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The main laws of mental development of people

Psychological development of people is marked by offensive laws.

1. Heterochronous mental development of the child - the price of nerves, the twilight character of development of the ohromic mental processes. This is manifested in that for the skin psychopowerfulness of a specific period, if it is to develop itself in an intense way. Tsi perіodi - sensitive (Vigotsky L.S.). For example, for the development of a movlena with a sensitive period, up to 2 rokivs, then the mozhvilost_ tempi, the development of the movlenea is significantly lower.

2. Asynchronous psychic rozvitku ditini Polagaє in addition, that is, the psychic functions of the psychic functions of the psychiatric periody і for the triviality and for the vikom іх nastannya. For example, in preschool children, in psychiatric rozvitku є memory, and in young schoolchildren - mislennium. L. S. Vigotsky is about the peculiarity that was described by the following rank: for the students think for the mean zgadati, and for the young schoolgirl for the guess for the mean.

3. The stage of mental development of the word signifies, okrіmi іtapi rozvitku can restrain one another. New stage of the practice on the basis of the usual and contribute to their own non-recurring risi in the psyche of the child. This skin stage cannot be overclocked. For example, it’s not the quickness of the child’s life, but, navpak, zbagatiti yogo, the side of the development of the book is as effective as possible. Maximum rozkrittya vsіh mozhlivost vіku for mental development rozvitku Ditini O.V. Zaporozhets naming amplіfіkatsієyu.

Providnyi characteristics of the skin of the mental stage of mental development of the child’s vision of social situation of development, the main new features of the psyche and the mainstream. As a sociological situation, rozvіku rozumієtsya spіvvіdnoshennya zovnіshnіh і vnutrіshnіh minds rozvitku psycho (L. S. Vigotsky). This is due to the statement of ditini to the otochuyuchy.

Vіkovі new enactment - a new type of budi osobennostі and її dіyalnostі, and also zhіtchnі zmіni, just to win the singing ıtsі іnnachatyat peretvorevennya svіdomostі ditini, її vnutrіshnі i zovnіshnі snіdomostі ditini, її vnutrіshnі i zovnіshnі snіdomostі ditini, її vnutrіshnі і sovnіshnі snіdomostі ditini, її vnutrіshnі і sovnіshnі snіdomostі ditini, її vnutrіshnі і sounding Tse ti positive nadbannya, they allow you to go to a new stage of development.

Veducha activity of a cardinal card of psychiatric development in the whole period (O. M. Leontv). In the case of young people to form the basis of special psychological problems, to reunite with psychological processes and new forms of activity. So, for example, a subject has a very early form of dithini.

“Pride for the highest level”, active news, add up their minds for the game of the most productive ones.

4. In the process of psychic rozvitku ditini vіdbuvatsya diferents_atsіya that іnintegratsіya psychic processes, powerfulness.
Diferentsia signifies the last one accelerated psyche with the appearance of a new door. So, after the people’s marriage, the psychic process was established, on the basis of the basis of the persecution, the memory, and the year –––––––––––––––

Іntegratsіya - zmіtsnennya zvyazkіv mezh okhremim psihichnyi uvorennya. So, zavdyaki rozvitku will z'yavayutsya dovіlna uvaga, pamyat, control emotsiyami. Dorosly Volodya all types of missed areas, who appeared in ontogeny, appeared sequentially.

5. Zm_na sp_vv_dnoshennya dederm_nant of a psychiatric rozvitk vkazu щ on those scho zv_kom ditini zm_nієєuєєtsya sp_vv_dnoshennya biologic and social factors of psychiatric rozvitku. In the context of relations between citizens of the social medium, the development of the role of social energy. Zmіnyuyutsya і samі sotsіalnі determіnanti (sіm'ya, school, class, friends). For the people, it plays a role in the psychic development of the whole social factor.

Suspension of the organisation transfer of suslvnogo dosvіdu through navchannnya i vihovovannya at special mortgages. First and foremost, the organization is in the hands of others, and that is necessary for them.

Suspension dosvіd zapoyuyatsya not automatically, but through the activity and activity ditin. From the stage of ontogenesis of Ditin, the regulation of its own development will begin. Особї singularity of the order of іz bіologіchnnymi and social factors, becoming mremoyuu dermіnantyu psychic development.

6. Psychic development of individual deposits without plasticity of psycho - tobto zdnostnosti zmіn. For example, short-sightedness to the ear, to the ear to be compensated by the strength of rozvitkom dotiku, scent. Wіkom plasticity psychic znizhuєtsya. So, children can be redeemed, whether they are like them, fallow from the social status and without reference to the national standards. About the grown-ups so tales can not be.

Otzhe, the specifics of the mental development of ditini Polaga тому, in addition, the mindset of the development of a psychology - the organisation of his life to the people of the culture - is angry at the Indian process, and the development of his own culture is aroused by his culture.

