materials of "oral history". It will be interesting not only to specialists, but also to all who are not indifferent to the history of the Fatherland. This book is the return of debt to our ancestors, soldiers and officers of the Russian Army, undeservedly forgotten heroes of old wars. This is a tribute of respect and memory to the front-line generation of the Great Patriotic War, to my father and his comrades-in-arms. This is a tribute to the participants of the "small wars", my peers and friends who fought in Afghanistan. This is a pain for those boys who are shedding blood today in "hot spots", and for those who have only to go through the war ...
Graduate work Psychological qualities of the personality of citizens entering the military service under the contract 2007
Army, service in the army, contract service, motivation, choice of military profession, officer, soldier, defense of the homeland

Armed forces are a complex social organism that is an integral part of modern society. Their development and state are always conditioned by the development trends of the society itself. However, regardless of historical conditions and socio-economic development trends for the Armed Forces of Russia, the main task has always been and remains the armed defense of the borders of the Motherland. The armed forces are not a faceless organism or soulless mechanism, they are, first of all, people who possess the necessary level of knowledge and skills to manage complex military equipment, as well as the necessary qualities of a person to win on the battlefield. Therefore, one of the central activities of the serviceman of the long-term service is working with people.
Shikun AF, Shikun AA, Skotnikov MV Professional-psychological preparedness for activity as a psychological problem 2007
Based on the study of general psychological and military theoretical sources, a psychological analysis of theoretical and practical studies of the essence and dynamics of the development of psychological preparedness for professional activity was carried out, the concepts of such categories as psychological readiness, stability, preparedness and their relation to the specifics of this or that activity were considered. Key words: psychological readiness, psychological stability, psychological preparedness, psychological preparation, professional and psychological preparation. Practical recommendations are given.

It is recommended when writing course and diploma papers on military psychology, extreme psychology, sports psychology, labor psychology.
S.V. Chermyanin, V.A. Korzunin Socio-psychological re-adaptation of servicemen who took part in counter-terrorist operations 2007
Annotation: Long-term study of the peculiarities of the psychophysiological state and behavioral reactions of persons who carried out professional activity in combat conditions (Afghanistan, peacekeeping operations in Transcaucasia, Transdniestria, Yugoslavia, the North Caucasus, etc.) made it possible to identify a certain pattern in the dynamics of the adaptation of servicemen to extreme conditions of activity . In particular, four main periods were identified. Recommended for military psychologists, clinical psychologists, rehabilitologists, social workers.
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of psychological sciences Psychology of the professional subjectivity of officers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation 2007
Specialty 19.00.03 - psychology of work, engineering psychology, ergonomics (psychological sciences)

The thesis is made at the Department of Psychology of the Military University.
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