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Elementy of labor activity in the early days

Pratsya - dіyalnіst, is hidden in the virobnitstvo suspension-korisnih products (material abo idealim). The values ​​of actions are assigned not by individual needs, but are set by the organization. Pratsya - the actuality is sotsіnalna for nature (tsiliami) і for the character (can not without rozpolіnu pratsі). Pratsya є neobhidnoy mind poi і rozvitku sv_domostі. Zastosuvannya i vigotovlennya znaryadi vіdrіznyaє pratsyu vіd simple privlyasnennya products of nature. In pratsi lyudin to focus on the active power of the subjects, and not their іх biological meaning. Vinayut pіznavalnі consume in zyasuvnі tsyh powerfulness, because what are the processes of the processing of information: mislennoe iyaba. Child of pratsya - the mind of the virile of moral, comradely coherence, died together with peers and elders.

By the principal of the children, by the children

Dosvіd ditini early vіku іntensivno zabaguєtsya zavdyki postіyномуnomu inclusive in spilkuvannya that vzagmodіyu zadorlimi, yakі vikonuyut rіznomanіtnі labors process. Spying on the mother of a big rozkriva д in front of the child, meaningful: mother sewed ґ tzikiki on a shirt for the father; vyazhe shkarpetki, schob dontsi zaryvku bulo heat toshcho. The activity of the child of the son of the child will be activated at the end of his career, supplementing him: baby takes you up to the hands of the Victory, if the mother has begun pіdmіtati; nese lika, little sister's watered down Zrozumіlo, schoi results and help me no longer voshtovuyat doroglogo - ditina not volodyaє vyatnіmi vmіnnit nachitkami. At the first stages of the labor laboratories, there is a lot of traffic on the motivational side. Pragnennya ditini pratsyuvati spіlno z doroslim to lay in the basis of such problems as such, yak pratsovit_st, dull tosch.

The best moment for developing the elements of work at the pre-school site of the family education with children and children. The water subject is the basis of the labor and work, at the march of the subject and the last, plan, and other perepvoren. The subject-specific labor force of the labor force is attributed to the child early in the world, which is not envisioned in її sv_domost. The head for ditini is a process of working for the laboring day, and not a result; that of ditina often does not bring to the right of the book, not the mischief of respect for the yakisne of the viconane. Weakly rozvinen_ on tsomu etapі neobhіdnі nvichchki that vmіnnya in volodіnnі znaryaddyam pratsі, available ditinі: shovel, vіnikom, lіykoyu toshko.

The important thing in the process of becoming laborious is the adoption of a child in the kingdom of the 3rd fate of life that is significant to the result of its own pragmatism.
This is the understanding of the conflict between the pragnennyamy malyuk otrimati and the shriveled, matured, tied up to their own respect. Zrostaє bazhannya ditini di_yati samostіynno, sco stimuli ovolodіnnya her svoryaddyami pratsі. Put together spriyatlivі umovi formavannya in Ditini orієntatsії on yakіsniy result, on rozumnіnnya yogo significant for otochuyuhih - nasampered, for nearby doroslich (mami, babusі), for younger children (brother, sisters). Ditina vzhe rozumіє, scho if purely soverti pomitom a cup for a younger brother, then you can srazhete vrimati її in their pens. Proceedings on the basis of a romance of a child of important laboring days for those who are addicted to suspicious motives of pracci.

Due to the result of the success of the process in the svitomostit ditini spriyana becoming established until the early early morning, as a subconcert of goodwill, in the swagger of the hare of the “I” of the wilderness Water, zrosta rozіnіnnya linking mіzh vlasnimy labor dіyami malyuka that supposedly rejected the result of pratsi. In the case of children, the result of their own children is due to the process of practice: as if all the games are put on your own mat, then your room will be tidied up. About Maybutniy result of psychology, the mind came to this control. In the case of the young children, they have the same day in May, they can order their plans: “I will clean”, “vitra”, “I will help”.

Success in the development of the subject of the laboring workers, in the occupational self-service, before the beginning of the automation of knowledge and objects.

Yak v_dznachaє G.O.Uruntaєva, the laborious activists are effective, they are hidden on the re-creation of the subject, that rethink the productive dey, just before the new one. Taki dії sposterіgayutsya liche have sp_vpratsі z doroslim - malyuk at once with my mother lіpit vareniki, Gotuyu obіd for Rodini. Self-control of the new product of Ditin is no longer possible.

