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Peculiarities of mental development in children

On the preschooler attack, the value of so called sensitive parties is important, and if the psychophilic function develops, it is especially intensive. To heterosexual (stibkopodіbnіst) mental

rozvitku tsomu perіodі vyalyavatsya especially pom_tno. Revolutionary progress with the first rock of the life of the passive movement is completed with the rapture of the active movement of the first rock - first of all, and with the year and the river. Odrazu pіslya narodzhennya support-rukhovy aparat vіdstaє at rozvitku vіd zoru, just vyavlyavatsya in the intercommunicating graces of the ditini self-distort yourself, nezdatnost_ rubbing up the subject at the foot of the rug. At the period from 1 to 3 rokiv - navpak - ditina krashte zasvoyu ti powerpaths of subjects, yak vidchuvaє on dotik i izvratsya on them in his diyah zimi objects (form, rosmіr), and not ti, yakі spriymazor (kolіr.)

Among the living істот itself lyudska ditina populyuєatsya naibіlsh without any kind of fallow that you can see from otozhuyuchih people. Qia furnishings gave LS Vigotskuyu pidstavu zauvazhiti about those, scho Novonarodzheny - naibіlsh sotsіalna istota mid-ush інних. Water hours of the development of the newly-worn - the maximum and idle of these quietly minds will be built up. So, children, yakimi bats, post_iyno, kindly spilkuyutsya, start to rozhmlyatti early_for malyukіv, just batkіvskogo pіkluvannya in international settings.

From one side to another, in the psychic development of ditini, they spiral into ф i fіzichne zdorov'ya, yak zapepechuє active male, yogogo іnteres to otochuyuchy. Dvina Kvola's fever, Baiduje Sprijma Doroslikh and іgrashki, do not pragne yourself, get enough of it, Brothers, Rіznі subjects and manіpulyuvati them. First of all, to our friends, to a common henchman of ditini to the end of his career, they are stimulating the development of sensory-motor consumption from the ruts and enemies. Sensory and rukhov_ consumer demand. Ruhovi consume realizyuyutsya through active ditini. In the case of a healthy person, the health of the child will be crushed, the activity of the person will decrease, and at the same time, they can be separated from each other on the basis of the basis of that activity.

In the result - with the help of the support of the support-shaft apparatus, analyzers, and with the help of mental functions (spriimannya, pam'yatі, movlennya toshko). Yakscho ditina was occupied by the deeds of the warrant and that, then the garden could be shakydlo zruynuvati їх. For example, up to the sickness of children, it is self-sufficiently laid down, framed, ala teper viyavlyān, neo-rumination, an enemy, scandalous, who has been lost, have been lost.

To the domination of the power of high temper, the attitude, the shvidkі zmіni mood, the stomlyuvanіst, impulsivnіst. The stench is demanding to the Zahist v_d travmochih factors in the middle, post_voya uvagi up to our psychic and physical camp. The innocence of the self-relationship of individual attitudes to the specific attitudes of particular cleanser’s schoes will become my own health. Dorossy is responsible for rozpіznavi camp ditini zovnіshnіmi proyavami. Chims minus ditina, tim bіshshoyu іroyu characteristic tsya osobliv_st. Novonarojenija weeping - the mother is guilty herself to blame for the reason, and in correctness, letting her lie in a good way away.

Nestіykіst psіkіki ditini, fallow її I will stand in the minds of the storks, grow a lot of water і і ї її visok plasticity, yaka viznachakє mozhlіnt іntsivennogo development in the process of learning and learning.

Viznachalna role in the psychic rozvitku ditini early vіku nalitzhat doroguyu, a yaki овkluєatsya about zadovolennya zhittєvo neobhdnyh consumption ditini yїzhі, dіprochinku, cleanliness toshko.
Ale tіlki tsogo not enough for a normal mental development of the child. It is necessary to dobrozichlivі, positively positive, stable, stable with small child, the providniy channel of transmission of independent distribution, pedagogical doctal training for children.

