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Go vid zovnі zumovleno moral moral behavior to svіdomo ї

The ethical norms are presented in the svіdomostі ditini yak cognitive uvorvennya (uyavlennya) and do not speak to the role of the motive of їх behaviors: malyuk znak пот, yak pobrno, ale not zazhdi repair itself so. The spirit of the vikonannya moral norms of domesticism zumovlen_st: vimogi dorogo. Navigate the presence of a grown-up peregShu vikonannya ditinoyu moral standards.

Harassment of moral norms, supposedly superechat Bazhannyam ditini, breed a situation of internal conflict. You are to celebrate the rule of children on the right knowledge, not worrying. Yak v_dznachaє S. G. Yakobson, the nature of the internal conflict is laid out in the sphere of the spillwork of the child. In relations with dorosli - tse superechnіst mіzh zovnіshnіmi vimogami and special bazhanni ditini. In spіlkuvannі z peers - z_tknennya rіznopryamovanih іnteresіv. In case of a backward-looking vinic ере superchain mіzh vlasni bazhanni ditini and their moral sense of opinion.

At 5–7 p. Doshkіlniki go over the zovnі zumovleno moral morality to sv_domoi. The ethical norm is becoming a regulator of mutual relations between people, assimilating the mind of collective activity. Close control on the side of an older one is reduced. The storybook dithini stagnantly navigates for the development of an adult and a vipadka, as if ditina is embedded in the beautylessness of her own wine and does not bother herself. Ethical norm with the motive of behavior. Links are mixed with auspicious svіdom_styu і with auspicious behavior - meta і naygolovnіshiy indicator of moral development of the preschooler.

For podolannya konflіktu mіzh upmost standards yak zovnіshnіmi vimogami i sponukami samoї ditini, virіshalne values ​​Got formuvannya in doshkіlnika vіdpovіdnih experiences scho postupovo skladayutsya in stіykі Yogo representations to otochuyuchih that vistupayut motives Yogo povedіnki. Concepts ukrainian doslіdnitsya doškіlno ′ psihologіnyy V.K. Kotirlo and її spіvrobіtniki (Yu. B. Prikhodko, S. O. Ladivіr, S.. Kulachkivska, S. P. Tishchenko) rozkryli drain the form of a humane protest before the end. Such a henchman will arise from the preschoolers of the world, who will be able to live with him and his people, come to him for a second, let him do it when he or she does it. Minds

the formation of a humane statement to the shihshi є democratic style of vihiovannya, prompting on a positively positive and expressively mature to dini; Organizational activities of children on ambushes of activity.

Form a vzamozv'yazka etichno sv_domostіn і conducts spriyaut situation of a moral vibor, if the preschooler is virishu, yak in the lead: pіti on tsikavu stroller, or dopomgosti; z'isti tsukerka most abo share mothers; Fear yourself with a new game, or enter into it for the youngest.
Robbie Vibir on the Corist Dotirimannya Normi, Ditina, will be overwhelmed. Proceedings such behavior with a starter and should be required to apply norms.

In the case of self-made children’s sports enterprises, the senior preschoolers themselves will become responsible for each other, by donating their children a group of skin members. For example, for obdnan doshkіlnikіv characteristic є normi pіdporyadikuvannya bіlshostі that dotrimannya Cherga. So the norm of children vikoristovuyut for the next step before the conference, just like with the organization of special activities. Established by the children themselves the rules of conduct suttvo vіdrіznyayutsya vіd norms of morality, protec tively tied to them, v_dobrazuyuchi taki zagalnі etichnі principles, according to the law about fairness, within the rights of those who are interested in, they are rightful to those who are rightful and wrong, that they are right, that they are right, that they are right, that they are right, that they are right, that they are right, that they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right, they are right. Dosvіd vstanovlennya ta dotrimannya podіbnyh norms spriyaє to match important important principle of justice.

O.O. Smіrnova and VG Utrobіna attributed to vіkova’s dynamism a statement from her peer. In the younger ones, the preschoolists enter the baiduje (indifferently) staged up to the same age and that way, while the peers have advertized the former. In the middle of the preschool age, it is always up to the same age. Spіlkuvannya dітей will interrogate by subject subject of іgrovoyu dіyalnіstyu. Children jealously sposterіgayut for children of the same age, their success. Spenpees of their peers often manifest themselves inadequately: a comrade's success can be eased, but not lucky. Rіzko zrostakі kіlkіst that gostera konflіktіv mіzh children. A contestant of the same age is the subject of a post-ous branch of himself, straightened up on being crushed, impersonated to himself from the collective of children. Thus the rank of Ditina zavoyovu є inside out on the side of the same age. Up to 6 years, it is significant for the sake of satisfaction at the age of the same age, which will be more adequate. A peer of the same age is a self-proclaimed, centrally-esteemed person.

