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Ovolodinnya doshkіlnikom new species і forms of pracі

Distant Reconstruction Self-care equipment; spvpratsі, zaluchennya to a tall living.

We are right in front of the development of the laboring activity of the preschooler in the development of the wisdom of the pratsi, with the help of the youngsters. On a daily basis, the growth of the physical and mental health of the children, self-sufficiency. Before the main views, pracci, scandalize the early and pre-vikovyh periodes nadzhat: practice of self-service; gospodarsko-pobutov pratsya, pratsya in the nature, manual pratsya.

We are the first clear-cut work labor, yak ovolodіvє ditin early retreat, є practice with self-service, so vimaga іd ditini inclusive in the main way поб gіnіnno-pobutov_ process: to achieve the purity of purity and idle time. oder; vmynnya samostino priymati їzhu, soak in the spoon, a cup; Make it easy. Pratz with self-service is tied to the state of Gospodarsko-pobutovo. Raznitsya mіzh them polagaє in addition, self-service is hidden right away to special needs of individual consumption of children, while pobutani pratsі ob'єktam pobyutovut subjects. Oskіlki ditinu otchatku privablyuє zovnіshnіy bіk pobutovogo protsessiv, then there is a lot more vikrash pobutu prutsyu with nayavnostі ne ne such attributes, yak bathrobe, apron, hustinka, shchitka, pylos. Relocation to the party Dorossy is guilty of emotionally ignorant and scrutiny, put before him a ditino purity, order, p_dkreslyuvati їх meaningful for the health and health of ditinas and otochuyuchyh people: yachcho speech not tidy up

your own, then sweat the dove shukaєsh potrіbne, vitrachaєsh bagato zayvogo hour. I have a number of speeches of the Victorian, all members of the motherland. If you don’t dba about them, then they are struggling. The elder brother took care of the axis, but he didn’t take care of the dishes - mom and sister couldn’t look around at any time. Ditina started to think about the comfort, do not pusheruvati their comfort, she doesn’t have the motive of work, act, think about it.

The motive is to help, assimilating a child of his own significant water and water resources to appear in such a kind of labor activity, as a rule in nature, imaging a warehouse in the natural world, living in natural objects, I am in love with me, and in my own way. Ditina Pomicha, scho oselyливо zaleznі vіd lyudskogo doglyadu homemade tvarini ndlin. Do not poguruvat yavschko, won’t take over, just in vienna without water, but with years and years. Takі sposterezhennya ditini povnnі suprovodzhuvatsya zaklikami dorogos to help the weak, to save yogo vіd zagibelі. Ditini develops more careful stakes before nature, they are filled with ecological knowledge and knowledge about biologic lanceration and interlocking. Survival of one’s own significant positively impacted on the development of the child of the subkind of activity, on the development of his new self.

Zdatnіst ditini Volodya singing znaryaddy pratsі doroslikh vinikє close to 5 rokіv. On the basis of the zdnostnі in ditini rozviva ручtsya tutorial, hidden on the sidelines of singing subjects: sewing with fabric and viro, gluing together with Llyadka's pape, folding the plates of the box to the bottom.
It’s a productive nature that finds itself closer to its sunshine before making a virile marriage. In the process of Viconny Ditin Vikoristovu taki "doros" znaryaddy, yak hammer, knives, golka, linіyku, nizh. The structure of the manual practice of creative beauty of nature, transferring the idea will be planned next year. Ditina began to work with Vikonuvati with her hands, bazhayuchi nasolіduvaty doroslykh: my mother koristutsya with knives, golovyu - і tsi objects become privablivimi for Ditini. Pragnennya ditini ovolodіti tsimi items that protses їh vikoristannya povinnі spryamovuvatis th kontrolyuvatis grown, yaky zbagachuє motivatsіyu ruchnoї pratsі suspіlnimi motives: vishiti servetku to holy Mother, vigotoviti іgrashki for prikrashannya Novorіchnoї Jalinka in Kindergarten sadochke toscho.

Before the organization of labor the work of a pre-worker for additional chimdal_ of the folding forms in the next episode (after DV Sergouvo).

1. Do the children of the early and the youngest preschooler, in the form of the organisation's organisation, grow their hands. Before the end of the day, we work hard for children, post control of the process, show the success of the children, add the results and learn the results, and get the results.

2. Doruchennya yak form of the organization of the practical actions of Vikoristov from 3 p. In the dovruchenny Doros formula, obgruntovuyu її meaningful, vidіlyaє kintseviy result і able to dogoyagnennya. The process itself vikonannya doruvennya to be created by the boy himself. In case of labor, the labor force should be often subjective, the characteristics of the motivational components should be increased, and with the wikonavskii, the child.