The irrelevant links of children of a mature adult are drawn by a feather of life, to the social situation of mental development in children of L. S. Vigotsky, naming them "Mi". Ditin can’t be without a grown-up, who is not alone: ​​you can’t spontaneously spend time on yourself, give yourself a different message. The supremacy of the situation is the development of the field and the fact that, as much as possible, the maximum contact between the customers is increased, aloe the volunteer is interchanged with his hands. Dorossy, on the other hand, is forced to go on like this, but on the other hand, on the side of your side, on the side of Ditina rozum, you will get to know the words, the tin, and the reactions. Dorosly nadyalya ditinu zdnnistyu rosumіnnya yogo dei. In the result of such behavior is grown-up in child, the first is the social need - the need is increased. Won the banner of his persecution of the wisdom of the children of ditini - of the dynasty of the spilkuvannya, de subject of the article єnsha people (M. І. Lisіna). Now you have active contacts to move from one year to another. Maluk himself pplipati on a grown-up man, schob join with him at the back of the floor, sponukati yogo to contact.

Spilkuvannya in the life of a small child to be situational and in-line character, as soon as you can see only in this particular situation. Maluk is not a volody masterpieces

- New, Yak of Assistance for Inter-Specific Situations. Departed from within the framework of the early age of early childhood, they see two forms — situationally-specific (from the people up to 6 months) and situationally (up to 3 years).

Deposit vid control from the side of a mature zberіgaєatsya on the high-altitude of the whole country. At the height of the outer side of the wall from the side of the mouth and on the side of the child, it is easy to ruin. For example, Ditina entertain her child's garden, and if she goes to baty - ni. Tse svchchit about those scho vikhovatel a child cage post_ynno nadadukі dіtyam about qiu norm povіnіnki, vyvali, if malyuki її vikonuyut. Batyki tsogo not robyat. W hen cause deeds, they turn around at the back of the canal, the pains, and the wakefulness of self-service, і ї ёh be brought to vdnovlyuvati.

The mutual understanding of the physical and psychological development of the preschooler manifests itself in the sensible sense of the sphere of society, and also of the generalization of the whole psychological process. Emotsіyne prosperity ditini lie over the head of the elder, characteristic of the new style of sports. Nayspryatlivshim for rozvitku psycho preschooler є positive positive background, reappointment of optimistic, worried, dobrozichlivostі staged. Take care of the situation and keep it under the eyes of the burkhlivy revelation of your own emotions for the help of the shouting, rіzkie gestіv that rukhіv. As a rule, Ditin is afraid of spilkuvatsya with such development, decrease ї active, in the depressive camp.

VISNOVKI about zagalnі osoblivost_ psihіchnogo rozvitku ditini early vіku:

- The dynamic development of mental development is characterized by the most intense mid-term success rates; Significant nervnomіnnistyu stribkopododіbnistyu;

- ditin_ sovereignty of significant implications of potential development of reflection reflexions, the realization of such a situation, and of social brains;

- Physical and nervous-mental development is interconnected;

- Visoka plastichnіst psihіchnoї that vischoї nervovoї dіyalnostі scho Got pozitivnі (Visoka nauchuvanіst, Shvidky ovolodіnnya novimi navichkami umіnnyami i) that negativnі side (nestіykіst spirit, povedіnki, situativnіst viyavlennya navichok that umіn);

- sensorimotor consumption, blame on the basis of the oriental reactions of the child - rushes, who forced the development of different processes and changes of mind;

- providnu role in the psychic development of the baby vіdіgraє close doros.
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Peculiarities of mental development in children

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    Chronology of the inter-year period - from 11–12 p. up to 14-15 p. The main role and specific character of the field in the transition from one child to the height of all aspects of development are physical, social, moral, and social. In the development of development, all kinds of burkhliv_smiths have sprung up, they have renounced the name “growth for growth”. Wake up the whole body pidlіtka, so it’s raised, in front of,
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