VISNOVKI about perehd to sv_domo i moral moral behavior:

- up to 5 rokiv of the Vikon moral standards of the children of the mother;

- the apparent assimilation of moral norms, supposedly superechat Bazhannyam ditini, breed a situation of internal conflict;

- at 5–7 p. Doshkіlniki go over the zovnі zumovleno moral morality to sv_domoi;

- with head brainwave to the conflict of mіzh with the ethical norms of the yak in order of the vimags and the sponucks of the self-made form in the humane protest to the otochuyuchy;

- henchina ditini up to the same age as a young man to evolve from a bayudzha up to a hawkish one up to a povagi specialty іnshoi ditini.
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Go vid zovnі zumovleno moral moral behavior to svіdomo ї

  1. Vchinok yak odinitsya moral moral behavior
    Vchinok - socially assessing the act of behavior, just to be inspired by perception motifs. On vidmіnu vіd іmpulivnyh dіy vchinok to_v_vіysnyuєtsya at v_dpov_dnostі і priynyatim namіr. Vchinok, as an element of behavior, pidporyadovanyk motives і metі dіyalnost people. In Nyomu there is a specialness - її provіdnі consume, staged to the end of the day, character, temperament. At the beginning I develop taki Risi
  2. Go to the vocabulary before the grammar
    In the early days, go through the passage of vocabulary before the rules of grammar. Strictly, this is a lexicon stockpile, and it is blamed for it; Stimulus tsey process subject dіyalnіst ditini in sp_vpratsі іz we grow. Dіyuchi with various objects, roshyryuchi kolo objects_v, yakі styut objects of dіy dіtini at 2 rocks, there is a number of
  3. Rozvitok moral svіdomostі ditini 3–7 rokiv
    Doshkіlnyi vіdznachalas ′ ukladnennyam spheri spіlkuvannya ditini z dorolimi y, especially, peers. Zavdyaki inclusive ditini in ізні віди іяльності sprouting Іїї intercultural mozhnostі. The situation with the dormitory living is being switched to a system of special relations. All the goals of those who want to take up the folding standards of morality, just to realize the reality
  4. Understand the structure of that category moral morale
    Morality isn’t defined as a posture with svіdom_styu v_dnosinami. Saying,, about moralі structure can viokremiti takі її components: - morally svіdomіst (osnovnі norms, principles, motif tsіnnіsnі orієntatsії, categories: good, bad, obov'yazok, vіdpovіdalnіst, spravedlivіst, Sens Zhittya, representations to smertі, Happiness, morally self-dependence of people, honor, honor, conscience, litter); - moral dіyalnіst
  5. The nature of suicidal behavior and detectives
    The important role of the correct diagnostics and professional linguistic behavior of the behavioral in the Soviet medium of knowledge of the classics. Psychological sciences makatsya taka klasifіkatsіya suisidalnyh viyaviv. Food 2.1. Zagalnaya characteristic of suicidal behavior of suicidal behavior including suicidal behavior, revelation, experience, and also suicidal tendencies, middle
  6. Psychological and pedagogical minds of the form of ethnically svidomosti that the behavior of the child
    In the process of forming the ethos of the svidomosti of the moral behavior of the preschooler, the important factor is the servant of the adult dorogy. Спї spriimania ta rosumínnya ditinoi zgodomu lead up to a quiz on a similar situation in a self dyini. I want to touch a girl at the same age, the moral conduct of a critical critical attitude. It is easier rosum_yutsya і otsіnyyutsya ti yakostі, yakі dorosly naychіstіse
  7. Motivacial suicidal povіrіnki vіiskovosluzhbovtsiv
    Great value for diagnostics and transmission of suicidal behaviors in a vivchennaya motiviv takoї povіnіnki, oskіlki, analizuyuchi tse negative type of behavior, report in front of ushit vivchiti її vryshshshny Them є motives and motivations of suicidal behavior of a specific viscous service. The link to these, sco rznomanіtnіst motivіv і motivatsіy suіtsidalno ї behavior
  8. Special behaviors with different types of temperament
    Vіkovі osoblivost_ temperament vyalyuyutsya at all the wits porіznomu. Navit children - representatives of the same type of temperament rozrіznyayutsya in their own behavior and reaction. Yak mn M. І. Kasatkіn, for 25 rok_v vivchennya early umnyh reflexіv u neovljat vіn not zustrіchav two children h absolutely odnokimimimi authorities of the nervous system. Water hour, representatives of the same type of temperament mayut mіzh
  9. Conflict and assertive behavior of the professional activities of the psychologist
