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The role of that ігрові dії doshkіlnika yak is the central component of the plot-role-play ї gri

In the structure of the plot-role-playing role, the central component of the role of the role is the suspicion of the acceptance of the behavior of people in different situations (D. B. Elkonin). At the age of children, they are responsible for the role, the history of the enemy is up to about 10. Not all roles are given to them, but 2-3 times they are the same. The role of behavior is governed by the rules, as the core of the role is. To the fact that the role of the povіvіnіn ditino vistupaє can take place, the development of dovіlnost, yak provіdno ї osobistіno sokosti. Ditina start vibudovuvati their behavior, podkoryuyuchis vimogam to role_, yak suspіlno skvaluvannogo zrazka behavior. Vikonuyuchi role, ditin strimuvnogo pesokonrednі sponokannya, do special bazhanni і and demonstrativno suspensions of behavior, behavior, turns of ethereal otsіnki. Want th want skushtuvu tsukerku seller, ale vіn tsogo not rob. Wistapuyuchi in different role-playing positions, Ditina Spriymaku situatsіyu with different looks: like a water bus raptically want the route - “passengers” will be protesting. Tse spriyaє development in the individual rozumnіnnya of our people on the basis of the mastering of the mechanism of decentration. Glashim watering hour staged rosumins of his own gobies from hundreds of people. The early days of the vereduval area were first-rate, my mother and her bulo vazhko. Vikonuyuchi, the role of mothers in the group, won out of sight, as a matter of fact, the daughter's daughter was rumored to hear. Otzhe, plot-role gras formє in ditini nachichki of social perceptions and mutual relations, but on the basis of individual positive people, rozkrivaє interlocking them.

The role of the devil is to close behind the rules of the adoption of the gri. The inconvenience of ditini viconuvati, the role of the water-power, means the unwillingness of the rules of the gris, seems to be condemned by the oddities, and the stinks of it are left unclean. Vidluchennya ditini vіd grie service guєorіnntuyuyim factor: ditina to be magnetized by Vikonati vimogi odnolik, sci buty taken by the group. And schobi priinyatuyu from the grooves, the necessary rules for the rules, tobto ditina zmushena pіdporyadovuvati its bazhannya, without intermediary impulses vimogam otochuyuchyh.

Thus, the statement of the ditini to the rules with the help of the preschool dictum of glycocliosis. On the first stages of the development of the plot-role gri, the rules for wearing are of a non-constant character, often collapsing, not wykuvazhev gravtsiv; Role of behavior of a child to be interplayed with impulsiveness.
At the offensive stage, the engravings do not pogodzhuyatsya pushenenam rules comrades th vimagayut realistnі v_dobrazhennya in the civic role of povorovinka doroslich: do not sell tsukerok; The lady does not dwell on the sidelines. For example, the pre-school situation of Ditin Svіdomo Vikonu rules, the argument of їх Neobhіdnіst: if you don’t have a lesson, you will not have a lesson.

Realization will be conceived by the gris, rozgortan ї ї ї ї ї storyline lіnіy vіdbuvatsya by the gate viconannya uchasniki gri igrovyh dіy vіdpovіdno to turn them roles. The role of the doctor, for example, the transfer of such roles and sequences: the introduction of “we love”, the first thing that comes to life, the secret of the memory, the way that it is written. According to the miri rozvitku plot-role-playing ї gri doshkіlnika іgrovі dії nabuvayut all the bolshoi zgornenostі, water іх kіlkіst that fold in іх posidovnostnі zrostayat. The hunger of the wild deer is manifested as a victor in the mental plane, the subject of the deed of the same name is given for additional help. So Yakscho for ditini 3 rokіv vazhlivo "goduvati" Lyalka, іmіtuyuchi schemes ruhіv grown of vikoristannyam tarіlki, videlki, spoons, cups of naborіv Kindergarten dishes chi їhnіmi zamіnnikami, then Senior doshkіlnika tsі dії zamіnyuyutsya words "my" donka "obіdaє I’m happy with soup, meatballs with pasta, and the axis of compote, piy compote. ” Thus, respect for children переносgrah is transferred to the process of young adults, characteristic of the singing function, on modelvnuyu vza мmin mіzh roles in usiyn іхній складності. Zrosta kіlkіst Momentіv spіlkuvannya mіzh roles, p_d hour yakogo vіrіshuyutsya rіznomanіtnі problems and vzaovmov_dnosin: who should give a “donkey” to the child cadek - papi chi mother; “Sinok” doesn’t want to be around - the “mother” of the young man, re-liking it.

