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Psychological and pedagogical drainage development

L.S. Vigotsky respecting, scrupulously deep (sensitive) biking for developing, and vidtak i for laying the foundations of creativeness - preschool.

For development, creative and creative work is necessary for young people, especially for young children, their experimenters, posters for children, original decisions, and moves for inter-issues. Ok, I’m important to feed children’s psychologic psychology, in the middle of an adult, try children. If I won the treasure, what is it to fill in? Непї creativity nepomіtno go to the viconanny іnstruktsіy dorogo. І. S. Korostelova and V. S. Rotenberg to reach the reserve of the activities of the activists of a protest to a senior. The authoritarian henchman, goper_ka і emotsіyna coldness and bydzhuyst znizhuyut іnіtsіtivuyu, samost_іnіnіt ditini, wiklikayut vivchenu bepomіchnіst, znevіru u vsnni sil, it is worthy to be seen again now, again in a newfed

Іsnuє kіlka poglyadіv psihologіv with a drive I will put in organisation of a vzagmodiya дор to grow on rozvitok uavit that creativeness of children.

1. Creativity has been laid in the child’s view of the people. Dorossy is guilty for permissiveness when he sees the rest of the world; smut - do not dare to say it in samovirazhennі.

2. The turning of minds for rozvitku creativity without direct ї vzagmodії with the teacher. To cich minds J. Smіt vіdnіs:

• Physical: Adaptation of materials for creativity and can be done with them;

• Social-emotional relations - the growing atmosphere of security without a doubt is inevitable, if there is a sign of knowledge, it’s not the wickedness of negative growth;

• Psychological - formating in a child’s life by means of internal freedom, rozkutostі, p_dtrimka іnteresuu until vіlennya vlasnyh mozhnost vnaslіdok zaochochennya voroslym all artists to find ditini;

• Іntelektualі - development of creative tasks.

For the socially-psychological-pedagogical science of the authorities, the authorities are optimally optimized for the young adult to the self-dominant and self-creative work (MM MM Podd'yakov, O.M. D'yachenko, Z.M. Novlyanska, K.K.B. K. Cotirlo)). Razrobylyutsya priyomi stimulyuvnya, zahochennnya, zats_kavlennya, v_dpratsyuvannya ohremih operatsіnalnyh nachivk (for example, with care, priyomіv stvorennya obravіv uyav). Widely active, active, active, formulated, dividing the dowry (D. B. Elkonin, A. P. Usov)

Vrahovuvati vіkovі osoblivost_ spіlkuvannya ditini with peers і grow up. O.Є.Kravtsova showed that the position of an adult in a position in a child’s development was shown. In spkilkuvannі with the youngest preschoolers of dorrosleys є the position of the ignorant, nevmіlyogo, schob for additional replica і food to ditini roshkhatiati template, show, scho one і and the same task can be done in different ways. At 4–5 p. a stimulus ма zmagannya odnіltkami, yakim keruє dorosly: “Who will think about what you are looking for?”

From 1 to the head of the head of mind rozvitku uavi є included ditini in uyavnі situatsіі, de vona vikonu uyavnі dії - amusing, rozvagi (N. N. Palagіna). Storiit yavnu situatsіu dorogulyomu add help create literature and folklore, igrshki. Dorosly proponu ditinі zobraziti deyakі dії kazkovyh heroes: "" expose, yak ... "(bagik bunny, stribaє

Bilochka, Bіzhit chanterelle, walk vedmіd). The windrower is turned on at the bottom of the headset, rooted at the presence of the child: “We have a yak axis. Yak you call Katya? And tse Marinochka.
Let's grab it all at once. ”Proceedings Nabuvia self-sustainability of the trunk uyavnykh situatsіy, vikoristovuyuchshey volemnennya.

At 3 p. the main story of the children of the victorist of the subject-in-the-job and the situation. The basis for the victorist zamіnnikіv є automatization vikonannya dіy with real objects: a spoon, a comb, a carpet.

Effectively є stemming the problem situations, they sponukit ditinu shukati і vicoristovuvati subjects-deputies. For example, scrub, if you need to transport vantage, and vantazhnoi machines do not.

