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Psychological processes of the youngest scholar

The psychic processes of the youngest scholar in vidnazyvayutsya from the end of the dovlnost and regulavanost.

Spirimania maxi so special:

• the function on the left side of the name of the ring and form;

• Significantly reconciles with the Yak crawled directly to the view of the significant value of details. Tsomu spriyaє written by the students of the works, descriptions, the works behind the picture;

• Formation of caretaking of rice ration (G. O. Lyublinska, O. I. Ignatova).

Uvag of a young schoolchild of the world’s name is mimic, and all the more important is the meaning of the word. A student can tell about how to speak in a teacher, show him at a doc. Water, steadfastness of dovіlnoi uvagi is insignificant, and the administrator is guilty of spiraling onto the field of learning, vikorisovuyuchichi means the value of nauchnostі (P.Ya. Gal'perin, I.V. Strakhov, L.I. Bozhovich).

Mixed up. When you enter the school of Ditin Volodіn on the basis of a figurative image on the mischievous diyovim mislennium. In this case, the lookout of the signs of signs, they are the basis of the umovivodiv that uzagalnen. For example, the teaching of the shortlist of virіznya prefix “to” at a specific value (“to tarry”), lower in the abstract (“to memory”).

In the wake of the first percussion, the child will actively form a theoretical problem, so as to be inspired from the middle of the world and spin on the development of the reflexive mechanisms of the psyche. Ostannie doskhoditelnymi V. Davidov, S. D. Maksimenko and ін.).

It is described to the highest of the cardinal lines of the development of the mission of the young schoolchildren of the psychic process of recognition of the glyphogenic images, which are worthy of the operation of the mission forms. The role of understanding and abstract components is misunderstood from imaginary and concrete warehouse. A protea is practical in that image and filled with important supports of a young schoolchildren mission, especially in the development of folding tasks for new tasks. For example, I don’t want to give in to the mathematics of a mathematical problem, Ditina to go to a scheme, a little girl, to a girl.

The operations of the mission are delayed by more and more situationally independent. It’s important that you don’t have a good knowledge of the subject matter, you see the power of the authorities, then the young schooler will be able to do something good, since the task is to go to a mobile form. The operatives of the young schoolchild of doslіjuwali taki psychologists, yak L. S. Vigotsky, M. N. Shardakov, T. V. Kosma, N. O. Menchynska, O. V. Skripchenko and іn.

Scout can be similarly significant for the sake of material, vrahovuyuchi rіznі yog components. To do this, pragnut rozglyanuti po_znavany subject from a whole, okhplyuyuchi all of this part, if I don’t bother me to get rid of them all together.

Analyze you should have a singing order, and not chaotically, just to be systematic about it. For example, virzyznyuchy chunks of a dog's teal, Ditin's robit is tse lastly - in a head to the tail. A handicap is called the name of the blocks, and then it is described in detail. For example, the dog has a head, tubul, lapi, hv_st. On the head of the dog pair of eyes, Vuh, Niss and so on.

Synthesis among the younger schoolchildren is revealed to the richness of the Vikonuvati taki zakdnân, iznachn yakn yaknachnya subject of yogoy oznakami, vnovanovlennya zvyazkіv mіzh t_lim іgoy ryogo partyyu (zavdannya to the type "viznach, i kkogo tree ti leaflets", "Pozhdnya (izdavnnya to the type" Viznach, from the tree of leaves and leaflets "," Goddess " they horn "). So, what did Ditin see Vikonu єrshe, the least similar to the character, just to tell you about the synthesis from the development of the different views (A.Wallon). Target in the characteristic features, the yaku was called “short zamikannyam”. There is no way that you can get rid of links between worlds with minds

tasks, deyakі them not znakhodit m_tstsya in mykuvannyakh ditini. There is a great deal of analysis of the minds of the problem, missing them in sutvіmenti.

On the basis of the processes of analysis and synthesis in the youngest schools, the folding of missed issues is formed: classifications, development, abstract, abstract, and specific.

Uchnі klasifіkuyuty items for the city spіlnymi signs. Geometrical lines in the form of a group for the form, rose, collar: cubes of red small, cubes of red great, cool blue, small of gold. In the younger schools, in the case of classifying orientals on internal issues, not signs, but not others. So, the stench in the wickedness of uvoriti gruppi svіv for oznakoyu їх prilyazhlenost_ to parts of the movement: dієslov, imenniki tosch.

With usagalnnyh young schoolchildren, all of my world oriental on sutvivi spіln signs. So, the stench is ob'єdnuyut in one group of tasks with concrete specific minds: to give an apple, a box, to another, tosch. Under the circumstances of the beginning of the conflict, they will be able to cope with it, and they will be able to move forward, and, besides, they will move to the left and right, and with the year and to the way of understanding. V_dpovіdno zmіnyyutsya results and usagalnennya.