3. Pevnu to the world ініціювання містить taka form of the organization of pracini ditini, yak obov'yazok. Ініціатива ді parti polagaku u Vikonannі zvichnoo sprai systematically without nagaduvan adult. Obov'yazkovіst takoї help ditina rozumіє to mind the vidpovіdnyh explanation for adult: to whom sіd schodno polivati ​​kvіti; before going to bed, carefully fold your home. Dorothy preachin systematically Vikonuvati singing. If the labor on the right is to turn into a zvichku, Ditina herself chooses her vibe зас, draws and dawns the result, organizes and controls the process of practice. When zmіnі stabilnym minds life zvichka Ditini shvidko ruynuitsya. For example, rebirth of the birthplace on a new place of residence, move the dithini to the children's small garden and give a systematic way to tackle it through 1-2 times to bring it to the front side.

4. Sub'єktnіst ditini naipnіche rozkrivaєatsya from pracі for vlasy іnіtsіtivoyu. Qia is the form of an organization of pracci ditini vinikє, for example, of a preschool іку for the drain of a positive opinion of the elder to the manifestation of a child’s self-righteousness. Skills of self-organization are transferred to the labor force from the village, de initia ditini manifest itself in front of you. For example, come in front of a guest up to a two-brother, child of lead, put things right in your way.

WISNOVKI about ovolodіnnya doshkіlnikom new types and forms of practice:

- the development of labor activity on the basis of a mutual relationship of the superspecific tendencies to self-sufficiency (indivisible) before the inclusion in the extension of life (integration) to the end of life (integrated integration) until the end of life is inclusive (integrated integration) and until the turn of

- to the main views of pratsi, just to find fault with the early and pre-vikal periodes of the practice of self-service, gospodarsko-pobutova pratsya, pratsya in nature, manual practice;

- Organizational child priests should be picked up for the help of such genetically lasting forms, as we grow up pratsya, doruchennya, obovyazok, pratsya for vnyasny іnіtsіtivoyu.
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Ovolodinnya doshkіlnikom new species і forms of pracі