Order іz znayomimi objects іz closed functions in order to turn on the subject to include objects in the form of functionality: boxes, coppers, shmatochki tkani, paper, natural material (cones, bugs, acorn). Determined by them, above all the different meanings in different situations, in the vicarist ways, in various ways, Ditina has intensively mastered the deputies (E. V. Zvorigina, E. M. Gasparova ta іn.).

Okremoya uvagi merituzhu pitannya about the proclamation of a grown-up to childish fantasies. Byduzhit, znevaga, nebrozichliv_st, gluzuvnya doroslich zdogo drive gliboko obrazhdit ditinu, put bar'єr at rozvitku uavy. For example, “Khlopchik to lie on kilimi i robit rukh, nibi pliva. Mati kazhe suvoro "Stop playing durnitsyami." Khlopchik pіdvoditsya і angrily I translate: "Tse not kilim, but the river, I vzhe Mayzhe dopliv to the shore, and those ...", і go out obraz.

In rozvitku uavy doshkіlnika important role prodovzhuє vіdgravati dityacha book. When spriimani dityachi opovіdan, kazok sposterіgaєtsya two trends. In the spirit of Ditin, it is suggested to introduce the coercive text into the author's text, to punish the injustices, seize the weak. In a different way, look at the descriptions of the books in the life of the people and help them rotate in the same situation, de charity, de good, de evil. It is clear that the laws of civilization are governed by the laws of civilization.

At the middle and the most senior preschoolers, you can get together with them to start the planuvati, program your own activities for you. Prior to this type: “think, yak ..,“ tell me (sc) you will be a little girl, at the grab,

potory for gr. It is important to read formuli rіznі for folding the ideas and realisovati їх. Ci zavdannya effectively virishuyusya when organizing to grow productive views of children.

What is important is formulating the context of the rozvovogo rozvitku, zastanenya pіznavalno ї activeness and self-control of the child. Aja is aware of the need to bring food to "Choma?" And give them a look at them for help. Effectively, the problematic situations, the nature of the game, may not be ready for the solution of any kind of problem.

VISNOVKI about psycho-pedagogical mind drain development doyavnik:

- preschool Vіk - sensitive for developing a project;

- rozvitok yavit ditin tisno povzanyan za zvitkom її ya creativity, zi becoming special features;

- for developing a creative creativity with a child-friendly сп position of an adult, yada nadaє prostіr childish self-esteem, іціцінаності, zaohochuy naymenshі show imagination of imagination;

- rozvitok uavit ditini vіdbuvatsya in group and in the productive types dіyalnost;

- Okremim priymami formavnyavyavi vistupayut zakoochennya rozrobki conceived, before the plan of the first vtolennya, before the curtain of uyavnyh situatsіy; stimulating after five hours of reading children of literature; staging creative zavda, problem situatsіy ігрового змісту.
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Psychological and pedagogical drainage development

