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Graduate work Influence of the extreme environment on the environmental consciousness of servicemen 2007
Aggression, adaptation, serviceman, attitude to nature, stress, ecological consciousness, extreme environment.

For the passage of real military service, the ranks of the Armed Forces are called upon by the healthiest contingent of young people of our country. This implies service not only in ordinary, but also in extreme conditions of life. Modern ideas about psychological and socio-psychological consequences of extreme impacts on servicemen are traditionally considered in two main directions: first, from the point of view of their influence on the effectiveness of combat activity and, secondly, from the point of view of preserving the mental health of soldiers. Recently, the most pressing problem is the influence of the extreme environment on the environmental consciousness of servicemen.
Petrova M.Yu. Socio-psychological features of military-professional development of cadets 2007
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of psychological sciences. - M .: Department of Military Acmeology of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces. Peter the Great. - Specialty 19.00.05 - social psychology
Ustinov I.Yu. Methods of work of the commander for maintaining law and order and strengthening military discipline 2007
Teaching and methodological manual "Methodology of the commander to maintain law and order and strengthen military discipline" is intended for officers, cadets, and other officials of units and units of the Air Force and EW. The recommendations and methodologies presented in the manual will allow commanders and cadets to plan, organize, implement and monitor law enforcement activities and strengthen military discipline among subordinate personnel in a competent, thoughtful and effective manner.
AG Karayani, IV Syromyatnikov Applied military psychology 2006
The material presented in the book is focused on expanding knowledge about the applied aspects of military psychology. It addresses issues related to the organization of psychological work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in peacetime and during the conduct of military operations in the most important areas of it, the issues of organizing the interaction of psychologists with officials for the psychological support of various aspects of the life of military personnel are disclosed. The book has the stamp of the UMO of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (specialization is "moral and psychological support"). It is intended for psychologists of the Armed Forces, students, cadets and students studying in the specialty "psychology", the teaching staff of military educational institutions, as well as for officials who organize psychological work in the law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, etc.).
Graduate work Psychological features of aggressiveness of servicemen of reconnaissance and sabotage groups 2006
Aggression, military, intelligence, social adaptation, profession, hostility, culture of behavior, mental health of servicemen, aggressive behavior.

The problem of adapting young people to military service is extremely complex. Unfortunately, not every citizen, called up in the Armed Forces, is able to successfully adapt to the new conditions of activity. A very large number of young people in the first period of service experience complications in adaptation, which leads not only to problems in interpersonal relations, non-acceptance of the requirements of military discipline and low efficiency of professional activity, but also to disruption of health.

Behavior, according to most psychologists (R. Baron, B. Ricasdson), is a joint function of the individual and her environment. Thus, the behavior of an individual in a society is determined by the impact of the situation in which he finds himself, as well as by the qualities, emotions and inclinations that he manifests in this situation. Most modern theories dealing with the problem of aggressive behavior admit that it is determined by external factors that are relevant to the situation or the surrounding environment, cognitive variables and systems, as well as internal factors that reflect characteristics and inclinations.
G. G. Bronevitsky, SN Ladnov Psycho-pedagogy of the Commander of the Ship Division 2006
In this textbook, based on the analysis of the educational process in the higher naval educational institutions and the experience of educational work accumulated on the ships of the Navy, as well as the general provisions of naval psychology and pedagogy, an integrative scientific direction is based on the theoretical bases of education and upbringing cadets, the formation of their personal qualities, skills and skills necessary for the training and education of subordinates. The psychological and pedagogical foundations of the activity of the commander of the ship unit as a commander-one-man and teacher-educator are revealed.

The textbook is intended for students and cadets of higher educational institutions when studying the course of military psychology and pedagogy, as well as for commanders of naval units.
Davydov D.G. Socio-psychological features of the image of the Armed Forces of Russia in the youth environment 2005
Thesis for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences (on the rights of the manuscript). Specialty: 19.00.05 - social psychology (psychological sciences). The scientific adviser is Doctor of Psychology, Professor Utlik Ernst Platonovich. Leading organization: Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin. The thesis is made at the Department of Psychology of the Military University.

Students are recommended to psychologists, cadets of military institutes, masters, graduate students, adjuncts, university professors and anyone who is interested in scientific research in the field of military-psychological problems.
G. A. Bronevitsky. G. G. Bronevitsky. AN Tomilin. Psihologo-pedagogical dictionary of the officer of the educator of the ship subdivision 2005
A manual for officers of the Navy, cadets and students studying under the training programs for reserve officers.

The dictionary consists of 363 most frequently used scientific categories, concepts and terms and is intended for Navy officers, cadets and students studying under the training programs for reserve officers. The dictionary is designed to help in a uniform modern interpretation of them.
Slyadneva O.V. Peculiarities of the organization of psychological training for special purpose units 2005
The present work is devoted to the problem of psychological training of employees of special units. It aims to give teachers of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, practical psychologists, unit commanders not only a general idea of ​​what psychological preparation is, but also serve practical tools that will help organize this process.

In the development of the manual, the results of the experimental work are used, the experience of teachers in the service of the special forces participating in the organization of psychological training (OMON, OMSN) and employees sent to the service under the contract in the Chechen Republic is summarized, the sources illuminating the problem are analyzed.
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of psychological sciences Socio-psychological features of the image of the Russian Armed Forces in the youth environment 2005
Specialty: 19.00.05 - social psychology (psychological sciences)

The thesis is made at the Department of Psychology of the Military University.
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