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Prepared preschooler ready for systematic training

The main criterion for the readiness of the readiness is not the type and the language of the reserve. Ready to shkіlnogo navchannnya from the side of the integrated development of Ditini Poliga in the development of the development of the process, in the alleged features of the child's mis. For the first time we are preparing a booty before the school theme: “look at your eyes; poruvnuvaty, bachi podibne і dmіnne; Mіrkuvati, znazhodi cause manifestations, robiti visnovki.

Pererakhovanі vische vminіnnya to lie in the basis of the vidlennya ditinoi subject of svogo pіznannya і priynyattyya her nadchnalno tasks. Navchim tsim vmіnnyam slіd on the basis of the development of the process of learning - pam'yatі, spriynyattya, mislennya, uavy. Get to know the robot robot to expand it out of the question. The wits know with such power of objects, a form, a rose, a color, a taste, a smell. It is important to show the staleness of the power of the subject: the amount of fruit is the sign of this, the form of the subject is to talk about practicality in practice (round the wheel). In the case of the most senior preschooler, Ditin can deal with the tasks, operatively, without the participation of practical children. This form of a mislennium is called a figurative. For її rozvitku great value mayut productive views

- konstruyuvnya, malyuvnya, lyplennya, robot on nature. Here you will find your way out to show the result of your work, your plan, your work and your own plan.

At the bottom of the book “Train the mind of children” (Galbukh Yu. V., Georgiyevska V. A.) for preschoolers to follow the goals of seria tsikavih scream at the sight of the cartoons. For example, zavdannya on vyklyuchennya zayvogo object from the group "pear, apple, plum, cherry, cabbage"; chi on the subject in decorative objects of a special element; chi on the betting to the subject of singing. For the miroy zatsіkavlenost_ ditini in such zavdannya, correctness and usability of the vikonannya can be robiti visnovok about the development of rozovom rozvitku.

The main reason for the development of a miscellaneous doshkіlnika, as well as for the development of a young person on the whole is a special development. The standard reasons for scoring are as follows: на: confusion in family life, alcoholism, spilculation. It is necessary to protect oneself, to grow from a mature one to another, to a young one, to a young one, to one another, to one's own value. In spilkuvannі z zapolim formutsya that reserve knowledge, with yak ditina guilty comes to school. Sud enter:

1. Know-how-ness of doshkіlnik_v forgive the simple physical form. Golovne - formaviliya about the mainstream power in the vastness of the country

Інший straightforward knowledge - the manifestation of the podі і і їvuschі suspіlnogo life. Varto rozkrivati ​​children spіlny, collective character pratsі, uyavlennya about vzakомmodopomogu, humanity, patrіotizm. This is the basis of all the systems of the industry. Rozkrivayutsya tsi zagalnі ідеї in specific rozpіpіdyah dіtyam about life і friendship of children, about pratsyu і professionі dorogos, about the people of the people, heroes, about the traditions and holy our people.

The collective nature of the practice of rozkrivaєtsya on the basis of a particular knowledge of various types of people. For children it is possible to take such laws:

- use, chimi mi koristu є mos - speech, product, machinery. - pradseyuyutsya praceyu people;

- Pratsyu kozhen, schob zrobiti schos kinisne to other people;

- Pratsya - scratch obov'yazok people;

- people pratsyuyut at once, roblyachi one right, add one to one;

- the results pratsі zalidat v_d podlozhennya leather people to their obyov'vyazkiv;

- Machines, tehnіka to take the chill of pra-kyu people.

Rozkrivayuchi dіtyam pevnu system knowledge, most importantly from the central vyhdnogo ponytya, konkretiuyuyu yogo on different rifle butts. It is important not only to know the system of knowledge, or to show, as soon as they are placed before them.

3. Knowledge of the diploma including sound analysis of sound analysis, memory change in two letters. Mathematical preparation includes the shaping of singing (about the number, the number of parts, the date, the problem, the magnitude, each of them).

Otzhe, rozumova readyness, including, from one side, singing a rivne rozvitku spriyatyattya, pam'yatі, mislenya; From іншого - ённий store znan about navkolishniy svіt.

