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Characteristic ігор with rules

In accordance with the rules on the anti-creative, the creative people call them supercritical, because they can motivate the children of the modifikuvati taki igri obmezhenі. Bіlshіst z tsikh іgor rozroblyaєtsya grow, as it organizes the vidpovіdnі dіyalnі dіtey.

Rukhlivі ігри дошкільників are often called “the school of dovilnost”. The stench makes you feel like your own dynamic dynamism, you can do physical activity, you have to do it all the time.

Psychics and special features. Rukhlivі іgri lie down to the group Іgor for the rules, їх with components vistupayut іgrovі dії, singing possession (m'yach, hoop, praporets toshcho), role і nd plot. With such igram children know the values. With the year of children, the rules of goodness follow, for the іnіtsіsotivoyu rozgiruyut їх. The rules become important for the mindset of the rulers of the word, the mountains, the wicked and the dead, the rules of the regulation of their behavior. Nabuttiya Navi self-regulation of the stage is the basis for the development in the company Dovіlnost yak risi її Osobistosti. For example, at the “Vovk and Kozenyaty” group, it is respectable to respectfully follow the behavior and the name of the “Vova”, and whoever isn’t interested in me - take it at your yogi lapi.

Rukhlivі іgri spravlyayut sovereign vpliv і on the other side of the psyche and the special features of individuality. In our process there are important intercultural means: respect, respect, admonish, remember. Znizhennya respectful Veda to program. Ditina is guilty in advance of revealing the two partners in the country, on the other hand, “shuffle”, “die out” and so on. Protruding grim pribyatno pam'yatati її rules. In rukhlivih іgrah vіdbuvatsya spіlna grats ditey, zagdyki chomu vinayatyu motives zmagannya, supernitstva, pragnennya to the final results. Children grace the commanders, tobto vorahovuvati of their comrades, their success and pomils, give them a damning success, be proud of the results.

Didactic (primary) technologies allow acquaintance of the process to some of the special features of the doshkіlnika. In them, it is imperatively repetitive іgrova and forever tsіlі, to follow іgrova th pіznavalnaya motivatsіya. Ditina is experiencing an interest in the process of such igor. So, like and foremost, is the didactic grace of allowing zbagatiti knowledge of the children and zakrіpiti їх from the course of the viconant of the ізноманітних ігрових здань. The ініціатив in such і grahs of the posture should be overpowered, the rules, the protection of the game material, the loss to gri. The development of didactic institutions of children’s services with the help of a mature adult and young woman is particularly important in terms of adult personal education, which is important in relation to the development of the local economy. Didactic students speak out, in front of the “school of rozum”, they develop intellectual processes, and learn: here, rozznyati, ob'dnuvati, groupuvat, take a measure of that.

In didactic classes, there is also a plot and a role, there is a stink here that is different from each other, meaning that they are not connected components. On the first plan, you’re learning is didactic and igrovic tasks, rules, ігрові дії on the basis of vikonannya singing rose operatives (analysis, synthesis, production, analogy), the result of the didactic-іgroviy material.

For a grown-up person, a kind of organ of a didactic group, head and head method, is a head. For ditini won prihovu for igrovoy. Приї privablyuє mozhlіst pogratsis, otrimati zadovolennya when viconanny zavdan zdavan, scho enter from this Gris. Waterborne children begin rozumit the initial effect of such igor, їх positions at the nabuv н new position of the link to the pragnennyam school by the schoolman, come to. Chime viraznіshe in didactic groups for a preschooler Іgrova Іїї side and him bіlshii the initial ectect von bezpechu є, tim bіlshe tse gra vidovіdaє vіkovim special features of ti r i n i'm more than that.

Yak and skinny gras, didactic misty vyavnu situatsіyu. Ovolodіnnya vyavnoyu situatsієyu didactic Gry vimagáv vіd preshkіlnika singing rozovyh zusil, povyazanih zvimyu vіdgadati, prigadati, uyaviti, dopovniti, zabrah zvetsto.

The rules of didactic grilling are the providnial element, the stench is explained in detail by the ear of the grill, and also it is awaited by the process of viking.
In the rules of the rules to grind I am absent, or perpetuated by any kind of dream іgor. For example, grasses at Roslinne Lotto, transferring such a player to the game, yak special cards, distributed cards, half the size of the image of the Roslin. Children have to rely on lotto, take care of the cards in halves against pictures of the same Roslin. Piled up in the wimogi before reloading; Children know beforehand - restart the one who undertook to put on her handshakes during the collapse. For the viconania of the rules of the ghost of those who are indifferently portrayed by Roslin, he is his own, shukati in them is different.

Yak zamenaє A.Uruntaeva, іsnuyut mind, just to protect the rules of didactic groups, and the very same:

- the collective organization of actions, the engravings of the weather, its control, and the control of the rules of monotony;

- the legacy of the various countries, if the senior children pass on their first game to the youngest and to play the role of the naval.

Syndicators appeared didactic igri on the basis of computer programs.