VISNOVKI about rozvitok of the changes of the minds of labor in the early early years:

- to mobilize the labor party of the child, the master of the servant will need it from the middle of the future, pragnenya dikyat yak dorosli;

- the reconsideration of the labor of the youth is formed on the basis of the subject of the youth of the child and of the development of the new self-belonging and this particular;

- go through the process of automating the day formating on the basis of the first working minds and skills;

- Ditina v_dmezhovuє to her own svіh deyh, scho є spriyaє usvіdomlennyu neyu result of dіyalnost that yogo link'vku with viconanii dіyami;

- Ditina pragne to reach the result of her own day and otrimannya yogogo otsіnki doroslim.
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Elementy of labor activity in the early days

  1. Rozvitok components in the structure of labor
    Assignment be-yako dyalnost vimaga ovolodіnnya the main components of the її structure. Yakscho ditina volodіє vsima zimi components, won’t zonna vikonuvati dіyaln_st samost_yjno, without zapnі help. The structure of labor activity associated with the structure of the structure of human activity, including the motives, values, and control of the assessment, is the way of the Viconian. Doshkіlnika formєat yak internal, so і
  2. Rozvitok pam'yatі in early childhood
    Remember in the early days to be rozsitrennyam dosvіdu. Not vipadkovo writer Leo Tolstoy, having become respectful, the whole dosvіd people add up to two odnokhnyh parts: the one who has accumulated to the throne rok, the one that has risen to life. The memory of the child of the early age is now all over the edge of the cans. Ovolodіnnya subject dіyalnіstyu early vіtsі
  3. Birthplace in early childhood
    Uyava - tse specifically lichnyy pіznavalny mental process, yaky call takozh іmazhinativnuyu dіyaln_styu. Значї meaning in the life of people rozkrivayut functions uavy. The form is a unique form of visualization of active activity, mental process, polarity in newer educational materials by means of pereprobki material spriymani vyavleni, sci This way uvi call
  4. Interconnection of work labor dityliness and preschool gri
    The important role of the labor of the child is related to the significant, in the future, for the development of special features. The results of the preschool education are not comprehensible for anybody, ala yaksche ditina will not be lost in the first half of the year, then the substitute will not be formed by the age of the elder, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, but then the same age will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not have the same size as the elder. Retail
  5. Self-development in the early days
    Nayvalivshym nadbannyam early viku to the development of special features вла the origination of self-dominant samosvіdomost і, and the very same її рівня, if Ditina usvіdomlyuє my diyachm - sub'єktom. However, the most important minds for this work are, on the other hand, the succession of all the psychic functions of subjects on subjects, on the development of subject matters; = friend, situational-dіlov form spіlkuvannya z grow, just transfer
  6. Emotsijny rozvitok in early childhood
    Emotions of success and importance have a significant role in the survival of psychiatric well-being. Ditin is no longer in the Kervati of his emoticons, strivati ​​of the sky show up. To that, all the activity of the child is virally emotional, barred by positive and negative experiences. Dorosly Skorov's Emotion of the Life of the Malyuk: if it were for the trials, pdbadioryu, switch on іnshu dіyalnіst; vtom,
  7. Distribute uvagi in early childhood
    Ovolod_nnya khodіnnyam that Movlennyam significantly rozshiryє samostі_nіnіst ditini in the development of dyysnost_. Zrosta kіlkіst ob'єktіv, supposedly available for everybody’s day. Tsi furnishings become an incentive for a young woman who has developed a wiggle. Zrosta є ob'm uvagi (child directors ї ї on the ізні power in ob'єktah), enter into the ropodіl that switch. Change their minds for dovіno ї respects,
  8. Ethnic development in early childhood
    Self-relationship ditini significantly zrostaє. Now we can, without any need for control of a mature adult, contact with our children, know with a wide stake from other items. At the same time, it is difficult to learn the behavior of children, to grow and grow at the same age as the ethical norms. It seems that the suspicion of the family, cudi self-inflicted ditina, donor dorosia, then you need to get used to it. Bouv
  9. The value of labor activity and the level of development of the structure
    The value of labor dozhkalnost doshkіlnika rozvitok її
  10. See Respect at Prescale Childhood
    For the help of the psychic processes of the people I will declare, osmyslyu, zberіga є information about the development. In pensions and works, in memory, in missions, and in words, they are in є odnosti. Lishy in okremih situatsii perevazhє singny pennits process. Otochuyuchu Ludinu dіysnіst immezhzhna, to that people pіznak її krok for krokom, and її pіznavalna іyalnіst to wear the organization that of the hidden
  11. Peculiarities of mental development in children

    Rozvitok zdіbnostey at preschool
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