Particularly good are the teachings of a scattering on a piece of subject matter, a nagatato pattern on a piece of an abstract materiel (words, manifestations). At the forefront of young schoolchildren, the minds of young people are commendable to their analitical-synthetic attitude to the widespread.

Abstraguvanna allow the children to see the power of the authorities of a particular subject. On the basis of zdatnostі to abstragvuvannya uchnі zavuyuyut first naukovі understand. So, teach usbnomulyut, just by the names of the names of the words on the designated object, and by words - the girl and the stan.

Develop and play before abstracting operations - concretization. Won vyavlyatsya have zavdannyakh, yakі vimayayut induction butt up to the vocal zagalnaya solidarity for the scheme “Vegetable growth on the city. Napriklad .... ".

Adequate development operations abstraguvannya і concretizatsii, usagal'nennya and klasifіkatsіІ servantє basis of the inductive and deductive minds. Bіlsh accessible for young schoolchildren н inductivnі visnovki, smystvnist and that yakyh lay down vіd nagromadzhenogo dіtymi dosvіdu (MN Shardakov). The stinks are manifested in the joy of dithini on the basis of their care for the sake of success. So, the teacher can organize on the level of

learned to write the chunks “not” from different words, and then try to understand the children, before the aforementioned move, to recite the words, “NOT” is written about them.
Children should steadily hang their hands: “Not” write okremo with the words ”. Water is being formed and deductive, based on the theoretical theory. The young scholar has deductive thinking with a meaningful world that they spiral into a duttrum, as well as into an inductive education. If Dzitina Uzagalnila chastkovі vipadki rules (іndutivny umovivіd), then it is easier to determine concretely, if the rule should be fixed (deductive umovivіd).

The memory of the youngest schoolchildren in the context of the mission of the important role of the master of the schoolchild, in the newborn social order of the past: the nobles, the minds, the beginnings. You can see the picture of your life and your kind with different kinds of pam'atі porіvnyano with a pre-war vіk. Zrosta дов meaning dovіlno I th word and log memory.

Significant cognition of the final school, the dumb Chimdal of the Zrosta, zumovlyu rossirennya vikristannya dovilnogo zapam'yatovuvannya. When tsiomu, children begin to ovolod_vaty priyomami zapam'yatovuvannya (mnemonichnymi priyomami): vikorisovuyut associative links, plan, support schemes, malyunki, repeated likewise. I would like to know what I’m doing with my devices, at once with my warehouse, plan, I will support the scheme. Obyazkovі і systematicnachnovchalnogo processu set before learning zavdannya dovіlno v_dtvorjuvati material.

In young school education, productivity, productivity, responsibility and accuracy have been recorded for the primary school. Zumovleno tse, zokrёma, deodication with the schools by thoroughly established mimic receptions.

Find out the exactness of the results of obam. At the same time, the use of як yakіsnі zmіni in cix processes. Thus, the pupils, who are involved, are more likely to spawn on their families, the main signs, and even the third graders of the world, who are on the same page, who are seen in the stories of specific species and their figures, are covered by specific figures, and they are seen in the forms of specific species and martial figures, and they are covered by specific figures, and they are seen in the forms of specific species and martial figures and figures.

In the young schooling of the misuse of the wrong way, the yak is especially negative in the next steps of the game. Namagayuchysya zapam'yatati yakomoga bіlshy obyag materіalu, learning to relax the robot over this osmyslennyam, spinning on a mechanical zapam'yatovuvannya. The reader should understand the rules and rules of children: zapam'yatovuvati tіlki pіslya order, yak zrozumіv. In the process of osmyslenia materiu, vimdvuvatsya mimovіlne zapam'yatovuvannya, yak zberіga importantly.

Rozumіnnya vnachalnogo materіlu servantє the basis of the development of a verbal-logically pam'yatі, as a new psychiatry of a young scholar, just because of theoretical problems.

Movlenia. The modern system of teaching the driver is wider than the training of the reader and learning for the rest of the way, which is visible to the development of the children. Razvivivaetsya taki parties movlennya, as a speaker and hearsay; see - monologue, letter, internal. All the signs of the progress of the movement to learn how to make a sign of austerity.

The rumor is not rosy due to the mood of the honored child. Schob ply tsei process, the master is guilty of the postnationally zberigati starring links with the class, control, yak children, and yo words. For tsogo wider Victorian znakhodit primary dialogue. Zavydyaki rumor rozryryuєtsya passive passive vocabulary.

Speaking of development in the processes of dialogue, so also in the lessons of the lessons in the lessons, they come to a monologue. Primary material of the main subjects of his special specialty of the term, the establishment of his own vocabulary and vocabulary. On the cob of a schoolbing perioda, Detin’s development is the same as the vocabulary of the vocabulary and the mathematics. Learning to start sv_domo put before his talk, to think about the correct promise of vyslovlyuvannya, p_dbiraє v_dpovіdnu form of the word.

