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RP Efimkina Child psychology 1995
Methodical instructions are addressed to students of the special faculty of psychology, but can also be used in the training of teachers, educators, social workers - in short, those professionals who work with children. The purpose of the manual is to ask students of the course the orientation in the literature devoted to the development and age characteristics of the child.
D.B. Elkonin Selected psychological works 1989
The book of the selected works of the well-known Soviet psychologist included his main works on children's and pedagogical psychology, in which the original theory of the periodization of childhood, the child's mental development, play and learning activity, concretizing ideas of LS Vygotsky's scientific school about the historical nature of childhood and the activity basis mental development. A number of works are devoted to problems of preschool, junior school and adolescence, education and development of children's speech, primary education, psychodiagnostics.

For psychologists and educators.
Mukhina VS Child psychology 1985
The textbook corresponds to the program of the course "Child Psychology. Its basis was the training manual "Psychology of the preschooler", published in 1975, compared with which the textbook was supplemented with new materials (on the genesis of the child's personality, the relationship of boys and girls to others)
Vygotsky, L.S. The problem of age T. 4, part 2 1984
The problem of age. The problem of age-related periodization of child development. Structure and dynamics of age. Infant age. The crisis of the first year of life. Early childhood. The crisis of three years. The crisis of seven years.
D.B. Elkonin Psychology of the game 1978
The first three chapters constitute the first (conditionally it could be called theoretical) part of the book.

The second part contains experimental materials, which reveal the emergence of the game in the course of the individual development of the child (chapter four); the development of the basic structural components of gaming and the changing of their relationships in the course of development (chapter five), and finally, the significance of the game for mental development (chapter six). In these chapters we used materials from experimental studies conducted in line with ideas put forward more than forty years ago by the most prominent psychologist LS Vygotsky.
Bozhovich LI Personality and its formation in childhood 1968
In the book the author summarizes long-term studies on the problems of the child's personality formation, conducted in the laboratory of the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR. Based on these studies, the conditions and driving forces for the formation of the child's personality are revealed, and the psychological characteristics of the three school ages (junior, middle and senior) are given.

The book also contains a critical analysis of different views on the personality and its study in foreign and Soviet psychological literature.
Vygotsky, L.S. Teaching and development in preschool age 1935
This is a transcript of the report read by Vygotsky at the All-Russian conference on preschool education in the mid-thirties - at a time when the system of kindergartens was already established in the Soviet state and it was about developing unified approaches to the formation of preschool children.

In the context of discussions about the development of new pre-school programs, the text of the classics may seem very relevant.
I.V. Shapovalenko Age Psychology (Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology)
The textbook "Age Psychology" is a comprehensive course on the discipline "Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology", developed in accordance with the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education.

In the book the periodization approach to the analysis of age development is realized, the methodological principles of which are laid down by L.S. Vygotsky, D.B. Elkonin.

The proposed textbook can be used to train specialists in a number of specialties - "Psychology", "Sociology", "Social Pedagogy", "Social Work", etc.
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