VISNOVKI about pіznavalnu prednok preschooler before systematic navchannya:

- ready to school on the side of the integrated development of ditini Poligaє, in the first place in the development of development of the procession, in the special features of the child mission; in a friend's way, have a reserve about knowledge about dіysnіst;

- the most important warehouses of the readiness of readiness of the child to look at the subject matter of his personal knowledge and primacy at the beginning of the task;

- Formation of ready-to-be-ready readiness to be primed on rozvitkov і і і інвальні і і міттів дітін - pamáyatі, spriyatnya, mislennya, uavi u protsessі spіlkuvannya z doroslim;

- acquiring knowledge of what is known, ditina is guilty, comes to school, including such blocks, as a familiarity with the simple phyzic name; A statement about the pods and forms of the sustenance; the adoption of the letter of the diploma.
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Prepared preschooler ready for systematic training

  2. Motivatsіyna ready ditini to school nachchannya
    Rozglyanemo povnіshe zmіst leather warehouse warehouse zagalnoy psihlitya psychologically ready to shkіlnogo navchannnya. Under the motivational readiness of the romance of the bazhannya vchitisya, staged to school and in the wake of yak to the seriousness of the day. Ditina come to school with singing motivations. What is the structure in tsomu vitsi? Penalty societal motives are in new worlds. Peasants motives are related
  3. Psychological readiness ditini to school nachchannya
    Psychological readiness before school is a combination of maturity, it is up to the structure to enter into special, interactive and socially psychologic ready. Psychological readiness including health of a child until a new social position is set for the schoolgirl, manage the behavior of their behavior, their own romance, singing and dancing, ready to live up to their wages, ready to live up to their wives.
  4. Emotsіyna ready predkіlnika to log in at the system of interconnection of the middle school
    In the minds of schoolchildren, children are not guided, they are not successful, and they’re done with teachers and comrades. The moral behavior of the doshkіlnikіv is correct, and it is necessary to supervise positive emotions and emotions. Entry to school means for child life, connected with the stranglehold, non-heroic nature of education and peer educators. Dzherelom childish
  5. Retailing pіznavalnyh processes_v pіdlіtka
    In the personal training process, you will see the importance of your business, you will be able to take advantage of your parameters to the “high-growth” pivot. Zokrema, underframe development, are specifically people, socially zumovlen_ see and p_znavalnyh processіv: dovіlna that vіrnya uvaga, respectfully, theoretically, misunderstanding, verbal-logical memory, memory. Ensure regulatory regimen, in our own home
  6. Razvitok pіznavalnyh processes_v senior pupils
    Razvitok pіznavalnyh processes_v senior pupils zaumovleniya zalinalnom character yogogo rozumovoї іyalnostі. Rozumovy rozvitok upovіlnyuєtsya at a pace, ala yakіsno vіn significantly accelerated, to take advantage of the formula for everyone, as a system to look at the dynity. The senior pupil ovolodіvaє folding іntelektualnym operatsіyami, vіdbuvaєtsya sutєve zbaagachennya understand, diferentsіatsіya іnteresіv,
  7. Razvitok pіznavalnykh protsessiv at younger schoolboys
    Rozvitok v_dchuttіv і spriiman. In the process of learning there are breakdowns in the educational processes, which are characterized by great success and seriousness. Stinks of zokremya in rozvitku spriimenya. Kіlkіsnі zmіni fayagayut zrostannі shvidkostі perebіgu process of the spriymannya, the number of the number of spriyatyh ob'єktіv, rostirennі obsyagu äh zamamyatovuvannya toshto. Yakіsnі zmіni are themselves
  8. Volova ready ditini Vikonuvati vimogi school
    The next parameter is the readiness of the child to school in the world - the world of peace in the organization of his personal activity. Awareness of knowledge about community activity at a child’s age is characterized by its inadequacy. Ditina to learn, the head rank, in the process of gri, living practical practicality, or in the immediate middle of the park. Znannya nabut for tsey perіod, є
    Such pedagogical psychology is specific to the psychology of psychology. Won the dowry Psychology doesn’t have psychology
  10. Klasifіkatsіya navchannya
