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Organizational plot-role Grid. _Grashki

Organizational plot-role-making of a grid of preschoolers of transmission to an hour and a half of the past, trivolost, uninterrupted do-rimannie rules of bezpeki tehnіki ta gіgієni.

The right time for the plot-role of the gri in the child's sadochka pripadad on the ranks of the year, the hour of a walker aboa after sleeping. Tri gri in the middle of 20-40 hvilin. At 3-4 p. Tsei periode commemorated Kilkoma urivchastimi igry, senior children rozgortayut 1-2 plot. Missouri for gri Slіd obirati take, schobi children could roztashuvati there іgrashki, budivli, constructions. Nykrashe for tsogo pіdhodyat special іflіdnaznannі іgrovі maydanchik, kіmnati. In front of dormers pіdbiraє v_dpovіdniy materіal, transferring the possibility of a victorist zamіnnikіv.

From the first days of the life of Ditin to know igrka. K. Vejle ta Є. A. Arkіn zaproponuvali nadnu klassifіkatsіyu іgrashok: 1) sounds_ (sensori) - bryazkaltsya, dzvnochki, drums, dityachі harmonica toshto; 2) motor (debris) - m'yach, dziga, bilboke і t. Ін .; 3) scattering;

4) figurative igens - lyalki, iggravkovі tvarini. Before the clan of V. V. Babaev proponu є datati igrazki from the natural materi ta ta igryki-samorobki [52, p. 40].

The first letters of the book are visibility, in front of, the touch marks. Nemovlya love shtovkhati handles fіksovanі that water hour rukhіl (type of pendulum) bryazkaltsya. If my daughter is hapannya, Ditina vtrimu bryazkaltse at the handles, shaking him that radio, you feel the sound. Pomitno, scho ditina ochіkuє appeared sound: shook and listened to. It’s not a sound of a guilty sound, Ditina is filled up with a smile, a scarlet eye. The sensory words of the person are more important in the course of the whole child's life, they are more likely to be involved in the group - in the subject-manipulatory, and in a year - in the subject-role. The design of such a sign is accelerated by the operation of them with the vimahak singing and grabbering. For example, folding the melody on the igraphic piano for the transfer to the public is known and forgotten by the sound of all the sounds that can be produced by the musical instrument; rosin link between a single key and that sound; sincerely rhythm, muzichny hearing and then.

Obraznі іgramshki ohoppyuyu dosit wider than ever before good knowledge to the children that love them. On the first hand of the life of Doros, you need to take care of those igrachki spuvachasnikami pobutovyh processi: garden order z malyukom, scob zatikaviti yogo priyomom їzhі, start-up "swim" in the bath, de bathe ditinosto. Such is the image of the discipline of the disciple of the child, of the wiklika in the new positive attitude. In the early days of Ditin Zvik, before that, the igraka is the post postin суп companion. Won more than worrying about the triumph of mutual understanding of knowledge and love - cat, vedmedicus, chanterelles, and radish with her. Do preschoolers vravnі іgshki vistupayut characters rіznomantіtnyh Іgor ditini. From each other to the impulse otpumanu rozvitok children, you should be able to, on the subject and symbolic values: vedmedik stav u grі sinkom, chanterelle - the role of the girlfriend and melancholy.

Especially the center of the figurative igram posіdaє lyalka. Mіzh ditinoyu tlyakuyu add up singing vnnosini, razgortoєatsya spіlkuvannya, just spriyaє rozvitka samosvіdomostі ditini, zokremema takoi її yakostі, yak dialogichnyst. So, and at the time of the love of the elk, the elder is a preschooler of the idea of ​​romaging with her, for good reason, to magnetize the message of her voydov. Lyalki often play in “graces” in the roles of “children”, and doshkilniki come up for them as “fathers”. Such is the position of the sprint of short-lived assimilation by a preschooler of the southeastern vazmin of fathers and children, developing in new health of the situation of the occident innocent people. Lyalya Doshkіlnika Vikonu is fond of the role of a friend for him, just as he is important in the next stages of his life - in the younger schoolchildren in a personal adventure.

Rukhlivі іграшки enter the life of the child from the first tizhnіv.
Ditina prozhezhu є ocim rukh pіdvіsheno ї grashki, yak povіlno ruin перед in front of i-ne faces. The very beginning of Viklikati Tsei Ruh, shtovhayuchi p_dvіshenі ігшки, prinyaguyuchi їх to yourself. Thus, Ditina associated her activism with the appearance of the ruin of these subjects. Zavydyak first maniplyatsіyam rukhivimi і shershkami rukh ditin stayut directions, bіlsh kerovani. Cі іграшки vikoristovuyutsya children, yak in subject-specific manipulatives, so i in plot-role-playing igr. As a rule, these are the words that are fixed on children with values; Partly for all typewriter typewriter, myachik mechikom. Sered rukhlivih іgrashok virіznyєsya pidgrupa sports, vikorisovuvanih rukhlivih іgrah dіtey.

The role of the psychic development of the preschooler is important to the didactic programs. Manipulyuvannya and dії with them transfer the assimilation of a ditino of singing rules, the law. Napriklad, pіramіdki, motrіyki can be put together on the basis of porivnnya rozmіru chastin. If you draw the cubes correctly with the pictures, then you will know the image of the Cossacks. Dearly grown-ups for youngsters for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for self-help, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children, for children. Especially significant value of such a tick on the development of an open-field mission in the early days.

The product of the creative doshkіlnika vistupayut igraki-samorobki. Children of their relationship with a coronary adult for singing in the aftermath of the maternity materiel. It can be made of cardboard dad and cardboard, cloths of cloth, plastic and wooden blanks, plasticine, natural material material. In the case of retiring materials with the construction of self-mining tools, the knowledge of the authorities about the subject matter, the formation of information about the necessity of their own knowledge in their own children. The lighter of his hands, a likuyuk, wants to turn on his own igri; To transfer more creatively to a situation on the igrs, pragnuchi behind the motives of thought, to make singing of iz zovnіshnіst.

