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Іndivіdualny p_dkhіd u vihanovnі dіtey rіznykh tipіv temperament

Temperament ditini - one of the most important oriyntirіv near the great views of the family in the viiroviovannogo. Yakova, a psychologist. / Doshkіlne vihiovannya. - 2006. - № 7. - P. 10–12). At the dumka doslіnnitsі, succession of the іndivіvnogo p_dhodu u vihovannі zalet іd offensive changes:

- on a daily basis to differentiate between different children and children to the collective;

- reliance on the positivity of the character and character of the vihovans; the secrecy of the pedagogical work of robotics on the submission of negative manifestations of negative manifestations;

- the reasons for the formation of ivdivdualnyh viddmnіnnosti (special features of the nervous system, the minds of life and viralism);

- Joint Vimog to the children from the side of doroslich (pedagogy, father and father);

- the system at the improvement of the individual approach, the continuity of the sequence of the new steps, which establish the non-continuous cycle.

The most important is the cycle in the unique context of the last ten steps:

1) in front of separate special features, development;

2) the analysis of the Іrtimano Іinformatsії with the method of establishing positive and problematic aspects of the development of the child, the reasons for their criticism;

3) the results of the research in the children of the scroty children, psychologic passports of children and the psychologic “portrait” of the child group;

4) systematization, conclusion and analysis of the results of vivchenya of special features of the development of personal information;

5) the assignment of the first-order and the different order of the individual dual-purpose robots with children and their homelands;

6) the choice of adequate methods and methods, forms and forms that are part of the robots;

7) the assignment of variational schoolchildren;

8) entrenched set of variable subject-playful mid-stage rozvitku ditini;

9) practical improvement of the internal approach to the primary-winding process;

10) prediction of strategy and tactics of learning and engagement. The type of temperament is one of the most intelligent minds of marvelous нд individual and individual rice character. Within the temper of temperament, lay dynamical (special, strong, intensive) special character. Powerfulness to temperament can be done with the help of the development of the singing of the singularities of the singularity (cholerica is lighter than the story of the Horobrim, nizh melancholic). Type of temperament singing rank zumovlyuє short of character when relaxed vihovannya. Such a hypothesis has a sanguine lack of sequencing, like, atop, lightweight. Choleric - nestrimaniy, konfliktny, agresivny, nevitrimaniy Phlegmatic - mlyaviy, bayduzhiy, conservative.

Melancholic is interpreted as an ill-tempered enemy, closed up, separated out, free-will. Vrodnі dinamіchnі mozhlivostі dіtey - tse ti vihіdnі umoi, yaky is guilty of dyyat vihovatel, realіzuyuchi svoi profiaynі tіlі And vіdtak, for the skin type of the temperament of the most urgent є singing problems.

So, for the sanguine people, it is important to protect the saving of their interests, form the plot of the grimace, let it turn out new, rotate to the robots, and finish the job. Vrahovuyuchi znizhenu sensitivity, varto zvernuyu uvatyu on formuvaniya sympathіy ottoyuyuchih, vmіnnya rozumіti that vrahovuvati іnterresi nsnyh people - and growing up, і peersnikіv.

For the choleric power of the high visibility reactive, pidvischeno zududly reaction on otochuyuche. Ditina is rotten to a keru by himself in unknown situations. Toda slіd protective weather Especially respectful control from the side of the tall. From their peers, such children should be driven neastriano, uniquely confused and aggressively. That older Varto navchati such deytey vzagєmodіyat іnshimi, znazhodyi them spіlnu Mova. Cholerik, yakіn vnasіdok shvidkoi vtomlyuvanost_ often ruin the behavior, not the badge of the cherished carate, it is important - to line up the drain, just before going through the interchangement of the nervous system, to switch the mate on the hiches, to get to the mate

Ditina-melancholic entertain myrrh, by virtue of the rumor of my children, above my heart’s attention to his emotional standings from them. In addition to this, in vikhnovnyh vplivah may restrain the temper over the condemnation and punishment. So they must rejuvenate on a negligent basis of their own peers, demand that they have a moral tune from a moment, and that they need to grow strong in their strength and power. Schob Ditina successfully made it difficult for a robot to work, podkreslyuvati її yadіhіkhi, feel good about positive emotions. In spіlkuvannі z peers melancholic unique galaslavih fun іgor, pragnut to the cool ones іgor. If such partners do not know, then it’s not enough. Otzhe pribryno zluchati such children in a collective help, znakhodyachi feasible for their vicarious role.

Dynamic peculiarities of psyche of children manifest themselves in peace and physical activity - ruinousness. Vikhovatel that batkiv turbuyut, nasampered, nadmіrno povіlnі abo nadmіrno rukhlivі children. Їh, as a rule, not so much in the group of the child's cadre, ale of the stinkers might be able to rebalance them for all day regimes, vikonuyuyu duzhe shvydko, or duzdіlno okrem_ modenmenny momenti.