Zdatnіst ditini di_yat in the mountains in the manifest plan of the banner with him are significant psychological conditions. Yak zazaznav O.Zaporozhets, on the basis of the basis of the igrovogo іyalnost have ditini form є rosumovyy plan: here is the system of the system, under the type, of the types of subjects і

Investigate the vіdnіnіnіnіnіnіnіnіvuvi reіznі їх uyavnі peretvorevennya, podіbnі tim, dakі ditina vikonuvala really і materіalnymi ob'єktami.
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The role of that ігрові dії doshkіlnika yak is the central component of the plot-role-play ї gri

  1. Rivne rozvitku plot-role of the gri in a preschool artist
    Provіdna dіyalnіst in doshkіlnom vіtsі - the plot-role of Gra. Teachers of Won tsikavit yak such a form of activity of children, in the case of newcomers a new creation of this diko, and also a yak of the most important correlation of the development of a prescient. In front of those rozkrivaє zagalnaya characterization of the child of the psychologic psychology of the specialty of the organization, and now the standard shows
  2. The nature of the plot-role ї gri doshkіlnika
    Дгри deіtey doshkіlnogo vіku doslіdzhuvali M. Ya. Basov, D. B. Elkonіn, O. V. Zaporozhets, D. V. Mendzheritska, O. І. Tikha, S.L. Novovolova and іn. The image of a grown-up, youthful social connection between the roles of a nabuvak and a predator of a rooted-up character. Yakshcho u early vіtsі vnaslidok included ditini u dії doroslikh yak ob'єktu іх turboti і pіkuvannya golnom ёlement iz dorogogo for the boy Bula yogo
  3. Osoblivostі plot-role ї gri doshkіlnika
    Special plot role-playing ї gry
  4. Priyomi active plot plot-role gri
    In rozvitku plot-role ї gri is not all the children, however, it is time to pass from the bottom of the river to the next. Porn_vіvаlіvіlі dітей, yaky sposterіgaєtsya vіdstavannya at rozvitku plot-role-playing ї gri провод and spend with them rozvivalalnu robot. In case of a psychologist (cyclists), refer to the signs of an inanimate gri in a preschooler: 1. Prim_tivnі one odnіntnі dії with objects; 2. Nesti
  5. Organizational plot-role Grid. _Grashki
    Organizational plot-role-making of a grid of preschoolers of transmission to an hour and a half of the past, trivolost, uninterrupted do-rimannie rules of bezpeki tehnіki ta gіgієni. The right time for the plot-role of the gri in the child's sadochka pripadad on the ranks of the year, the hour of a walker aboa after sleeping. Tri gri in the middle of 20-40 hvilin. At 3-4 p. Sei period zapovnyutsya Kіlkoma urivchastimi іgramy, senior
  6. Understand about the plot that the plot of the plot-role Grid
    In the plot role-playing scenes, creative for their nature, children are personally responsible for the plot and story, supposedly inspired by the main lines of the gri for singing the idea. The plot є the important warehouse structure of the plot-role ї gri. Win with the help of the team with the name of the column of messages, supposedly signified by us. Ditina, nasampered, ti plot, supposedly postponed in my life: the grace of the world,
  8. Formula redevelopment of the role of the gri
    Formulation of the secondaries of the role of the gri to become a relevant pedagogical task in the period from 1.5 to 3 p. The method of forming the secondaries of the role of the grigolan of the polygamids, in addition, is presented in verbal forms. Napriklad: “Sit at the table Lyalka and Vedmedik, garny, clean. Stand on the table tarry, rose spoons. Devchinka took a spoon and a goat goduvati - with a little Lyalka, and then Vedmedica. All
  9. Interconnection of work labor dityliness and preschool gri
    The important role of the labor of the child is related to the significant, in the future, for the development of special features. The results of the preschool education are not comprehensible for anybody, ala yaksche ditina will not be lost in the first half of the year, then the substitute will not be formed by the age of the elder, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, but then the same age will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not be formed by the same age, then the substitute will not have the same size as the elder. Retail
  10. Peculiarities of cooperation with children of pre-school age with peers and their role in his psychiatric development
    Peculiarities of cooperation with children of pre-school age with peers and their role in his psychic
  11. Pathogenesis of immunological pathology for the genre
    Yaka іsnuє zaleznіst mіzh great dozat ta steps zmіn bіlshostі powerliness іmunіtetu? The immunological body of the organization is filled with the yak of the great, so and Malikh doses of radioactivity, and also the same as yak of domesticity, and і vnіrіshnyogo oprominennya. Існує за за за м м м вели вели вели вели д д ступ ступ ступ ступ ступ з з з з з б б Schoz zrozumіti osoblivostі dії radіatsії on rіznі dіlyanki іmunno ї
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