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Nedolіki etichny rozvitka doshkіlnikіv

Eticna behavior of a dohkіlnika vimagak post_nojnoi uvagi from the side of doroslich. Not all of them are enthusiastic about pedagogy and batkiv. Sponsored by the rules of children for various reasons. Porushennya was arrested by the rules of G. O. Lyublіnska, who called the guilt. In case of their assessments by the cyclone and the distributors of pedagogical studies, it is necessary to explain the motive of violating the rules of conduct. Make sure the children are impulsive, impulsive, nasty butt, unwilling to stop at non-standard situations. Іnodі cause є taka situatsіya, scho vimagaє zastosovannya kіlkoh norms, yakі ditina not in me_є spіvvіdnit mіzh with him. So make sure to wear poppy, bagato y vipadkovy character. Ditina is not satisfied with her results. Those who are allowed are permitted, to wrap themselves up with sky-colored soles: the axis for its own hen has been moved by the mountain-dreamer from the height of pіdvіkonnya to style. If fathers on another day pomіtil or de stoit gorschik, roslinka z_v'yala. Abo shukayuchi zakіnnik for tsukerok, ditina dіstala from shafi vіtamіni that in the process of the shop "In the shop" from'їla їх.

The middle of the inconspicuous stories of the irregular porosity of the behavior of the winding of the wind, as a manifestation of child activity, initiation, originality. Ditina is scarcely lacking in rozmezhovu mozhly non-mozhno, dotsіlne nedorechne.So, you are boring in the garden, the girl has done everything for the woolen crochet of embellishments. Koli ій potrіbnі buli kamіntsі for the image of tsukerok, won zіbrala all іkamіntsі, yakim babusya pomіtila on the flower beds of the visivannaya rіznih vegetables. For the grill “At the spring” it was necessary for the yoke of the veil, for the yakoy won, without the permission of the vicarist, for the good of the Viprasuwane, it was crooked.

The deeds of the child's vitamins are inspired by the various motifs, pragnennyam before the experiment: “But just like that, if you have a crane and shake a finger with a finger?”. It is a pity that such experiments can be done tragically, as a result of the lack of accessory resources.

Іnshim motive of vitivok є self-made. Ditina pragne diznis,

"Well I can?". Їh is important for the development of self-sustainability. So it is between the empty wastelands. Ditina will break the rules and check the reaction of the elder. So won his possession, the trunk of his "I", to magnetize what is permitted.

Let us, as a diploma, call them wrongly, call them childish nonsense, and in their souls, make fantasies. Children’s fantasies are intertwined with real-world Vigadans, to whom we have to increase the importance of rozmejuvati їх to nonsense. Napriklad, Є. V. Sabtobsky zgaduvav taki zi svo svoho nitinstva: “The axis of the rozbity of the despair of the nose of the nose to change the shelter, at the beginning of the past. The axis is close, the people are on the way with sleepers, to stumble about the guest militia

- th shkira, yak panchokh, falling from the wounded feet.
Can't you? So it is not possible. Like, zvichayno, bulo, ale well not to takoi miri. Here dobroachech popratsyuvala dityacha fantasy. Protein yakrami є tsi educate! The real ones are real, they are rendered to the senses, depriving them of the Rossum with the help of the “ni” [141, p. 3]. Smutne, scho vіdrіznya є dityachy fantasovnya vіd brehnі, є vіdsutsnіst korislivogo motif. Dear regards that viyaviti chuynist і rozumіnnya dіtey, shchilnyh to fantasize, y yakomu Razi not cook and not karati їх.