WISNOVKI about zagalnі lawlami psihіchnogo rozvitku ditini:

- mental development, such signs, yak: heterochronous, asynchronous, stadial, differential, psychological and mental processes, plastic spontaneous psychological deformation of mental psychotic development, plasticity

- criteria of social situation of social psychology of rozvitku vistupayut sotsіnalna situatsіya rozvitku, the main novelties of the psychic and special features, providna dіyalnіst;

- for the people, it plays a role in the psychic development of the whole social factor.
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The main laws of mental development of people

  2. Fundamentals of the psyche of rozvitku ditini cordon
    All rozamіttya zarubіzhny doslіzhen children of psychological psychology held at the inter-level theoretical and direct, and most - biogenetic, sociological, convergence theory, and that person-centered personalized. Biogenetic theories (E. Klapared, K. Buhler, G. Wallace) on the meaningful biological determinants of mental development of psychiatry, especially for development
  3. The main theories of mental development of ditini
    Basic theory of mental development
  4. The main straight lines of psychic rozvitku de_tey at the primary and twisting processes
    a) a snake navi і psychic rozvitok Head і і the primary side rozvitku witty at the process navi ¬ nannya є accelerated knowledge і capable of dіyalnostі. On the same day, Bagatma was sent to us by information, scho, smyunyuchi zm_st navnchannya, tobto ti znannya і able dіyalnostі, yakі are transmitted ditinі, it is possible sutvvo zmіniti І rovitok ditini. U bagatoh doslіdzhennyakh (P. Galperin, D. Elkonin, V.
    80% of the people’s body is water, and it is impossible: 30% of the fatty tissues, 25% of the killers, 70% of the miaches, 75% of the miabs, 80% of the masses - 85%. Reshta component in organisms pripadak on bilki, fat and grease podnuki, minereln rehovini, uglevodi. From the warehouse elements, the role of the game is dominated by Kissen, Vuglets, Vodien i
  6. The main components of mental health
    The main components of the mental aristocracy are the basis of the professionally memeshnosti and be-and-rightly crafted by the human activity of people, knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. To usvomodlennya by the lawyer of the law іх formavnena bezpecheku uspіh vіyskovo-professionali yakalnost yak okremogo voya, so і whole of the whole vіskovogo pіdrozdіlu abo part (fig. 6-1). Have sukunosti_ stinks zapepepeyuyut correct
  7. Change your mind, think і rushіyіі forced mental development of ditini
    We wish for rozmіnnya nature of psycho і svіchnogo rozvitku є sp_vv_dnoshennya in ditinі natural і sotsіnogo, vrodzheny th nabuty. In the case of the people of Ditin from the organization of the anatomical and physiological structure, including the morphological and the phyzological authority and the law of the doctrine, become a nerve system, like the rest of the law, become a nerve system, like the law of the doctrine, become the nerve system, like the law, the system, the nerve system, the law of the system
  8. The problem of perіko perіodizatsі і psikіchny that osobist_snogo rozvitku ditini
    Psychic rozvitok - dilektichny, superechlivy, stiribkopodіbny process, to be stored from kіlkoh steps and іdbuvaєtsya from viglyadі spіralі. Inadequate efforts to develop the permissions to view your perfomance, so that you can find it, you can find out how to prepare your skin, prepare your skin, prepare your skin and get ready for it, and you will need to prepare your skin and get ready for it, and you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready, you will need to prepare your skin, you will need to get ready, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need your own training, you will need to get ready for it, you will always have your own training, you will need to prepare your skin and you will need to get ready for it, you will need to prepare your skin and get ready beforehand, you will be able to work on your skin, you will need to get ready for it, and you will be able to work on your skin and prepare it first.
  9. Spіlkuvannya yak nayvazhvl_shhy factor of psih_chny rozvitka preshk_lnik
    Doshkіlne child - the importance of the mental period of development. Vik the actual actual establishment of singularity, behind the words of O. M. Leontiєva. In the case of children, intensively formed psychic functions, folding views and grades (grasses, matured with peers), blamed and motivated and consumed, self-sufficient, moral regulation and moral form of behavior. The most important factor of mental development
  10. Inflating drugs on the physical and mental health, reproductive function of people
    Visunuko kіlka theory of drugs for organisms - pharmacology, nerve-humoral and nervous system. Most psychoactive drugs are chemically podobn up to speech, seem to be nervous klіtinami for Іхній stimulatsіі. Ci rekhovini mutual understanding with the most nervous nervous systems, just forgetting the transmission of impulses and reaguena on them. Until such speeches lie serotonin and endorphins, they are controlled
  11. Zodozhennya znan schodo psihіchnogo rozvitku ditini from phylosі and natural nature
    Trivalium's historical period of knowledge of its psychological psychology was accumulated in the above-mentioned sciences: philosophy, pedagogy, and natural science. First of all, the ideology of the rozvitka of the people of Aristotle (384-322 pp. BC), which was the main reason for the development of the development of the people of the European life. The first pedagogical treatise in history is under the title of the title “About the Speaker of the Orator” і
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