Important nadbannyam young schoolboy є avodolіnіnnya letter of the letter, yak, they are under the speeches of the congregation. Pisemnevlennya - naibіlsh dovіlny view of movlennya, vimagak v_d uchnya neyabiyak zusil, povyazanih іz folding analitiko-synthetic dіyaln_styu on sp_vvіdnesennyu sl_v si vysennnyi, vyvlennuyu zykvkіdnesennyu sl_v s with the meanings, adopted by the jyvkіdnesennyu sl_v si vysennnyi, vyvlennuyu zykvkіdnesennyu sl_v s with the meanings, adopted by the jyvk_dnesennyu sl_v s with the meanings, established by the jyvkіdnesennyu sl_v s of the meanings, adopted by the jyvkіdnesennyu sl_v s of the meanings, established by the keynote, In the process of recourse to those who write letters to children, they have a vocabulary, a social organization, functions, and their syntax structure is tossed.

Reading about yourself spriya є rozvitkovі vlasne internal vyvnogo movlennya, yak vіdіgra important functions of the mission of that plan.

Until the beginning of the campaign, the schoolchild has to write the words and letters to the letters of the robots, simply create the letters, based on the rules of the grammar.

Vyava young schoolboy rozvivaєtsya from straightforward from the stand of її kerovanostі, realistichnostі, vtlyuvanostі. The reproductive role of the adversary is important in the romance of the schoolchildren, especially in the case of mutual appropriation. Design a servant with these props, dithini's misery. Water can form a specific and mozhnut process. So, visliv "easy hand" wiklikaє image visokhlo, thin hand.

Introduce yourself in the following way: ad nedifferential, approximate, static, rozr_znenih, from the support of the sprint to specific details, specific, interconnected, dynamical, from the memorial (A. Ya.

When you make a vikonannі zavdan on babies for ideas, when you write tvoriv chi kladannі usnyh povіdan, kazok intensively formєsya creative vyav. The dissatisfaction of the up-to-date training of pupils will appear in new forms, in the form of a combination of children, to move to the logical basis of promising images. With tsomu zrosta їh orіntatsіya on the sequence of ideas.

VISNOVKI about pіznavalі psychic procession of a young scholar:

- positive psychological processes of the young schoolgirl entertain themselves from the end of the day;

- In the course of the percussion of the perception of the child, the theoretical form of the conflict, the inner plan of this reflexion is actively formed;

- the development of a private house is hidden from the beginning of the development of the mixed mission of scientists;

- zrostaє meaning dovіlno ї verbal logically memory;

- the various sides of the movement (speaking and hearing) and that look (monologue, letter, internal) are developed;

- The statement of a young schoolboy is rooted at the straightforwardness of к kerovanosti, reality, vіlyuvanostі.
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Psychological processes of the youngest scholar