    The problem is, first glance, wigadan and navi t smіshna. Psychologist and conflicts ... Understand, b, nesumіsnі, ale ... Psychologist is very important. I yak wrote Ch.Lіkson, Vіdomy konfliktolog, "... as if your life is not confluent, look at your heart rate." Otzhe, konflіkti can vinikati in the life of the psychologist himself, but a psychologist can do it with the konfliktami of his klієntіv chi buty by the middle
  10. Methods і priyomi formivannya dosvіdu huge community behavior
    We are heading off at the process of forming a special situation яг dosygnennya єdnosti sv_domost і і behaviors. You can call people only if there are not only singing wimogues, but if you don’t need it, you can’t use it. Znannya, schto not pіdshtovkhuyut learning to positive children, stand by the curtain, behind the yoke to walk hypocrite. To that
  11. Method of stimulation and corrective behavior
    The main methods of the group are imprinting and puncturing, creating a function of stimulation and correcting individuality and specialty. Zaokhochennya - tse p_dtverdzhennya correctness of the vchinkiv, dіy ditini. The meaning of Yogo is that, in a positive way, the positive forms of people’s behavior can be manifested in different forms: vodyna, praise, commendation, state, city,
  12. Psychological characteristics of the service, which are suicidal to behavioral
    Suisidal behavior of the service provider, without transversal, is zoomed by our singing singular, psycho-psychological, neurophysiologic and other rice. For profilaktiki tako ї povіvіnki y vіskovomu sredovischі next іd nobility takіrisi i volodyti nadіnymi methods of diagnostics. Sered іndivіdualno-psihichnyh rice vіyskovosluzhbovtsya susikodalnu povedіnku namomperedu to form sv_dom_st і samosvіdom_st,
    The other half of XX century. Characterized by a serious zbіlshennyam kolkostі suicide. Qia tendencies especially virazna in economically rosinen krains. For Danim Svitovo ї Organizational Protection of Health, in other groups from 15 to 44 years, suicide caused by another from the main causes of death in Japan, the third - in Nimechchі, Danii, Switzerland, the fourth - in Canada, Australia, the fourth - in Canada, Australia, Australia, the fourth - in Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, the fourth - in Canada, Australia, the fourth - in Nіmechchі, Danii, Switzerland, and the fourth - in Canada, Australia, the fourth - in Nіmechchі, Dani, Switzerland, and the fourth - in Canada. Szhoroku sveti kinchayut
  14. Prevention of suicidal behaviors in high school.
    In accordance with the principles of professional practice of behavior, the robot system is robotized. Won mak include nayrіznomanіtnіshі come in without a secondary command vvivu (commander), vyhovatel i medical prstsіvnikіv on vіskovosluzhbovtsiv, at the same place in a search engine to be in order to get the most a miscellaneous the under the optics, on a jajn the under the o I wrestle at the hive of the fever
    Klіnіko-lіngv_stichna diagnosis of suicidal behavior (І.V. Ganzin, 1997) - a complex analysis of food and medicine, which is hidden on the basis of suicidal manifestations, psycho crisis, but of idiopathic ideas, I’m in the same way, I’m in the same way, I’m in the same way, I’m in the same way, I’m in the same way, I’m inadequate, I’m psychologically crisis, I’m stuck on a psychic For healings of diagnostics of sunshine rizik vyalyavatsya at: - to the direct vislovlyuvannі, and also in obmokivki abo undiscriminated phrases,
  16. Method i zaobi zakhistu vіd іонізуючихи віпромінювань
    Yakі isnuyut metochi zakhistu vіd іonіzuyuchy vipromіnyuvnya? Rozrіznyayut Chotiri metodi (factor) zakhistu vіd іонізуючого впроміювання: • Zahist hour. Less than an hour to contact an internationally responsible person, give me a dose of oprimea otrimana. • Zahist v_ststannyu. Chal dal_ vіd dzherela іonіzuyuchy vipromіnyuvnya, tim mensha otrimana dose. The deposit is square wrapped around it
  17. The problem of suicide and suicidal behavior in psychology
    Suttviyi Intes are up to the problem of suicide Naukovets in other countries. Analyze of the representatives of other direct efforts for the systematic, comprehensive and comprehensive development of the problems of the Ukrainian forces and important for the development of the mainstream of the new and new, and for the new, and I have to go to the main, for the new and new, and I have to go to the main line for the new core of the new core of the new core of the new, and I have to go to the main, for the main, for the main, to the main, and for the new and new, and I have to go to the main page to get the main application to get started with the main features of the main principles of the mainstream for the development of the mainstream For
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