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Experiment in child psychology

On vidmіnu vіd vospodrezhennya, in eksperimenti_ doslіdnik actively zmuyu umovi dіyalnost_ doslіvuvannogo with my method of psychic psychic fact, yaky vivchaіyatsya Preparation before the experiment is carried out on the transferability of various human features. Zokrem, doshkіlniki easily embroil, shvidko infect one emotionally one, impulsive, psychic process nestiky lack of trust, the behavior of the world. Take advantage of the drain, scatter ditina didn’t follow the outside podrazniki, give the children a chance of such podraznik_v. If experimentation is separate, then it is necessary to contact your friends. As a rule, winnings are held in the surrounding area, to ensure that the atmosphere is neutral (one-stop bargaining at the “cool” color, otherwise unknown to children). Before the main part of the experiment, there is an opportunity to catch, the sound of ditin is sound before it comes to the experimenter. You can datiin yakus іgrashku th at once to pogratsya with her, in the direction of his chill and kindness. Yakshche Ditina snuggled in her own way, Varto’s kidney for an hour, and then tactfully switch her to her planned, poddraklyuyuchi rykh razvalvalny and neo-obyazkovy character: let's slow down, add a lot, and have a peacock character: give it a lot, it will be enough, you will have to build a neo-lingering character: give it a step, foldable, make it nice, and have a peculiar character: give it a step, foldable, make it nice, and have a vyazchik character: give it a step, it will be enough, you will have a successful character and give it a touch.

What is less than ditina, what is more, not a single interest to zavan, one experimental session of a trivaє 10–20 chilin from a doshkіlnikіv; 20-30 hvilin - among young schoolchildren; 30–45 hvilin - in pidlіtkіv. In the case of a child, as soon as I was born, I saw a skyline of the prodovzhuvati robot, go to the insider before joining, then the session should be fixed.

Schobi viyaviti that chi іnshy psychic fact, rozroblyatsya vidovіdna technique, prompted by the reports of the report about the drain, neobhіdnі for vyniknennya pnіbnogo psychic javischa. The methodology of the experiment has a new metaphor, a necessary substantive material, the sequence of etapivs carried out further, and a criterion for the evaluation of the international interpretation of the results. The method of vimagaca dtrimanni vsih їinstruktsіy, just so you can repeat it every year with the experiment, repeat the results of this procedure. For example, at the methodical site, it’s necessary to read the vocal notes once and for all. Navigate, ask me to ask Detin to repeat his job, or explain to him, to the warrior’s robots, there’s no difference to the results, as well as to get the results of the results, so that Dytena Zrozumil, without additional help. Vodnacha psya for the dorosle experimentation can popratsyuvati with ditinoyu, clarification of nezrozumіlі predishe zavdannya.

Thus, it is very important for the Vikonuvaty vimogi of the characteristics of the subject material: “Vio- nia vimaguat”, schob pictures of boules are ringing, implants are black-and-white; Tenes on a double background, dinods - on a toned one.

Before that, what are the most important methods of safeguarding the activity of the results. From one side to another, the wicked mind of the experiment permits the law of laws of psychiatric development. In the experiment it is active the position of the data collection, the criteria for analyzing the schemes of the results, which allow the accumulation of significant factual material of the effective section.
Significant excuse from the actual material mate can be rotated by the yogic results at the numerical screenings, as indicated by mathematical mathematics, which are worthy of the visnovkiv. The water capacity of the experiment is not an absolute measure of its own intermediation. In experimentation, to reach specific psychic manifestations, and not to expand the characteristics for the whole psyche, robitto zagodno uzagalnen visnovki.

Schemes of the experiment can be resolved. The stenchs are augmented by viral crest of various species of experiment: laboratory natural. Laboratory experiment is carried out in the minds of the laboratory for additional assistance. Doslіdzhuvaniya perebuvaє in minds that are not self-defeating for themselves;

difficult reaction of characteristic reactions. Prirodnіy - held at the main for doslіdzhuvanogo minds. Zmіni, yakі experimenter to make a situation for ditini nepomіtnі. Vrahovuyu vimogu carefully put to child, do not traumatize the psychic, in the workplace of natural experience. Vіn vikoristovuvtsya from forms to take, gri, besіd, excursion toshcho.

The natural experiment is standardized by the scheme, behind the yoke of the virginity is a single step: a statement, a form that is repeated a statement. A companion experiment to the vicon of the diagnosis: the authorization of the visitor to the children of the development of a psychic vocalization, which has fallen in traditional minds of the virile.

On the basis of otrimanikh results_v dosl_dnik vnasnak є nedolіki razvitku singing psychic manifestation of the plan forming experience, spraying on virіshshennya ravivalnih zavdan.

Natural psychologic experiment of bad luck with singing world pedagogical experiment. Glavna v_dmіnnіst mіzh them polagaku at that, just pedagogical experience experiment for assigning doctoral training for new programs and pedagogical methods, and for learning the right to learn rosys, for teaching methods and techniques, pedagogical methods for teaching

The visions of the experiment are assigned as well as for the children, who said what they were doing. For the purpose of the familiarization of the group and other productive experiment.

VISNOVKI about the experiment in child psychology:

- Experiment of the transfer of special uvine for vivchennya psikhіki ditini;

- Important Vimohs to the Experiment of His Own Activity and Repeating, All Others with the Preliminary Methodology of All the Methods;

- Development of the test for the assignment of a new mark, necessary possession, succession of etaped, criteria for evaluating the results of interviews;

- for a robot child to find a natural nature experiment, for example, to take, grai, bes, an excursion;

- in case of an experiment conducted on the basis of all special cases of children.
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Experiment in child psychology

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