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Andreev A.N. Optimization of the pedagogical process in physical education of a military aviation engineering university 2005
The dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences

Specialties 13.00.01 - general pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
T.N. Berg Neuropsychic instability and methods for its detection 2005
In the manual, the author discloses in detail the concept of “neuropsychic instability” (NNP). Details the forms, signs, as well as the causes and factors of its development. A system for assessing and predicting neuropsychic instability in military personnel is presented. Brief guidelines for the diagnosis of neuropsychiatric instability are given.
Yagupov V Vіyskova psychology 2004
The material of the handcuff for problems of the psychological psychology of the programs for primary disciplines of the "Psychology of psychology" for cadets, to get to know the specialties "Psychology", "Fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology", for cadets of specialties. The handcrafted avenger about special features and development of the psychic warrior and the most social and psychological manifestations of the vyskiy collective in vіyskіy dіyalnostі. In addition, the main problems of the psychology of the small group and the psychological and psychological aspects of the training of military service personnel before combat are included in the handicap. A conceptual basis for the analysis of the main problems of the Russian psychology є especially and the primary approach, the organization of the primary-swirling process in the Ukrainian Forces on the ambushes of the special-oriented warfare.

It is intended for cadets, students, officers, and senior students, as well as for commanders, chiefs, special personnel of the body of a mortgage robot, for all those who have problems with psychological psychology.
Under the general editorship of A. G. Karayani Yu. G. Sulimov. Military profession 2004
This textbook is one of the first attempts to systematize the theoretical and methodological foundations and technological aspects of professional work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The authors, without claiming to be exhaustive in their coverage of the issues under discussion, reveal the essence and content of professiology as a science and a field of social practice.

The textbook is intended for use in the educational process by teachers, students and cadets of the Military University in studying the fundamentals of the military profession. At the same time, it will be a good help for specialists in the field of professional psychological selection, commanders and officers of educational institutions in the RF Armed Forces.
Teaching Aid Introduction to the profession: the basics of the psychology of a battalion, regiment (1 rank ship) 2004
This training manual is intended for commanders, staff officers, educational institutions, military (naval) psychologists. We hope that the material presented in the manual will equip officials with part of the knowledge of the organization of psychological work in the troops (forces), will provide practical assistance to the psychologist of the battalion, regiment (ship of the 1st rank) in planning and conducting activities of psychological work, professional development in the post.

The training manual was prepared under the general editorship of the head of the Main Directorate of Educational Work of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Deputy Head of the Personnel and Educational Work Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel General N.I. REZNIKA
P.I. Obraztsov, V.M. Kosukhin Didactics of the higher military school 2004
In the textbook, taking into account the achievements of modern pedagogy, scientifically substantiated ways and conditions for solving urgent problems of didactics of higher military schools are considered; summarized material on the scientific organization of the military teacher, the design, development and application of modern training technologies, the implementation in the educational process of various didactic methods, forms and means. When revealing didactic problems, the ideas of social sciences that are at the junction with pedagogy are used, as well as best practices in the organization of the educational process in military universities of the Russian Federation.

The content of the manual provides training of highly qualified teaching staff in blocks of general professional, additional psychological, pedagogical and special disciplines of GOS VPO. It is addressed to adjuncts, students of the faculty of additional education and advanced training, and is also recommended for use by the teaching staff of the academy for self-education.
The dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences Psychological features of subjective ideas about the life prospects of participants in local wars 2004
Introduction Theoretical and methodological foundations of the study of subjective ideas about the life prospects of participants in local wars. Phenomenology and content of the concept of life perspective as a component of the life path and psychological time of an individual. Psychological characteristics of the personality of participants in local conflicts in the conditions of their return from a traumatic situation of war as an object and subject of psychological research. The results of the study of the psychological characteristics of the subjective ideas of participants in local wars about life prospects. The program and research technique. The specifics of the life prospects of combatants. 2Features of the relationship of the components of subjective ideas about the life prospects of the warriors as a basis for predicting their behavior. An analysis of the relationship between the components of a life perspective and the value-semantic sphere of the personality of participants in local military conflicts. Conclusion Bibliographic list. Applications
Dulin V.V. Pedagogical management of the process of training reserve officers in military departments 2004
Specialty 13.00.08 - Theory and Methodology of Professional Education

The dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences
Soloviev V.V. The content and organization of psychological and pedagogical training of cadets of a military engineering university 2004
The dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences

13.00.08 - Theory and methodology of vocational education
Slyadneva O.V., Vasilenko E.V. Recommendations for self-regulation of mental states of employees in special conditions of service: Methodological manual. 2004
The manual is devoted to the problem of independent psychological preparation of employees for service in extreme conditions. This work will give not only a general idea of ​​what psychological training is, but also will serve as practical aids to master it.

The manual offers simple techniques aimed at forming the ability to independently evaluate their capabilities, to maintain psychophysical balance and morale. Psychophysical techniques available for independent mastering can help in extreme conditions, when the employee needs to use them independently, and the psychologist will not be around.

When developing the manual, the results of experimental work were used, the experience of teachers of the type of service involved in the organization of psychological training of employees of special units (OMON, OMSN) and employees assigned to service under a contract in the Chechen Republic was generalized, sources covering this problem were analyzed.
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