Among the computers of Igor Vіrіznyayut didactic, reactive rozvalnoe gri, гgri-zmagannia. Everybody stinks, on V.D. Bezka's thought, to become a group of computer companies Igor, de vse components zakon_plenі

to complete it U vidkritih, chi kreativnyh Іgrah, virіznyayutsya komponenti, yakі ditina viznachaє itself. Tse, peredovіm, tіl gr. Wіdkrita gra allow вол vіdtvoryuvati th rozwati image with ditini, sponkaє dіtey to spіlkuvannya, in nіy viroblyatsya visok samotsotsіnka, reflexive vmіnnya. The hackers of the computer of Ditin are the ability of the bachi product of their own products in the environment, and the growing process of the gri (І. O. Ivakina).

Zakrytikh іgrah ditina is active by himself with the computer, his dedication is reproductive, won’t be visible from the others, more so that he herself is imaginary of the second mediocre. Taki і ри став став став .

The features of the computer company gor for children є offensive (Є.V. Zvorigіna, L. A. Yavoronchuk):

- Companion companies - responsible for learning, teaching, diagnostics of psychotic development of children, effective behavior, formulating and correcting for children;

- Computing with the order of traditional games are included in the pedagogical process of the child's charge;

- In computer programs, they are familiar with the elements, know that in the ordinary minds with the most important tools of the game, they cannot, without reason, take it;

- Companion companies and team members of the organization, can be inspired by their own creative artists, but they should take the warehouse part.

VISNOVKI about special razvitku Іgor z rules in the preschool vіtsі:

- Ruins and words of the “school of dovilnost”, molded rukhov (room), and also positively infuse them on the side of the psychic development of children (organizers and communal initiatives, as it is, martyrs, organizers and commune organizations, and understand the same, personal development (organizers and communal initiatives, and unique development, organization, community organizers, and communal initiatives, as well as practical development).

- it is didactic to organize the organization and to build up a special development at the headache, at the beginning of the meeting, on the basis of mutual understanding of the educational and didactic tasks;

- it is didactic gra slugu with the form of a form formating the romance of the child;

- a new breakthrough Іgor doshkіlnikіv - a computer, a yakі buvayut v_dkrittim y zakritimi, a stench vіdkriyvayut nov mozhynostі at rozvitku doshkіlnika.
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Characteristic ігор with rules