    Classics for the subject. The subject is the tsachchanchannya movi, mathematicians, pratsі ta іn. Tsya osobliv_st svіdchit about those who are just a devotee is guilty to the good of the nobility of his subject, the method of his own virtue. All the trick is not the same as the change of mind of a successful robot. Ale tsogo not enough. Vchitel is guilty to the nobility of psychological psychology and lawfulness of the knowledge of the subject matter, as well as other special schools,
  11. Models of learning
    Uzagal'nyuyuchi vidi nvchannnya, you can see their models. І. Informatsіynі models navchaunnya, just realіzuyut uyavlennya pro those, basically the main method navchannya є ovolodіnnya znanyannymi, umіnnnya, naivkami, vіdbranimi on the basis of the principle of naukost і, system, accessibility, natochnost і. In the basis to lie the message about the learning process, the information process, the polarity of the sprites, the savings and the vision and
  12. Fundamentals to the problems of development and development
    Such schools provide food for the development and development of the mass media, meaning that the service staffs are annoying: 1. Mi pragnemo until the whole development, the special feature cannot be satisfied with the form of people who are using the same form, they will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the same time, you will not be at the comfort of 2. By another official, пи Tempi, the development of science, the scholar’s ​​knowledge, knowledge of the school isn’t possible, - it’s unmodestly uninterrupted
  13. Understand about the learning that yog psihologіchni mehanіzmi
    The beginning ч by the system of didactic inventions, which are assigned to you by the methods, methods, and forms of presentation of the initial material by the means of this law. Nachannyam ascend their own etalon of marriage, which is obligatory for all the scholars. At the beginning of the є і і ​​н н і в і і,, р теорет теорет теорет теорет теорет theoretical і до So, Yu.I. Mashbits write, scho have vtchiznynyі that and above
  14. Psychological basis of the foundation
    Have psychologic psychology doslіzhen enter zm_st vnachalnyh subject_v that their structure. Stop the drain on the foundation, and to that of the skin educator, learn the vpl of specialties to the structure, the structure of the primary subjects for the completion of the studies on psychic development. Zm_st navchannya v_dobrazheny from the program, scho concretized at pіdruchniki that pіnіbniki. V.V. Davidov formulated a number of pilot
  15. Manage the process
    In theories, knowledge of the problems of the psychology of knowledge showed up. Usagaluyuyuchi, you can tell, they stink to group two characteristics, firstly, they’re rooted out of control, in a different way, they can do it, they know their knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. N.O. Menchynska, analizuyuchi tsi direct, p_dkreslyuє, scho stink
  16. Theory of Learning
    Significant vpliv on zagalnuyu theory the end of the day is asocious, biv_ryistic is the genetic theory of the end of time. The essence of tsikh rozkrit straightforward in the history of psychology. About links їх with straightforward writing І.A.Zimnya. Understand the association firstly Aristotel zaprovadiv. Vіn podіlyav asotsіatsії on Chotiri vidi - for similarity, contrast, sum_nіstyu in spaciousness, in part. Understand the associations
  17. Methods of conducting the call of the MPZ command and command tactical navchannya
    The methodology for conducting a call of the Ministry of Defense of the command and command tactical training at a special warehouse in the military unit (p_drozdilu) is well established. Yak rule, the defender of the commander of the robots and the organization of the three stages: the first hour of preparation before the command and command tactical navochnnya; in the course of the command and staff tactical training; on the stage of completion of the command and staff
  18. Social psihologicheskaya adaptatsіya pershoklasnik_v to mind shkіlnogo navchannya
    Adaptation of the first class before school has one of the most pressing problems of child psychology, the yak virushu раз time and again pedagogical, psychological, biologic, social sociological. The process of adaptation is the moment when ditini is established in the vigilance of the subjugal principle. In the first place, in the course of adaptations prior to the school curriculum of Ditin from the opposition in the system of conduct,
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