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Ermolaeva M.V. Developmental psychology: Methodical manual for students of correspondence and distance learning forms 2003
The concept of this manual focuses on the goals that face the course "Age Psychology". This course should not only contribute to increasing the private scientific knowledge of students studying in the specialty "Psychology", but rather to solve a number of interrelated methodological tasks: the creation of a clear modern picture of development in ontogeny (with the specification of its specific features, the emphasis in studying the development mechanisms, the identification of key points in system of theoretical concepts and empirical knowledge), the formation of a special way of thinking (defined by the leading principles of Russian psychology, modern th type of scientific rationality, the modern understanding of the categories of "development", "socialization", "maturing").

This methodical guide is built as a guide to the sections of the course from the perspective of domestic developmental psychology and illustrates the main provisions of the program course "Age Psychology" excerpts from the works of the classics of Russian psychology, as well as authoritative modern researchers in this field.
Kuraev GA, Pozharskaya E.N. Age-related psychology 2002
The science of the child's mental development - child psychology - was born as a branch of comparative psychology at the end of the 19th century. At present, child psychology as a branch of knowledge includes two global sections - age psychology and developmental psychology.

Age psychology is a field of knowledge that emphasizes the psychological characteristics of children of different ages. Developmental psychology is the sphere of knowledge containing information about the laws of the age-related transformation of the psychology of children. Age psychology and developmental psychology of children are inseparably linked fields of science.
Khukhlaeva O.V. Developmental psychology: youth, maturity, old age 2002
The textbook examines the specifics of adult development in the perspective of the life course, shows typical problems and manifestations of young, mature and advanced age, and analyzes the characteristic features of the age periods of adulthood. The conditions of the person's satisfaction with his life, the attainment of happiness, the relationship between the person's way of life and his physical health are shown.

The book is addressed to students of faculties of psychology of higher educational institutions.
OV Skripchenko, L.V. Dolinska, Z.V. Ogorodniychuk Вікова та педагогічна психологія 2001
Навчальний посібник "Вікова і педагогічна психологія" in the form of investing in educational projects and students in pedagogical navigable mortgages, but in all the ways, all the same, you want to expand your knowledge and knowledge of the psychology of psychology.

In the proponovanomu posobniku systematized and presented naynovіsі vіdomostі z vіkoveї i pedagogicheskoi psihologії, yakі neobhіdnі majbutnomu vchitelju, vihovatelju, psychologist, sotsіalnom pracitsivniku.

The problems of pedagogical psychology are analyzed by authors on the basis of an individualist-dyalannic and vchinkovogo pidhodov in the fatal context of the main tendencies in the development of the country in Ukraine.
Kulagina I.Yu., Kolyutsky V.N. Age psychology: The full life cycle of human development 2001
In the textbook on the course of age psychology (developmental psychology) reflects the full life cycle, which is a person. Age-related patterns of development in infancy, early and preschool childhood, younger school and adolescence, youth, youth, maturity and late maturity are considered. Variants of personality development depending on its direction are traced. Theoretical and factual material is presented in the traditions of the psychological school LS. Vygotsky, A.N. Leontief, DB El'konin.

The manual is addressed to students of psychological faculties of pedagogical institutes and universities, but it can be useful for a wider range of readers - school teachers, parents, young people interested in psychology
Mukhina VS Age psychology: the phenomenology of development, childhood, adolescence 1999
The textbook reveals the phenomenology of general development and ontogeny from birth to adolescence. The author shows that the development of the child occurs through his activities. Individual development of a person is considered in two ways: as a social unit and as a unique personality. The book presents the author's concept of the mechanisms that determine the development of the personality and its social being.

The textbook is addressed to students of psychological and pedagogical faculties of pedagogical universities, psychologists, as well as all who are interested in the problems of age psychology.
Kulagina And, Yu. Age psychology (Development of a child from birth to 17 years) 1999
The manual outlines the main theoretical views of leading domestic and foreign scientists in the field of child psychology, gives an idea of ​​the age norm and the main development trends of the child at different age stages.

The manual is intended for students in correspondence and evening departments of the university.
Abramova G.S. Age-related psychology 1999
The problems of age psychology, considered in the book, are subordinated to the main theme - the formation of a person, the formation of a vital position that ensures his full-fledged existence in our complex, changing, and sometimes dangerous world. The book is addressed to students-psychologists, philosophers, sociologists and all those who are interested in the problems of modern psychology.
Abdurakhmanov RA Ontogeny of mental processes and personality 1999
The general characteristic of age psychology is presented. The main approaches to the ontogeny of the psyche and the person's personality are considered. The features of age development are analyzed. The main stages of human development are described.

Recommended by the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions
Averin V.A. Psychology of children and adolescents 1998
The book systematizes the known psychological facts of the child's life from his birth to adolescence in order to identify and demonstrate to the reader the mechanism of his mental development.

It is recommended to employees of pre-school children's institutions, teachers, social workers to create conditions for normal mental development of the child and conduct psychodiagnostic and corrective measures.
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