In the case of fun games, it is a surprise to make a singing result that is not peaked. So, from small boxes with a rattle on the button, the small one is big. Kozhna taka іgrashka misti singed enigma, intrigue, yak wiklikaє radіsnyi dive i izatsіkavlenlenst a ditey. Svoia pochuttya ditina pragne rozdіliti z doroslim, magnetized for the help of the game, prevent the reaction of the adult, zdorivuvati yogo.

In literary, attached to the preschool children, virіznyayutsya takozh tehnіchnі igryshki (machini, litaka, rocket); theatrical igryshki, igry-znaryaddiya (replacements of copying of significant numbers of children).

One іz pokornikіv vіdstavnya at rozvitku ditini є vіdsutnіst in a non-art іnteresu to igrski, znizhene pragnennya pragratsis her. Doslіdzhennya show, just the very beginning of the program is not the best possible development of the development. Wonah is blamed for zberіgaty trivalii іnteres to them and her children, and for doros, to take her to her own city, to her own children, to add hers, to her way of osmity, to her own, turn on her own.

VISNOVKI about special organizations іgor deyte and igry:

- Organizational Igor ітіті is hidden on vrahuvannya psikhophіzіologіchnichny vi_kovyh norms that vimog psihogіgієni nd tehnіki bezpeki;

- children сл сл сл сл сл сл важ важ важ важ важ важ важ важ; The primary effect of the license is to lay down under the head;

- the main і нов ида ит д д д д д ит гра гра гра voices є voiced, music igrs; figurative words (lyalki); didactic, motor igryshki; igraki-samorobki, igersk-fun, igrsh-znaryaddya (replacements of copying znaryadi pratsі doroslih), technical iggrashki, theatrical igrski.
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Organizational plot-role Grid. _Grashki

  1. Priyomi active plot plot-role gri
    In rozvitku plot-role ї gri is not all the children, however, it is time to pass from the bottom of the river to the next. Porn_vіvаlіvіlі dітей, yaky sposterіgaєtsya vіdstavannya at rozvitku plot-role-playing ї gri провод and spend with them rozvivalalnu robot. In case of a psychologist (cyclists), refer to the signs of an inanimate gri in a preschooler: 1. Prim_tivnі one odnіntnі dії with objects; 2. Nesti
  2. Rivne rozvitku plot-role of the gri in a preschool artist
    Provіdna dіyalnіst in doshkіlnom vіtsі - the plot-role of Gra. Teachers of Won tsikavit yak such a form of activity of children, in the case of newcomers a new creation of this diko, and also a yak of the most important correlation of the development of a prescient. In front of those rozkrivaє zagalnaya characterization of the child of the psychologic psychology of the specialty of the organization, and now the standard shows
  3. The nature of the plot-role ї gri doshkіlnika
    Дгри deіtey doshkіlnogo vіku doslіdzhuvali M. Ya. Basov, D. B. Elkonіn, O. V. Zaporozhets, D. V. Mendzheritska, O. І. Tikha, S.L. Novovolova and іn. The image of a grown-up, youthful social connection between the roles of a nabuvak and a predator of a rooted-up character. Yakshcho u early vіtsі vnaslidok included ditini u dії doroslikh yak ob'єktu іх turboti і pіkuvannya golnom ёlement iz dorogogo for the boy Bula yogo
  4. Understand about the plot that the plot of the plot-role Grid
    In the plot role-playing scenes, creative for their nature, children are personally responsible for the plot and story, supposedly inspired by the main lines of the gri for singing the idea. The plot є the important warehouse structure of the plot-role ї gri. Win with the help of the team with the name of the column of messages, supposedly signified by us. Ditina, nasampered, ti plot, supposedly postponed in my life: the grace of the world,
  5. The role of that ігрові dії doshkіlnika yak is the central component of the plot-role-making gri
    In the structure of the plot-role-playing role, the central component of the role of the role is the suspicion of the acceptance of the behavior of people in different situations (D. B. Elkonin). At the age of children, they are responsible for the role, the history of the enemy is up to about 10. Not all roles are given to them, but 2-3 times they are the same. The role of behavior is governed by the rules, as the core of the role is.
  6. Osoblivostі plot-role ї gri doshkіlnika
    Special plot role-playing ї gry
  8. Formula redevelopment of the role of the gri
    Formulation of the secondaries of the role of the gri to become a relevant pedagogical task in the period from 1.5 to 3 p. The method of forming the secondaries of the role of the grigolan of the polygamids, in addition, is presented in verbal forms. Napriklad: “Sit at the table Lyalka and Vedmedik, garny, clean. Stand on the table tarry, rose spoons. Devchinka took a spoon and a goat goduvati - with a little Lyalka, and then Vedmedica. All
  9. Interconnection of work labor dityliness and preschool gri
    The important role of the labor of the child is related to the significant, in the future, for the development of special features. The results of the preschool education are not comprehensible for anybody, ala yaksche ditina will not be lost in the first half of the year, then the substitute will not be formed by the age of the elder, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, but then the same age will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not have the same size as the elder. Retail
  10. Grid roll in Ditini up to 3 rokіv
    By prodigy of the whole preschool activity, become important to the brain development of the psyche and individuality of the child. In addition, as a grown-up organ, this is the first type of dityliness to lay out the success of the form of specialty of ditini. To this, the knowledge of the psychologic laws of the peace of life is important in the warehouse of the professional training of the leader of a preschool mortgage. Poyava gri have zhittі doshkіlnika
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