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Psychic rozvitok novonarodzhenoї ditini

Psychic psychic and physical development with the help of preschoolers

The first period of life of the child is trivaє kіlka tizhnіv. Novonarojena ditina is active, scooped up on the vodzhennyh reflexes, that behavior ditini yak taka, I will be on the viroblennium for life reactions, viddsutnya. The activity of the child is fraught with moments of self-satisfaction of consumption of consumption, heat and energy. I’ll value the part of the newborns' sleep, sleep, periodically prokidayuchis, scho poig. Zberіgaєtsya fіzіologіchna zaleznіst baby by v_d materі, v_d of the chest year of the year that gієіnіchnogo doglyadu. Narodzhuyuschysya yak bіologіchna іstota, novonarodzheny at the social sotsialnogo otochennі shvidko nabuv є sotsіalnih sign. All the lives of children will be raised on the basis of susceptible ways: the fathers teach the child spatially for a long time that stimulate their activity in the day; Ditinu otozhuyut subject, neobhіdnі for bathing, godvannya, saving heat, іigshki. The depth of the іsnuvannya ditini vid dorogo, post_yny contact contact him to bring out the specialty to the next individual, malyukmagatatsya with his own dispositions to respect the dorogy. A scream from them at the new-born scream that cry.

The result of the first step is the development of a newly-wedded іz by close, dorimous windows in the new consumer area of ​​the split-ups and riches.

Perspectives of the reaction of the young child are found in the context of their development, the zokrem is set to the hour of the year. Looking ditini zosedruzhutsya on obschichі materі, ditina nibi zavmiraє, listen to the voice of materі. These reactions have renamed the zoo that of the auditory centering, thus becoming the basis for the formulary behavior of the child.

Under the eyes of the minds of the grown-ups, they should grow, because they live by the life of the child. View of the people for child characteristically negative emotion reactions, because of the stench of signaling for those who are not consuming, they are important for children.
The formations of a positive positive background, kindness, caressing, respectful, turbo wicked from the baby vіdpovіdnі emotsіynі reaction. Posm_shka novonodozheny vistupa first social emotsієyu, yak included in spіlkuvannya z doroslim і є svoєrіdnoy vіdpovddyu on lagіdt zvertannya to not Here are the first signs of the rightness of behavior of the child, on the basis of the yoke of the year, as the need for rice is developed.

Same in the area Vokalіzatsії virazhayut positive emotions zadolennnya, with pozhavlenlennya rukhovih reactions. Ditina Chitko virіznya є grown-up for a long time, showing a positive attitude to contact with him. In the case of children, the perfection of societal relations is consumed in those who are married and tied up by the complacency behind the help of the “complex of pozhavlennya”. Consuming a small child in real estate is implemented in a non-sequential, self-owned investment field in a yak providnіy dіyalnost nemovlyachogo vіku. Poyav "complex pozhavlennya" as the first form of behavior ditini friends about the completion of the new period about the ear of the child.

VISNOVKI about nayvazhvlіsh_ nadbannya at a psychic rozvitku new-born:

- on the first social signs on the basics without any second-half-year sportive growth;

- closure of the specific human behavior of the night in the first day activity;

- cob formating the first social consumers in pіznannі that spіlkuvannі;

- laying the foundations of the human form of behavior (in the first rumor of the middle on the face of a mature, Persha Sotsialnaya emotsiya - posmishka);

- the organization of chuttya grows shvyvshe rukhovogo apparatus;

- і development of the first form of behavior - a complex of pozhavlennya.
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Psychic rozvitok novonarodzhenoї ditini