Doshkіlniki dosit rіdko vaduyutsya to svіdomogo pushenennya norms, if ditina assiduity superechnіst mіzh his own behavior and socially wrestled with a word. The motive of such provinces is most important in “gaining navpak”, “show your worth”, “not to be heard”. All the stenchs zumovlenі negarazdami at rozvitku samosvіdomostі ditini, lack of respect to Ії Іndivіdualnostі, blokuvannyam vazhmlivih consumption in vizvannі y povazі, in activity, in spіlkuvannі. The axis of the mother s mother is vibrated in the shop. Ditina to ask for an excavator, and my mother want to buy a machine. I don’t have fed Malyuka about yogo bazhannya, won’t have paid a lot for the machine and entered the store. The first hour will bother the veteran in the middle of the evening. Todi mom fell asleep “Well, what do you want?” Such a way to behave can be closed and repeat, wait, if you pay respect to yourself. On the basis of this year, the fault of the negative risks of individuality: in the first place, the insensitivity, the brevity.

In vyavlyavatsya in order, just ditina napolagaє on their own vimozi, navakt like rozumіn її absurdity and ignorance. To the main reasons for obstinate cases, the injustice of the statement and the lowering of the minimum is unjust; no tact for doroslich; the interchange of a self-proclaimed tenor of staging to one; ігоррування її singularly bazhan.

Nayposhirenіnyi cause children brehni - fear of punishments and negative butt mature. The bullshit of cortisolis motive, chim і vіdrіznyєatsya vіd children of fantasy.

Zabіyakuvatіst characteristic for the children of the imps, impulsive, who do not vmuyut spіlkuvatsya, mutually with his comrades. Taku form of behavior of Ditin, beginnings, do not broach on your crooked, ali і on small, weak, without undue. Vydchuttya svod ili forced to produce up to the other bifferent agresivnost і up to a great deal of individuality. The spontaneous appearance of the cult of violence in families, the position of adults is wrong: “give me a favor!”, “Show your strength”.

VISNOVKI about shortcuts etzheskogo rozvitka doshkіlnikіv:

- in case of the assessment of the rules of behavior of children, the motive is necessary;

- Ensure that the doshkіlnikіv be worn overwhelmingly nesvіdomy i hate character;

- short-sighted ethereal rozvitku doshkіlnika (vpertіst, brehlvіst, zapіyakuvіst) with a signal about the marriage of the necessary minds osochistіsnogo rozvitku.
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Nedolіki etichny rozvitka doshkіlnikіv

