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Before the reform of the system of the study of Ukraine, the control of human rights and the hidden in the beginning of the process, which is necessary in the ambassadors of the psychologic, de active, active role is the role of the subjective act of the person.

Becoming a subconscious ditini to lay straight ahead in a mature, young, respectful, patient, tactical shift, in a step up to a personal match, in a lively warm day, in a warm and warm atmosphere.

In case of preparation of a student, the author envisions his task in the form of students who have such a pedagogical position, for those who are interested, they are self-sufficient and not special, before the volunteer and initiate. Provider of the teacher, with the virginity of the necessary knowledge of psychological psychology, they have a chance to rozpіznavati і pіdtrimuvati pedagogically meaningful show the activity of ditini, hide the knowledge of the scientific course; Spiral on bazhannya іnteresi vihiovantsіv with the form of them in their coats that chimdalі folding knowledge about otochuyuyuch, with ozbroєnnі іх namivkami spіlkuvannyy dіyalnost_.

The student's training before the start of the vigilanage began to know his art of art and craftsmanship through this way, through those who want it, those who have been taught by the teacher with the help of a teacher with the help of his teacher and his teacher, he will study problems with his teacher, who will work with a teacher with his teacher and his father, and he will study with his teacher, and he will work with his teacher at the same time as a teacher with a special training program, which will be taught by his teacher, and he will work with his teacher.

During the development of the Victory Day, the materials of the naval and methodological methods of G.
O. Lyublinskoi. O. O. Smirnovoi, G. A. Uruntavvoi, V. K. Kotirlo, S. Є. Kulachivska, Yu. O. Prikhodko, S. P. Tishchenko, S. O. Ladivir, O. L. Kononko.

Using the main principles of child psychological psychology fragments of experimental robots O. V. Zaporozhtsya, M. I. Lіsіnoї, L. A. Wenger, A. G. Ruzskoi, V. K. Kotirlo, O. O. Smirnovoi ta іn.

The student will add lectures to the course, put the vocabulary of the most important ones to understand that list recommended і і і ік ір і і ітроі.

A course of lectures to go to five moduli, just like 28 lektoynyh those. Rozpodil of the primary school on the fifth module of the traditional tradition of building up to the design of the main stages of mental development of ditini, and also the need for a detailed overview of the preschool insight, most importantly, of the profession, which is the most important, Before the leather lectures submit a list of literature, Vikoristoo when I was written and recommended by a pending student vivchennya. Posilannya in the text zabloveno for zagalnim list of literature at the end of the day.
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  1. Peredomova
    The scientific knowledge of the XX century gave a great deal to atomic energy, technology, transportation, new, innovative, laser, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and technological technologies, as it was, to the jyusha, as well as pharmaceuticals, and technology, to the jyusha, as well as pharmaceuticals, and technology, to join the jyusha, and pharmaceutical technology and technology, to get to the jyusha, and the pharmaceuticals, the technology, the technology, the yyusha, the pharmaceutical, the pharmaceutical technologies, and the current to the jyusha, the pharmaceutical, the traditional technologies, and the current to the jyas, the pharmaceutical, the traditional technologies, and the next to the yyas, the pharmaceutical, the traditional technologies, and the next to the yyusha, the pharmaceutical technology and the harmony, and the pharmaceutical technology, the newest yyasya, the pharmaceutical, the pharmaceutical technology, At the inter-third and third third, the new science was born - bioetics, it was harmonized with all the new and new developments.
  2. Peredomova
    Virginity problems of the world Professional activity of the administrator is of a psychological and educational nature. From
  3. Peredomova
    The initial address of the writing of the letters to the new programs of medical sisters and undergraduates is to be done on the basis of the most important medical schools. At the beginning of the author, the health of the anesthesiology and intensive therapies of the main pathologic syndromes, which are developed in medical institutions. “Yak naiprostishe - about skladne”. Under such a devotion
    The book of L. Schelkunov "Food. Health. Signs of the Zodiac" (2000) was held in front of the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine, professor V. Grubnik. In front of me, it is said that the author, having proclaimed his unconventional piddhd before virishennya health problems kharuvuvannya, pіdіbravshi th naukovo obrunuvavshi ratsіoni, we harass the crookedness that characteristic components їжі
  5. Professional Code of Ethics for Psychologists
    (Bonn, FRN, 1986 p.) [2, pp.148-153] Denmark Code of Trophies draws on analogous texts, for example, on the “Ethical Principles of Psychologist” published by the American Psychological Association of Psychology and Psychology: I’m applied, on a job: I applied, on a job, I’m applied, in the course of writing, the American Psychological Association of Psychology and Psychology. mismatch is not just etichnі principles, ale nd interpretation of acts of law, supposed to be psychologized. Zokrem, the law about pharmacology
  6. Vizer V.A. Lectures on therapy, 2011
    On the subject - almost completely cover the difficulties in the course of hospital therapy, issues of diagnosis, treatment, as described, concise and readily accessible. Allergic diseases of the lungs Diseases of the joints Reiter's disease Sjogren's disease Bronchial asthma Bronchoectatic disease Hypertensive heart disease Glomerulonephrasafasditis Esophageal hernia Destructive lung diseases
    In recent decades there has been a significant increase in the number. patients with allergic diseases of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. Allergic diseases of the lungs include exogenous allergic alveolitis, pulmonary eosinophilia, medicinal
  8. Exogenous allergic alveolites
    Exogenous allergic alveolitis (synonym: hypersensitive pneumonitis, interstitial granulomatous alveolitis) is a group of diseases caused by intense and, rarely, prolonged inhalation of antigens of organic and inorganic dusts and are diffuse, unlike pulmonary eosinophilia, damage to alveolar and interstitial structures. The emergence of this group
    1. General measures aimed at separating the patient with the source of antigen: compliance with sanitary requirements at the workplace, technological improvement of industrial and agricultural production, rational employment of patients. 2. Drug treatment. In the acute stage - prednisone 1 mg / kg per day for 1-3 days, followed by a decrease in dose
    It differs from Leffler syndrome by a longer (over 4 weeks) and severe course, up to severe intoxication, fever, weight loss, the appearance of a pleural effusion with a high content of eosinophils (Lehrer-Kindberg syndrome). A long course of pulmonary eosinophilia, as a rule, is the result of a short-term, thorough examination of the patient in order to identify its cause. In addition to the reasons
    This group of diseases can be attributed to bronchial asthma and diseases with a leading bronchostatic syndrome, which are based on other etiological factors. These diseases include: 1. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. 2. Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia. 3. Pulmonary eosinophilia with systemic manifestations. 4. Hyper-eosinophilic
    1. Respiratory Diseases: A Guide for Physicians: In 4 volumes. Edited by N.R. Paleev. T.4. - M .: Medicine. - 1990. - pp. 22-39. 2. Silverstov V.P., Bakulin MP Allergic lesions of the lungs // Wed. med. - 1987. - №12. - P.117-122. 3. Exogenous Allergic Alveolitis, Ed. A.G. Khomenko, St.Muller, V.Schilling. - M.: Medicine, 1987. -
    Bronchiectasis is an acquired (in some cases congenital) disease characterized by a chronic suppurative process in the irreversibly modified (expanded, deformed) and functionally defective bronchi mainly of the lower lung. ETIOLOGY AND PATHOGENESIS. Bronchiectasis is congenital in 6% of cases, being a defect of fetal development, a consequence of
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