  1. Psychic rozvitok ditini first rock of life
    Especially psychic rozvitku ditini to 1 rock povyazan zi zmіtsnennyam support-ruhhovogo apparatus apparatus dіtini organism, on the basis of a viral perception ditini zhopoplyuvati and trips the subject at hands. The hand of ditini at czomu to collapse is under the control of dawn, so be aware of the emergence of healthy steering coordinates. Under the influence of consumers, consume in the activities of Ditin, intensively mastering
  2. Psychic rozvitok ditini early vіku
    Early World War is marked by the emergence of fundamental lives over the edge: walk, subject matter, moving. Zavdyaki vіlnym pereusuvnya Ditina entered into the epoch of samostіnono ¬ є є є To develop an oriental space, the growth is possible. Dosyagnennya malyuka in ovolodіnnі subjects to kіntsya first rykho ryku life living in the early vіtsі special rozkvіtu.
  3. Psychic rozvitok ditini from 3 to 7 rok
    Uspіhi ditini in ovolodіnnі subjects grounded on the basis of the nasloduvannya zrazkіv doroslih. Pragnennya ditini to nasvіduvannya nabuvє generalizirovannogo character, be transferred from the specific way to the whole behavior of an adult, on yogogo vzamini z otoyuyuchi ni. See for yourself in the early past “the Holy Objects” of Ditin's Preschool Vika and go to “See Yourself to the People”. On the first
  4. Influencing the group of preschool mortgages on the mental and special features of the development
    Т.О.Рєпіна вирізняє onwards of the functions of a child cage group. 1. Regulating the behavior of the child of the same age on the basis of the socially acceptable norms through the social basis of the social group on the rights of responsibility. 2. Intensifikatsiya to the process of state-of-the-art societal and state-of-art diversification on the basis of occupational perceptions of the role of the behavioral leader. 3
  6. Fundamentals of the psyche of rozvitku ditini cordon
    All rozamіttya zarubіzhny doslіzhen children of psychological psychology held at the inter-level theoretical and direct, and most - biogenetic, sociological, convergence theory, and that person-centered personalized. Biogenetic theories (E. Klapared, K. Buhler, G. Wallace) on the meaningful biological determinants of mental development of psychiatry, especially for development
  7. Zahalne understand about psychic rozvitok
    The problem of mental development of central and central pedagogical psychiatrists has been ambiguously determined by the entire peri- ode of the development of psychology and psychology on the strategy of the strategic process. Perch for all, then clarify, in which the principle of the principle of understanding of the "development" of the most important objects of that kind of mental and psychological
  8. Vivchennya psychic specialties Ditini teacher
    Slaz roznіznyati naukovo-psihologіchne doslіzhennya ditini vivchennya vihovansіv teacher. Dosvіdnik vivcha psihіku ditini with the method of naukovich knowledge and knowledge about neo, in the direction of new laws, the minds will manifest mental manifestations and tosses. A professional teacher of a teacher who is mentally inclined to wear practical training, a teacher at a meeting of effective knowledge and knowledge of children. Noses
  9. Change your mind, think і rushіyіі forced mental development of ditini
    We wish for rozmіnnya nature of psycho і svіchnogo rozvitku є sp_vv_dnoshennya in ditinі natural і sotsіnogo, vrodzheny th nabuty. In the case of the people of Ditin from the organization of the anatomical and physiological structure, including the morphological and the phyzological authority and the law of the doctrine, become a nerve system, like the rest of the law, become a nerve system, like the law of the doctrine, become the nerve system, like the law, the system, the nerve system, the law of the system
  10. The problem of perіko perіodizatsі і psikіchny that osobist_snogo rozvitku ditini
    Psychic rozvitok - dilektichny, superechlivy, stiribkopodіbny process, to be stored from kіlkoh steps and іdbuvaєtsya from viglyadі spіralі. Inadequate efforts to develop the permissions to view your perfomance, so that you can find it, you can find out how to prepare your skin, prepare your skin, prepare your skin and get ready for it, and you will need to prepare your skin and get ready for it, and you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready, you will need to prepare your skin, you will need to get ready, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need to get ready for it, you will need your own training, you will need to get ready for it, you will always have your own training, you will need to prepare your skin and you will need to get ready for it, you will need to prepare your skin and get ready beforehand, you will be able to work on your skin, you will need to get ready for it, and you will be able to work on your skin and prepare it first.
  11. Zodozhennya znan schodo psihіchnogo rozvitku ditini from phylosі and natural nature
    Trivalium's historical period of knowledge of its psychological psychology was accumulated in the above-mentioned sciences: philosophy, pedagogy, and natural science. First of all, the ideology of the rozvitka of the people of Aristotle (384-322 pp. BC), which was the main reason for the development of the development of the people of the European life. The first pedagogical treatise in history is under the title of the title “About the Speaker of the Orator” і
  12. Vіkova perіodizatsіya psihіchnogo rozvitku ditini v_d narodzhennya before the last school
    For the practice of learning and learning of the child’s generation, it is especially important to rozkrittya the laws of mind and psychology of development on okremih vikovyh etapah tsogo vidtinku life of people. Usagalized in psychologic psychology periodization psychology development and development, and, nasampered, roboti D.Elkonіna, L.І. Bozovic, V.V. Davidova, I. V. Dubrovino, І. S. Kona, V.F. Morguna, N.
  13. Razvitok psychic functions
    Mova In the preschool children basically the dovgy and folding processes are completed. Up to 7 months, you can become a student and a miscellaneous subject, and also a subject of a special vivchen, an oskіlki when you go to school and start reading and writing a letter. Yak is a psychologist, Mova for Ditini is the only one. Develop sound side movi. Molodshі doshkіlniki begin
  14. Grid roll in Ditini up to 3 rokіv
    By prodigy of the whole preschool activity, become important to the brain development of the psyche and individuality of the child. In addition, as a grown-up organ, this is the first type of dityliness to lay out the success of the form of specialty of ditini. To this, the knowledge of the psychologic laws of the peace of life is important in the warehouse of the professional training of the leader of a preschool mortgage. Poyava gri have zhitty doshkіlnik
  17. The main theories of mental development of ditini
    Basic theory of mental development
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