  1. Emotional-free process of a young scholar
    Emocian-free sphere. In the emoticon spheres of the youngest schoolchild of development, succession, badiyori, life education, ditina, showing interest and kindness to others. Water hours of a young schoolboy are ardently burkhlivі, Ditina easily vtrachaє rіvnovaгуa, vyhodit za itself, shilna to aktivіv (L.S. Slavіna). The main source of emoticons is the initial one. Intensively
  2. Pisal process
    The problem of the psychological psychology is important - the complete function and development of the psychological processes in the war in the minds of social psychology. Suttєvim zavdannyam є takozh vivchennya їkhnіkh viyav_v at the militant situation of the development of recommendations for commanders with the method of effective management by the perception of the hour and they were in a disciple. Pyznavaln_ processi - tse
  3. Singularity of a young scholar
    The singularity of the youngest schoolgirl is identified by a system of authorities, which were not in the hands of a preschooler. Ci powerfulness until the new youth special schoolchildren. Them is given to them, the inner plan is that reflexion. On the basis of the theoretical framework, without further knowledge, we will be harder to learn (V. V. Davidov, D. B. Elkonin). Dovіlnist poliga сам samoregulyatsії
  4. Dіyalnіst young scholar
    Navchalna dіyaln_st - prov_dna for the psychic development of a young schoolboy. On the cob of schooling Ditina Volodya with the elements of the beginning of the evening. For example, behind the order of the teacher, Ditina Vikonu was singing, right, the leader, and the structure of the initial structure of the system of interchangeable components of the system, with the help of a wide range of equipment. When ovolodіnn learn
  5. Formuvnya singularity young scholar
    Rozumov ploshchivosti. In the process of the cadets of the schoolchildren, the rozumovy rozvitok younger schoolchildren, vinyayut zmіni in the structural structure of the schoolchildren, at the spvvvdnoshennnogo of the main components. From the standpoint of the role of some structural singularities, or of the components, the role of those who are more or less dependent on each other. In the structure of the rostovo dіyalnost pershoklasnikіv with the providny є
    Rozvitok dіyalnost young schoolboy. For each perіdoizatsієu, adopted by Ukrainian psychologists and teachers, the life of children is six to eleven rocks called the younger school. When you decide between special cases of mental and physical development of children, they take it before you can go back to your home activity, which is staged at your place in the world. Entry ditini
    The topic logically prodovuzh і concretize knowledge, vzd zdobutі pіd hour vivchennya those "Psychology osobystostі" The mental components of psychic power (secrecy, character, health, temperament) are the components of the structure. On the basis of
  10. Boyev psychiatric trauma that psychologic reabіlіtatsіya vіiskovosluzhbovtsіv
    Do you need a psychological link for a psychological re-organization of war? In the first place, in the warriors, with a stretch of vocal time, the stress of the stressors of the factors, the elementary value of the battlefield, and the effectiveness of their fighting, are important. Stomlenіst - tse v_dchuttya weakness, powerlessness, v'yalostі, discomfort, that superconvening negative negative conditions, vtrat іnteresu
  11. Boyev psychiatric trauma that psychologic reabіlіtatsіya vіiskovosluzhbovtsіv
    Have a link for a Vinik need to be psychologically rehabilitated in war? In the first place, in the warriors, with a stretch of singing time, the stressful stress factor is rebuffed by the fighting force factors, and the elementary value is worthy of it, effectively reducing the effectiveness of fighting. Stomlenіst - tse v_dchuttya weakness, powerlessness, v'yalostі, discomfort, just supervodzhuyutsya negative negative stanami, vtrayu
  12. Razvitok pіznavalnykh protsessiv at younger schoolboys
    Rozvitok v_dchuttіv і spriiman. In the process of learning there are breakdowns in the educational processes, which are characterized by great success and seriousness. Stinks of zokremya in rozvitku spriimenya. Kіlkіsnі zmіni fayagayut zrostannі shvidkostі perebіgu process of the spriymannya, the number of the number of spriyatyh ob'єktіv, rostirennі obsyagu äh zamamyatovuvannya toshto. Yakіsnі zmіni are themselves
  13. The process of acquiring yak zm_st uchbovoa dіyalnostі uchennіv
    Zgіdno poglyadіv S.L. Rubinshteina, d.B. Elkonіna, uchbova dіyalnіst maє sviy zm_st. Yogi warehouse storage. Understandings will be explained in a different way, for example, asserts the mechanism of appropriation of suspiciously-historical dosvіdu, suknostnіn knowledge, meaning, moral methods and moral norms and rules of conduct. Sakuvnnya rozum_yut yak will fold the integrated intellectual activity of the people, the yak including all
  14. General psychology of the youngest schoolchildren
    Ditina in tsiomu іці is hidden on іntelektualualі zanyattya, sport toscho. To appear in the structure of the younger schools of his (I) and super (above-I). E. Yerіkson calling tsei vik latent "school". In tsomu vitsi ditina ovolodіvє elementary cultural skills, start at school, providdnogo dіyalnіstyu staю doyagnennya znan, zrostaє zdatnatnіst ditini to logіchnogo mislenny i
  16. Іndivіdualno-psichіchnі cause viіnnennya suіkіdіv
    The reason for suicide is psychic rozladi special. In the process a number of doslіzhen buli zdіysnenі spіvbesіdi with lіkaryami, pat__ntami yakikh bouly people, that poіm nichili pokit, drinking relatives and friends of pokyny і z_brany anamnest anamnesis. Otrimani danie about those who approximately nine o'clock of ten self-helpers for an hour, an act of suicide, suffered in tiy chi іnshiy forms vid psihichnykh
  17. Vyav in the youngest that the middle doshkіlnom vitsі
    Uyav doshkіlnika delimited by the lack of knowledge and knowledge. The water clock is burkhlivy child of fantasies zumovlene low critical mission. Doshkіlnik is easily obediently hostile and uncritically placed before the obsessed combo, especially with the younger preschooler (L. S. Vigotsky). The passive passive way: in one case, the combinators of education are not hidden in practical terms.
  18. Managing the biotechnology process.
    Masobmіn - intensiveness of the transfer of rosinenih from the water medium substrates of bioreactors with mecha- nical reconciliation and intense aerosol. The first hour of cultivation of aeroboids is a matter of humor and change. Proceed so vplivayut on the mass of oil:> Transfer of acid through gas phases of gas – gas> Diffuse gas rotated through gas-gas phase> Transfer of acid through gas phase to phase
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