  1. Pereumovi etichnogo rozvitku nemovlyachemu vіtsі
    Ditina vіd svogo narodzhennya sta a member of the organization. Її vrodzhenі require zadovolnyayutsya sotsіalno zumovlenimi ways Won vklyuchaєtsya in spіlkuvannya of otochuyuchimi people - nosіyami suspіlno viroblenih zrazkіv povedіnki, SSMSC peredayut malyukovі svіy dosvіd scho akumulyuє Nagybanya vsіh poperednіh pokolіn lyudstva. The social life of people will follow the singing norms of their mutual relations,
  2. Vzamovіdnosini doshkіlnikіv u gr_
    The role-playing plot of the plot is able to develop the development of individualist views. Modelyuyuchi vzaєmini doroslih in group, children watering hour zasvoyuyut nachichki spіlkuvannya, vzaєmodi, sp_vpratsі, nachatyatsya vistupati one of the most unique in different positions. In the robots D. B. Elkonіna that yogogo poslіdovnikіv brought, just in plot-roles of people who are intermediaries in a meeting of children who have two heads.
  3. Rozladi emotsіyno ї sphery doshkіlnikіv
    In the norm of emoticon the sphere of ditini is recognized in terms of life, knowledge, badness, optimism. Itself taki emotsіynі stani zabepepeyuyuyut umovi formavannya features: її self-conscription, inevitability, do it in their own power, intsiativnost_. Yakscho ditina bіlshіst hour perebuvaє at a fitted rozdratovanomu stannuyu, quickly to turn on abo - navvaki - can’t rest easy, do not hesitate, nesmіli-
  4. Positivatively - dіlova form spіlkuvannya doshkіlnikіv
    The positivistic-dіlov form spіlkuvannya peers descend in the children of children vіkom 6-7 rovіv. Water trends up to її pavi, the elements of the census form spilkuvannya accumulate at the bolshostі senior preshkіlnikіv. The number of positive contacts is up to 50% of the mutual agreement of the same age. Spilkuvannya peers meaningfully go beyond the intergenerational subject subjects. Significant things
  5. Situational-dіlova form spіlkuvannya doshkіlnikіv
    Situational-dіlov form spіlkuvannya with peers of Vinik є at 4–6 years і є naybіlsh type for preschool children. Demanding the same age as a peer is consistently intensive, falling into the first plan. So, Є. A. Arkin aiming the butt, if the boy 5 rokiv on the proposal of the grandmother grasped her vidpov: "Change the cost of children." Tse pov'yazano іz tim, scho spіlkuvannya peer є
  6. Ethical Code of Psychologist
    At the І Installation of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine on December 20, 1990, in the m. Kyiv, the Ethical Code of the Psychologist was adopted. Tsei normative act є guarantor of the high-profile, humane, high moral and psychological states of Ukraine, is established in the special field and sphere of interstate. The Denmark Code is a collection of these rules, rules of behavior, which are psychologically
  7. T.A.Koltunovich. The Code of Psychology, 2007
    The main problems of the problems, their core, principles, protections, zwabis, trap the robots of the psychologist, these standards, norms, rules and the codes of other countries, the psychology, the psychology, the psychology, the psychology, the psychology, the psychology, the laws of the codes of other countries, the psychology, the code of the psychologist, the psychology, the psychology, the psychology, the rules of the codes of other countries, the psychology, the code of the psychologist, the psychology, and the psychology Primary material is inherited according to the modular principle. Assignment for students for students of different schools
  8. . The Code of Psychology, 2011
    The Denmark Code is the acquisition of the ethical norms, rules of conduct, which are psychologically controlled by the authorities.
  9. Psychological problems with psychology
    Our disciplines can have three basic understandings: “right”, “morality” and “morality”. Right - tse fіksovanі normi behavior, for the destruction of yak people on nese suvoro vodovlenu v_dpov_dalnost (with tsyomu rightly right zazhdi guilty vіdporazhati іsnuyuchі suspіlnі normi i vіdpіdati zagalnom ro_vnu to draw Moral - tse informal (unwritten) normi behavior,
  10. Characteristics of etychny pochuttiv doshkіlnika
    In the process of development of individual development, participation in collective forms of activity in non-profitable forms of warehouse storage in direct people (Kotirlo V.K.), as well as socially and especially, in order, in order, in order, and in order, it is important, as it is in order, in order, and in order, as it is, At tsiomu, the importance of a great economic situation is marked with a preflash. Vinikayut not just okay vmіnnya rozumіti
  11. Characteristics of rozdіlіv ethical code of the psychologist
    At the І Installation of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine on December 20, 1990, in the m. Kyiv, the Ethical Code of the Psychologist was adopted. Tsei normative act є guarantor of the high-profile, humane, high moral and psychological states of Ukraine, the state of the world specialty that sphere [1]. The Denmark Code is a collection of these rules, rules of behavior, which are psychologically
  12. The History of the Establishment of the Etichic Codes of the Psychologist in Saints in Ukraine
    Vzhe mi vzhe signified that the professional psychologist’s professionalism is linked with the so-called “human factor”, to which he regards the norms and disciplines, which are regulated by the perceptions of the co-workers with their charts and their codes, the code and In addition, as a psychologist, I’ll work with my psychologist, I’m losing some of my keynotes. Tom vіn especially vіdpovіdalny at viborі morally принцип position, principles,
  13. Golovniy ethical oriental psychologist
    It is possible to approximate this way the headworn etiichniy ori-ntir is not just for special purposes, it’s self-identifying, just for the psychologist, just like a pragne nadati I can help in cultivating the right of the skin for a non-repetition of happiness, you will need to use the same pattern, you will need to be a-я людей ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ших ме [2, c.324-325]. Right now, you should be able to use these codes and statutes in your country.
    An explanation of the current situation in the field of psychology Wrong the psychologists can not pokashchiti, and navpaki, psihrish psihologichny klimat in
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