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V.V. Yagupov Moral and psychological care 2002
Material for the course of lectures on the problems of moral and psychological care for advanced programs of primary disciplines “Vіsyskove vіchanny i vikhovannya”, “Vіyskova psychologiya”, “Organizatsiya vikhovnogo robota”, “Moral psychology” , student і ofіtserіv. The book takes revenge on theoretical and methodological and methodological material for the conceptual foundations of organizing moral and psychological care in the Ukrainian Forces in peace and war. The main problems of moral and psychological care for the various types of combat activities are foreseen.

It is intended for cadets, students and ofers to university.
Bronevitsky G.A. Psychology of managing the mental state of sailors 2002
Specialty "02.20.02." - Military pedagogy and military psychology.

Abstract of dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Psychology.

Recommended to military psychologists, cadets and students of military institutes and universities, officers of the Navy and Armed Forces, adjuncts, doctoral students and anyone interested in military-psychological problems.
Kitaev-Smyk L.A. Stress of War: Frontline Observations of a Psychologist 2001
This book is not just about war. Its author L.A. Kitaev-Smyk studied not only the psychology of war, but also the psychology of our not always peaceful life, manifested by the war. Life problems are easier to see and understand by comparing them to military dangers.

This book is in many ways unique, it describes a lot for the first time. For the first time, its author was able to conduct psychological research on both sides of the front line. For the first time, these studies were done where military stress was born in the trenches under the bullets, at roadblocks, at the sight of enemy snipers, on the “armor” of tanks traveling along mined roads, in Chechen militia detachments under Russian bombs. And, most importantly, for the first time a well-known psychologist a scientist, academician of the World Ecological Academy, author of more than 250 scientific publications on stress problems, applied his knowledge to understand the most pressing psychological problems of modern warfare.

The versatile approaches to understanding the stress of the war, described in this book, are highly appreciated by experts - two chapters from it, on the recommendation of the Hero of Russia General Shamanov, were published by the newspaper Ulyanovskaya Pravda, many fragments of the book were read on Radio Liberty.

The book can be read with interest by adults and older students.
Abstract of dissertation Features of professional self-realization of a military psychologist 2001
The dissertation research is devoted to the problem of professional self-realization of a military psychologist
Baklanovsky S.V. Handbook of military psychologist 2000
General requirements for the officer of the psychological service and the organization of psychological work. Organization and content of the activities of an officer of a psychological service in peacetime. Planning work on the psychological support of the daily activities of the troops. Organization of psychological study of the personnel of the unit. Psychological support of the personnel of the unit. Work on the prevention of suicides, NUV, drunkenness and drug addiction in part. . Psychological support of internal, garrison and guard services, combat duty. Organization and maintenance of psychological support for the performance of combat and special tasks .. The work of an officer of the psychological service in a combat situation. . Work on the rehabilitation of military personnel.
A.I.Shipilov Psychology of resolving conflicts between military personnel 1999
The training manual addresses one of the pressing problems of theoretical and applied military conflictology - the psychological aspects of resolving conflicts between military personnel. Based on the dissertation research conducted by the author, as well as a number of works performed at the Department of Psychology in recent years, the causes of conflicts in military groups, the forms and criteria for their completion, psychological mechanisms and conditions for constructive resolution of conflicts between military personnel are analyzed. Significant place in the work is given to the activities of the chief officer to resolve conflicts between military personnel.

The manual is intended for students and students of the Military University, as well as for anyone interested in the problems of military conflictology.
Krysko V.G. Secrets of psychological warfare (goals, objectives, methods, forms, experience) 1999
Psychological warfare is a specially organized and professionally carried out impact on the consciousness, feelings and will of the adversary to achieve political goals. Throughout the 20th century, the scale and importance of psychological warfare has continuously increased. To date, it has become one of the most effective means of struggle between states, as well as between parties, religious-ethnic and financial-economic groups within countries.

The author of the proposed manual, a major specialist in the field of psychological warfare, for the first time in the open press in Russian describes its tasks, forms, means, methods, and practical experience.

This manual will benefit military psychologists, journalists, political and public figures, party functionaries, and government officials.
Antsupov A.Ya., Pomogaybin V.N. Methodological problems of military psychological research 1999
The proposed study guide reveals some of the problems of the methodological analysis of military psychological research. Many of the issues reflected in it are staged and debatable in nature, which allows us to continue the exchange of views on their content and a long-term solution.

The presented list and analysis of dissertations on the problems of military psychology prepared in our country for 1942-1997, in the opinion of the authors, will help readers - teachers of military psychology, adjuncts and students - to understand some relevant methodological problems of military psychological knowledge, the results of its development, content and features of his condition in modern conditions.
APPENDIX to the order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Guidelines for psychological work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (in peacetime) 1997
General Provisions Organization and content of psychological work. Scientific and methodological support of psychological work. Logistical and financial support for psychological work. Personnel training. Ethical standards of professional activity of a psychologist of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Recommendations for identifying individuals with signs of neuropsychiatric instability. Psychological technique "Forecast-2" (questionnaire, keys, interpretation) Option recommendations (for personality with psychasthenic traits). General requirements for the organization of psychological examination. Methods of socio-psychological study of personality. Journal of dynamic observation of individuals with signs of neuropsychic instability. Psychological consultation Sociometric technique.

For psychology officers, cadets of military institutes and universities.
Appendix to the order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Guidelines for psychological work in the armed forces of the Russian Federation 1997
These Guidelines determine the content and organization of psychological work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation *, as well as its scientific, methodological, material, technical, financial support and training.
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