  1. Psychological-pedagogical mind drainage development uvagi preschool worker
    The task of dealing with the preschool vihiovannya - development of a dovіlnoi uvagi. Nadalon won to defeat the success of the school in schools, addicted to the visitor and control yourself. Psychological and pedagogical drainage of uvagi development: 1. Uvagi spinning directly lie in the middle of a mature adult. Organizational development of individual development of dormitory ma vidovіdati vіkovim special features
  2. Psychological-pedagogical drainage of mislennium
    In the development of the mix of children with the help of their harmony, according to the new motive of these components. Formulation of the motivational components due to the satisfaction of the development of consumer consumption. Zavalnym minds formulated in child pіznavalno ї motivational, democratic style of vihovans (M. M. I.), positive, warm, intimate, emotionally barred and worn
  3. Psycho-pedagogical mind drainage will
    The will is vested with the most important mental functions, the importance of the role of becoming the direct component of the central component of the structure of the special features. Razvitok this preschooler with a meaningful world of character characterings and a lot of vyhovnyh vpliv_v dorogo. The robot driver over the molds of the stock will be guilty held on the basis of the newest children
  4. Psycho-pedagogical mind development of memory
    Mimic bookkeeping will be locked on the material in the subject and in the dignity. Unspeakable. Vrodzhenu zdatnіst ditini to zapam'yatovuvannya neobhіdno rozvivat in the process of direct-to-his-motnogo spіlkuvannya dorogogo і malyuk. Approximately 6 mines will be guided on the basis of objects, which can be used for
  5. Psychological and pedagogical minds of the form of ethnically svidomosti that the behavior of the child
    In the process of forming the ethos of the svidomosti of the moral behavior of the preschooler, the important factor is the servant of the full-grown dorogy. Спї spriimania ta rosumínnya ditinoi zgodomu lead up to a quiz on a similar situation in the self dyini. To touch a girl to be straightened at the same age, moral behavior is critical and critical. It is easier rosum_yutsya і otsіnyyutsya ti yakostі, yakі dorosly naychіstіshe
  6. Psychological and pedagogical training of self-development
    Nagadaєmo, the self-propriety of the individual becomes the important side of the individual. Vidtak zagaln psihologo-pedagogical psychic rozvitku vypistost_ concretized v_dnosno razvitku samosv_domostі. Singularity and self-esteem are established in the process of activity and development, of different types of images. Nasampered, at the mutual understanding of that spilkuvannі ditini z doroshim z the first days of the life of the child
  7. Special features
    Osobnostі rozvitku uavy u doshkіlnomu
  8. Psychological and pedagogical priyomi vihiovannya
    Priyomi vihiovannya is the warehouse part of the method, just as it is, in the singing minds. Tom deyakі doslіdniki rozglyadayutsya method vihovannya yak singing sukupnіst priyomіv vihovno ї єєmodi i vihihovantsyami. The method of priyomi may be in specific situations one-on-one. Doslіdniki V.G. Rogozhkin (1971), M.І. Boldirev (1981), Ї.S. Mar'єnko (1971) see such groups of years
  9. Change your mind, think і rushіyіі forced mental development of ditini
    We wish for rozmіnnya nature of psycho і svіchnogo rozvitku є sp_vv_dnoshennya in ditinі natural і sotsіnogo, vrodzheny th nabuty. In the case of the people of Ditin from the organization of the anatomical and physiological structure, including the morphological and the phyzological authority and the law of the doctrine, become a nerve system, like the rest of the law, become a nerve system, like the law of the doctrine, become the nerve system, like the law, the system, the nerve system, the law of the system
  10. Bіologіchnі ta sotsіalnі mind of the psycho riche rozvitku pіdlіtka
    Chronology of the inter-year period - from 11–12 p. up to 14-15 p. The main role and specific character of the field in the transition from one child to the height of all aspects of development are physical, social, moral, and social. In the development of development, all kinds of burkhliv_smiths have sprung up, they have renounced the name “growth for growth”. Wake up the whole body pidlіtka, so it’s raised, in front of,
  11. Spіlkuvannya yak nayvazhvl_shhy factor of psih_chny rozvitka preshk_lnik
    Doshkіlne child - the importance of the mental period of development. Vik the actual actual establishment of singularity, behind the words of O. M. Leontiєva. In the case of children, intensively formed psychic functions, folding views and grades (grasses, matured with peers), blamed and motivated and consumed, self-sufficient, moral regulation and moral form of behavior. The most important factor of mental development
  12. Rivne rozvitku plot-role of the gri in a preschool artist
    Provіdna dіyalnіst in doshkіlnom vіtsі - the plot-role of Gra. Teachers of Won tsikavit yak such a form of activity of children, in the case of newcomers a new creation of this diko, and also a yak of the most important correlation of the development of a prescient. In front of those rozkrivaє zagalnaya characterization of the child of the psychologic psychology of the specialty of the organization, and now the standard shows
  13. Sotsіalna situatsiya rozvitku doshkіlnika
    Demanding the development of an end-to-end and one-on-one development of individuality. Spilkuvannya with a large rozgortaєtsya on the basis of the sign of self-similarity of the child, the broadening of new knowledge from this day. Provisional spolkuvannya at doshkіlnikіv є mova. Youngschool doshkіlniki set "thousand" power. Stinks of wanting, kudi znika nich, із чого зроблені зорі, chomu cow
  14. The main lines of rozvitku mislennya preshkіlnika
    The main lines of rozvitku Mislenya
  15. Peculiarities of cooperation with children of pre-school age with peers and their role in his psychiatric development
    Peculiarities of cooperation with children of pre-school age with peers and their role in his psychic
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