  1. Klasifіkatsіya dityachih іgor. Characteristics of the creators іgor doshkіlnika
    Agri doshnikіl podіlyayut to see the urahuvannyam ryznyh sign. For example, naibіlsh broadened the classics іgor to build up with subject-specific, іmіtatsіynykh (plot-role-playing), budivno-constructive and directing (combi) іgor. A.P. Usova Naybіlsh Pomіtnimi іznovidami creators іgor dіtey vvazhala director іgri, if ditina manage іgrashkaya, that гgri, de role vikonuє
  2. Psychological and pedagogical characterization of the system of robots commanders (chiefs) of proficiency profiling of statutory rules of mutual relations
    Ponyattya "torn down by statutory law vzaєmovіdnosin" sogodnі potrebuє refinement, more tse Nadzvychaina sytuatsia negatively yavische in vіyskovomu seredovischі naspravdі Je polіtichnih torn down, Gromadska i sotsіalnih Person of rights, zlochinom proti osobistostі, collectives th power. Rozumnіnnogo zlochno ї yogogo nature and obґruntuvannya on tsomu pіdґruntі conceptual foundations vikorinennya porushen statutory rules
  3. Psychological and pedagogical characterization of the system of robots commanders (chiefs) of proficiency deformity of statutory rules of mutual mіzh vіyskovosluzhbovtsami
    The system of robots commanders (chiefs) from the professions of defamation of the statutory rules of the joint venture between the service providers and the following main directions of the robot are: - analyzing the issues of the organ of life and health; - vivchennya of individual-psychotic specialties of v_skovosluzhbovtsiv that їх diagnostics; - vivchenya і diagnostics vzaєmin mіzh vіiskovosluzhbottsami that їх optimize;
  4. Prevention of violations of the rules of the relationship
    Prevention of violations of the statutory rules of relationships, as an integral part of ensuring the security of military service, includes: 1. Diagnostics of the facts of non-statutory relationships. In the interests of diagnosing behavior, methods of observation, analysis of documents, individual and group conversations, and sociological surveys are used. During the observation, the behavior of the serviceman in
  5. The development of the child's relationship to the rules in the game
    We have found that for role-playing a characteristic is submission to the rule related to the role that the child assumes. The connection of the rule with the role in the creative game is organic, the rules are determined by the main content of the role and become more complex as this content develops and becomes more complex. Naturally, the question arises about the child’s attitude to the rule and the psychological mechanisms of subordination.
  6. Responsibilities and responsibility for compliance with sanitary rules
    Compliance with the sanitary rules is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities (Article 39 of the Federal Law "On Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population" dated March 30, 1999 No. 52-ФЗ). Managers of enterprises are obliged to ensure: - the necessary conditions for compliance with sanitary rules and standards in the processing of raw materials, the preparation of products for the purpose of production
  7. Full rule of the Game Rules
    All Game Rules are created during the Game. Play only with the rules with which you win. Change the rules if you need it. Since everything that is done is for the best, we are satisfied with any result! This is the position of the Force: if any outcome suits you, then you are in the strongest position. Impossible is not. There is an obstacle - PKM (The usual picture of the World). Want to change
  8. Life by other rules
    L. talks about his Russian relatives who were born and lived during the Soviet era in northern Tajikistan. Their parents, having got there by distribution, occupied a high position. K. and T. belong to the age cohort of the 1950s – 1960s birth. “I know that K. had a connection before marriage was sexy. That is, she is twice ... M. - this is her second husband. Before that, she married someone there ...
  9. Psychological aspects and the imposition of statutory rules on mutual mіzh vіyskovosluzhbovtsami
    Before breaking the statutory rules of mutual mіzh vіiskovosluzhittsami with a string of services, it is necessary to hold the glamor І of the knowledge of some of the most powerful (pіd cim rosum physical nature of the moral image), they are overwhelmingly inspired by a new pattern. Such knowledge is called “parental.” Glum І znushchannya - tse zle visimіvuvnya Chogo-nebud, image, the specific image of the grapevine hundred percent special features of the war. Until 1958 p.
  10. Historical aspects and the statutory rules of mutual agreement between the service providers
    The rules of the statutory rules on mutual attribution are due to the special warehouse of service for comrades in the service (may be in respect of moral form). Stinks come to life among young people. This is the reason why they are called "the last one". Understanding "glum" and "understanding" є by synonims, they are meant to mean something different.
  11. Pre-revolutionary situation: an exception to the rule
    "War is a man's thing." This statement has always been taken as an axiom and, of course, not by chance: throughout the whole history of human history, this is not the most noble occupation indeed being the prerogative of men. And women have always acted as a passive victim, of war booty, at best - the long-suffering Penelope or the weeping Yaroslavna. The legends of the Amazons - by the way, common
    1. All Game Rules are created during the Game. 2. Since everything that is done is for the best, we are satisfied with any result! Especially another! 3. Impossible is not. There is an obstacle - PKM (The usual picture of the World). Do you want to change the world - change the RMB. 4. All magic actions are performed only in a state of soaring or, when necessary, in a state of courage. 5. The road will be mastered by going THERE! 6
  13. Summary of valeology classes with elements of mathematics "Seven Golden Rules"
    Software content. 1. Continue to form the concept of a healthy lifestyle in children. 2. To teach people to love, to know that the mental health of other people depends on good words. 3. To consolidate the concept of the daily routine, its need for a successful organization of the life and activities of each person. 4. To consolidate the ability of children to determine the time by the hour, to solve problems on
  14. Psychological analysis of the understanding of the “destruction of the statutory rules of mutual understanding between the service providers”
    Torn down by statutory law vzaєmin mіzh vіyskovosluzhbovtsyami - tse rіznomanіtnі protipravnі moralnі, fіzichnі, psihіchnі that INSHI FORMS Act reasonably vіyskovosluzhbovtsya one (Åbo groupies vіyskovosluzhbovtsіv) schodo іnshogo (-their) SSMSC zdіysnyuyutsya systematically abo odnorazovo Іz korisnih motivіv of mstoyu dosyagnennya Pevnyi privіleїv illegally pіlg, “Barracks for comfort”, the satisfaction of his strong needs for rakhunok
  15. Memo to the nurse on the rules of working with tools and materials
    Working with sterile instruments. If not properly transported, stored, used, sterile materials and instruments are easily re-infected. To avoid this, every medical professional is required to follow simple rules for handling sterile products. The shelf life of sterile materials depends on the type of packaging: in sealed bags of kraft paper and
  16. The method of work of the commander of the unit for the prevention of violations of the statutory rules of the relationship between military personnel
    The solution of the task of ensuring the security of military service, preventing death and injuries of personnel depends largely on the organization of the prevention of violations of the rules of statutory relations between military personnel. Violation of the statutory rules of relations between military personnel is the moral and physical impact of individual military personnel, groups on compatriot, national or
  17. “Domostroy” as a source of family life
    Since the early 1990s, Domostroy (read by few in the original, and known mainly for extracts, abundantly published in church periodicals and in the books of “councils of priests” of various church publishing houses) was interpreted as a document enshrining the absolute power of a man (father) over a woman and children in everyday family life, and considering an “old priest” as
  18. Violation of the rules for trade in perfume and cosmetic goods in the retail trade network of the city of Troitsk
    Savelieva E. Scientific advisor: Ph.D. n Pribytova OS FGOU VPO "Ural State Academy of Veterinary Medicine", Troitsk Perfumery and cosmetics came into our lives for a long time, they are rightly considered the same age as civilization and are of great importance and social and religious life of mankind. Perfume and cosmetic products are undoubtedly one of the most
  19. Criminal responsibility of military personnel for violation of rules for handling narcotic substances
    The current Criminal Code of the Russian Federation criminalizes the following types of crimes against public health and public morality: Article 228. Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues. 1. Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing without a purpose
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