Children with an upravl of behavior are postponed by those who are not in a situation for themselves: if vzhe zachinchili odyagatsya і went to a walker, tsya ditina u ry at rosdyagaln; They walked all over, and Tsya Ditina was at the table then.
Наh wound up roby scooped up to rozdapu dyalnostі, if ditina staged vzagal nezdatnoy to її vikonannya. Water hour, so children can be arced with chutlivim to zauvazhen doroslich, in them vinik pidvishchena motivatsіya їх unique. Stinks of gliboko experience their confidence, become closed, non-contact. M. M. Koltsov recommended the next steps in the work of the robot vrahovuvati:

- the entrance to the robot vimagak hour, pospeh even more galmininnernu ditinu;

- in wimogues and victorious victories, there are only patches, a regular tone, and the same malyuk is not a naval force, but it is impossible for him;

- whether it is a new story, the message is given on a positive emotional background, include an element of gri.

Nadmіrno rukhlі children viperedzhuyut odnolіtok at Bіlshostі sprav, and not zavzhdi when saved as a result of vikonannya. The reason for such a manifestation is “low zdnostnі to self-control, zumovleni shvidkoyu vtray іnteresu to the robot. There are such children of warto before they help, among whom there are povilnym children, stitches at tsiomu schob dopomagayuchy not showing in the top, impatient, zaruzumіlostі. Primushennya ditini streamuvi svoї rukhi, sidіti silently negatively poznachayutsya on the stan nerve system, privozdyvat її rewakened. Varto vrahuvati law_nosti p_dtrimannya іnteresu to consult with such children, give them a lot of fun, turn on people with their peers, take part in a plot, look at their first story Spіlne vikonannya doruchen і children, supposedly argue for the same age robot, spriyaє rozvitku in them the control of self-control, more critical staged to the results of the robot.

Yak zauvazhiv V. O. Sukhomlinsky, for the evil of the children can mob the pain of sertsevo-sudno ї, travno ї, neuro-nervous systems. Nezvazhayuchi on the enemy, so take these vitrivali, their nerve system to the customer. Take care of restarting the nervous system. This is often the case for the young people, For adults, it is imperative to protect the daily order of the day, in a good mood, a little more than a premonition.

In the case of robots with pre-killers, the tactics of the authorities and their temperament and special features (T. Chirkova) are violated.

The pearl is oriental on the leg of the minds necessary for the normal development of ditini. For one child, it is important to protect your post-age contact with your peers, intensively using them; for іншої - beforebachachi igri on samotі, momenti usamіtnennya. One dohnkіlnik perfectly cope with the work in the minds of the various factors (noise, grizzled children, presence of outsiders); The other is the need for peace and quiet. Tactics are particularly effective at early stages of ontogenesis, zokrem, in unliable people. Not long ago, those who adapt psychology and organisation to the minds of the middle age can be reduced.

Another tactic of transferring the form of dithini to rice is to compensate for the negative particularities of powerfulness and temperament. Реї realіzatsіya vimagakє to complete the trival perіodu hour, patience that ranty adult. For melancholism and phlegmatic ïx, it is necessary to compensate for the trivalo and the training system for a robot, for the sake of success.

The third variant in the work of the driver of the transfer of positive and the negative of the negative side of behavior. Daily words are inspired by your own passwords, fouled in to the type of temperament. Situations, in those of another world, perevagi one type of temperament that “program” on the tipi. For example, for melancholic characteristically marked ryven trivozhnost_, twitches with a high sensitiveness. The last zumovlyu temptation of the enmity and education. So children are seriously worried, but you can lead them to nevvivnoost. Water activity is the most important factor of empowerment and can stimulate activity and self-regulation, and activity is important. Trivozhnostnі can not be full of, aze zumovlen_ nezmіlіvіst, nevpevnenist, emotsіyna skutіst nevertheless succeed in doing with formvannі nativchok dіyalnostі i stimulyuvannі surviving success [153, p. 288].

HEAD principle vrahuvannya vlastivostey temperament dіtey in їh vihovannі polyagaє in fact dwellers dosyagti transition od zabezpechennya zovnіshnіh minds spriyatlivih for ditini Pevnyi type of temperament to ozbroєnnya ditini navichkami samoregulyatsії scho dozvolyayut їy samostіyno nіvelyuvati vpliv temperament on dіyalnіst Square od zovnіshnoї situatsії.

VISNOVKI about іndivіdualnyy p_dkhіd u vihiovannі de_tey rіznogo type temperament:

- the temperament of ditini - one of the most important oriental in the great views of the ideal in the viiovy;

- sudnisty ndivіdualnogo p_dkhodu u vihovovannі vistupa varіativne vikoristannya teacher pedal tsіlno ї system vihovnoi roboti v vrajuvannyam ndivіdualnost ditini;

- Successful development of the individual product for the employees of the gearbox and the water supply system for the development system and real estate programs;

- for those of the skin type, the temperament of topical є singing tasks;

- the indivisible relationship to the vimagayut of children with the rest of my physical activity - crumbling;

- tactics in the types of temperament of the children of the Poligayak, as in the stem of the spirits of our minds, as well as in my own thoughts in my own self-regulation.
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Іndivіdualny p_dkhіd u vihanovnі dіtey rіznykh tipіv temperament

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