  1. Peculiarities of sexual education by students of schoolchildren
    The process of development of a schoolchild means the formation of a basic structure of the main structural components. Uchbovu dіyalnіst uchennі mastered in sum_snіy dіyalnostі with the reader, the scholar is guilty in the mind of the Vikonuvati elementi tsііі dіyalnostі samostіyno, without presenting the reader. If Ditin comes to school to break through the wake of all the systems from the back of the house. D.B. Elkonin
  3. Maintaining at home patients with advanced forms of malignant neoplasms
    The general practitioner has to tackle this difficult clinical task with many unknowns, since in addition to the symptom complexes caused by tumor growth, one has to take into account paraneoplastic processes, “second diseases” induced by active treatment methods, the exacerbation of pre-existing chronic diseases. The main organizational principle in the management of such patients is not
  4. Examination of the working capacity of patients with special forms of coronary heart disease
    When examining the ability to work in patients with spontaneous angina pectoris, it must be borne in mind that the seizures occur at rest, more often at night, between 24.00 and 8.00 hours and manifest as a rise in the ST segment. Therefore, the examination of temporary disability is considered in the context of unstable angina. After hospitalization in the hospital, the attending physician relieves from work for the period of treatment. Then
  5. Diseases of the central nervous system associated with various types of insufficiency, intoxication and radiation therapy
    Vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies are a common cause of neurological diseases. The consequences of such defeats, once arisen, often remain forever. Although vitamin deficiencies can develop in people who are otherwise healthy, they are still found mostly in people with eating or digestive problems. Thiamine deficiency (vitamin B1).
    M.S. Anisimenko Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Novosibirsk The purpose of this work was to determine the frequency of occurrence of some oncologically significant mutations in the population of Novosibirsk. So which mutations were analyzed? Conventionally, we have identified 2 groups. The first included mutations, the association of which with the appearance of breast cancer can be considered confirmed. It's 4
  7. FEED TOXYCOSES. Animal poisoning caused by poor quality, improperly prepared, untimely used feeds and non-traditional types of feeds
    Toxicoses are attributed to this group of poisonings, which occur as a result of the receipt of toxic substances from the feed. It may be feed containing sodium chloride (salt) and fed not to the type of animals for which they are intended, as well as urea (carbamide), spoiled potatoes (potato bard), corn containing nitrates, improperly prepared for feeding
  8. Interconnection of work labor dityliness and preschool gri
    The important role of the labor of the child is related to the significant, in the future, for the development of special features. The results of the preschool education are not comprehensible for anybody, ala yaksche ditina will not be lost in the first half of the year, then the substitute will not be formed by the age of the elder, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, but then the same age will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not have the same size as the elder. Retail
  9. Rozvitok components in the structure of labor
    Assignment be-yako dyalnost vimaga ovolodіnnya the main components of the її structure. Yakscho ditina volodіє vsima zimi components, won’t zonna vikonuvati dіyaln_st samost_yjno, without zapnі help. The structure of labor activity associated with the structure of the structure of human activity, including the motives, values, and control of the assessment, is the way of the Viconian. Doshkіlnika formєat yak internal, so і
  10. Spinning spacing doshkіlnika odnolіtkami
    Becoming a spouse of mutual relations and peers from one's peers, including the development of special educational activities. Spіlne perebuvannya in a child's little garden from the early morning, instilling in children rozpod_lyati spіl-nі_tstsya own актив activities, do not dare to one. So, skin Ditina pribiraє sviy odyag at his shafku. Persons show mutual understanding between preschool children and early adults, but not to wear a character
  11. Razvitok samotsotsinki at doshniklnika
    Provide a role in formulating self-predominating preschoolers in a post-situational situation, and in a positituative-specific form, in addition, and also intensive development in a separate environment. Spilkuvannya to the st_єyu sphere of dіysnost_, yaka akumulyuє all psychic functions of the child: її uvagu, spriymannya, pamіyat, mislennya, emotsi. Psihіka th singularity ditini nabuvaе very quiet
  12. Labor activity of the preschool child yak of the reunion of the profession of self-assignment
    In the case of preschoolers, they put together spriyatliv umoy for the formation of a ditini neobhіdnyh for the inclusion of a dorogyh dakosti in pratsyu, for viroblennya cob laboring that skill. For the future, the task is another task of the newcomer can be done for the most effective development in the workplace. Naikrashcha entertain themselves the most positively in a positive way
  13. Rozvitok samosvіdomost_ senior doshkіlnika
    In the older preschooler we have the difference between two aspects of self-relationship - self-initiated and self-contained. The image of “I” includes the folding of the system of powerliness: special, particular, state of the art, of imaginary hours of dynamo. Completing the image of “I” into a meaningful world of zavdyaki rozvitkovі from a senior doshkіlnika vmіnnya rozumіti yourself, assimilate your internal stany,
  14. Rosewatch mіrkuvan doshkіlnik
    In the case of preschoolers, the death of the child is visible, the stench is accelerated. Continue to reunite with practical practical actions, shortly after the rest. Mixed up chimdalі more spiraєtsya on uyavlennya that form, shaped by a minul dosvіdі. Pіznannya d_ysnost_ in a preschool walker і will be in a uniform form. Operative images and roby missions
  15. The nature of the plot-role ї gri doshkіlnika
    Дгри deіtey doshkіlnogo vіku doslіdzhuvali M. Ya. Basov, D. B. Elkonіn, O. V. Zaporozhets, D. V. Mendzheritska, O. І. Tikha, S.L. Novovolova and іn. The image of a grown-up, youthful social connection between the roles of a nabuvak and a predator of a rooted-up character. Yakshcho u early vіtsі vnaslidok included ditini u dії doroslikh yak ob'єktu іх turboti і pіkuvannya golnom ёlement iz dorogogo for the boy Bula yogo
  16. Osoblivost_ malyunka preshkіlnika
    Doshkіlnika mozhlyvosti in ovolodіnnu obrazotvorotchuyuyu d_yaln_styu significantly zrostayat zavdyaki rozvitku samosvіdomost і, rozsirerennu pіznavalnogo dosvіdu. The mammnism of the maryunkivka doshkіlnika is significantly accelerated. Winnings are completed before the start of acquaintance with the rest, rosette of the young romance and image of the creative mind, indivisible and state-of-the-art singularities (put it to the subject, interested in). Yakscho children
  17. Sotsіalna situatsiya rozvitku doshkіlnika
    Demanding the development of an end-to-end and one-on-one development of individuality. Spilkuvannya with a large rozgortaєtsya on the basis of the sign of self-similarity of the child, the broadening of new knowledge from this day. Provisional spolkuvannya at doshkіlnikіv є mova. Youngschool doshkіlniki set "thousand" power. Stinks of wanting, kudi znika nich, із чого зроблені зорі, chomu cow
  18. Characteristics of etychny pochuttiv doshkіlnika
    In the process of development of individual development, participation in collective forms of activity, in which it is necessary to form a warehouse of goods on the back of people (Kotirlo V.K.), as well as socially important, as well as the numbers, as well as the numbers, and the numbers, as well as the numbers, and the numbers, as well as the socially important values ​​of the stock At tsiomu, the importance of a great economic situation is the same as the preflator. Vinikayut not just okay vmіnnya rozumіti
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