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Rotation plan of the plan and the operative mission

Okremiy vazhlaviy directly at rozvitku mislenya preshkіlnika povazaniya іz planuvannyam, if rozumova dіya viperedzhuє practical. Psychologists have completed the role of a miscellany in case of virtual problem-solving tasks: put together a picture of flat figurines (G. O. Lublinska, Z. O. Gankova), give the subject a look at the visceral vazi (І., M. Zhukov), utrimati a crochet on the top of the table (A. A. Wenger). In the result of this, there were three etapies at the development of practical and practical training:

І. Molodoshі doshkіlniki not zavzhdi vicoristovuvot adequate to the task and deyu. Stinks start before the operation, objects are free of problems. The tasks of the rosumiata are superimposedly impacted: the viclasia of the fygurka is worthwhile, do not talk about osmyslennya pictures, just go.

ІІ. The middle-level preschoolers understand the task of the progress of the game, followed by their own results. Next, about the whole hіd roz'yazannya zadachі not vinikaє.

III. Senior doshkіlniki spiraling on his report about the rozvyazannya task. The stench can be the whole task of rozuzyat rozumovomu plan. Practical days follow the last plan.

Accumulation of dosvіd, rozvitok movlennya, pam'yatі, uavy allow doshkіlniku in advance to make a solution plan, formulate yogo, and then_ realіzuvati in subject diyah. Tobto doshkіlnik p_dhodit until the solution practical problems for internal plans for the help of the formula, without the beasts to practical days.

The formula in the datiini of the imaginative miscellany is connected with the intensive development of the rosy operations, in the basis of which lie an analysis and synthesis. Doshkіlnik porіvnyuє ob'иkti for bolshoy kіlkіstyu sign, nіzh ditina in early childhood. Dorossy mozhe davati zavdannya on por_vnyannya objevіv for two signs. Win a rozklada on the table of the trikkatnik of the rizny colour and rozmіru, take one of them and ask for the dithyna “Know the same.” Won with success and satisfaction with the Vicon, the type of “Know 10 differences”.

In our countries, children are more orienting themselves to sutviv spіln signs. For example, in the food industry, a picture з from the image of a bird is like a picture of a bottle of milk, a picture of a picture of a picture is curved, play all parts of the picture кор hooked by the hooked curtain, yak sviyskikh tvarin. Accomplishments in family life operations, vicarious events, good sense of mind for everyone, formulated operations, all-in-one activities, to a group of subjects for a basic type of family.
Nykrasche ditina vidіlyaє dobre znayomi їy groups of subjects, just as often as they see the subject of обyyi dіy: igrshki, furniture, utensils, dishes. With Vіkom Vinik є Diferentsіatsіya close klasifіkatsіynih groups: Dik і svіskki Tvarini, tea and table utensils, winter perenіt ptahi.

Pomils of classifications are related to situational situations: “a sofa and a bed at once, to stand in a room”, “iy iyat”, “iy on yourself”. Razvitku klassifіkatsії spriyaє the occupation of usagaluyuchih slіv. For example:

Natalka M. (7 r.) (Bere in the hands of the picture, rozglyada є 5 seconds. Repair є rozkladat. Ob'dnuє spіdnitsyu, coat, paying, pants.) Tse to that, sc odyag. Come on. (Bere kartki i rozklada.) Cow, dog, dog, kin - tse we domashnі tvarini. Now wild. (Rozklada: vvk, vedmіd, fox, zaєts. Pot_m rozklada: kartoplya, morkva, pom_dor, cabbage, ogrok.) Chain of food. What else is there? (Rozklada: bus, trolleybus, car, steam boilers.) Tse transport. Furniture (Rosklada: shafa, stіl, lіzhko, sofa, stіlets.).

Rozvitok rozovovyh operatsіy prizvodit before poyav in child of the deductive mission, pіd yakim rozumіє vmіnnya uzgodzhuvati your dumki mezhi themselves and usuvati superechnosti from their mine, around the correct visnovkіv.

VISNOVKI about special razvitku misleniya in preschool vіtsі:

- Vinik є mislenn дva dіyalnіst - child of the formula problem, vikoristovu є internal і snі sobi її rav'yazannya, experimentation; Rosum solution is practical;

- Miscellaneous doshkіlnika vіdbuvaєtsya from nachocyan-shaped forms_, vіdokremlyuєitsya v_d practical diy;

- in the course of solving the tasks of child of Vikoristovu taki way, as a formula; mіrkuvannya in the voice; Vikristannya porovnyannya u zagalennnya, analogy; visuzhnya mozhlivikh varіantіv solution, arguments; obgruntuvannya visnovkіv;

- Ditina is an intensive task of eating food;

- Vinikaє tsіlіsna picture svіtu, yakіy doshkіlnik pragne uszdozhiti superschelivy uyavlennya, clarify names, put up their cause;

- Explained by the words of the manifestations of the dynasty are given to a specific type, animism, low criticism;

- the sphere of misunderstanding of the devotion to the intersections of the situation, which is borderline wide, hid on the light of lively non-living nature, on the social manifestations.
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Rotation plan of the plan and the operative mission

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    Pіznannya begin to іz vіdchuttya that spriimennya. Informatsiya, spriyatyat for additional help organs chuttіv, zagalnuyutsya, osmislyuyutsya, tobto є materіalom mislennoєvoї dіyalnostі. Mishlennya through vіdchuttya i spriimennya pov'yaze іz zovnіshnіm svitom. Through the chain, they call the image of the image. In the course of the misdemeanment, it’s better than ever before, people on the way to the intersection
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    Psychological science of rozglyadє form and that development of individuality is active in the active subject of the prism of a new subject, as a “system of systems,” which is internal revolution and development, own development [43, p. 85]. This is vokokororganizovannaya і is motivated by the vіskovskaya dіyalnіst ішуче вппєє on the development of special features of the vіskovosluzhbovtsya. At the link of the link, oficer skerovu є its own tied up robot on
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  4. Development of constructive design in the end of the year
    Constructive behavior of the front wheel building constructions of parts and parts. Вї Vikonannya rozvivaє tehnіchni zdіbnostі dіtey, spriyaє rozvitkovі vinakhіdnitskih vmіn for validity. In case of constructional design, it is necessary to close the parts, the details of the parts, you can replace them on the details. With Tsitom Ditina pіznaє power of the skin ї details, rozkrivaє for
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    The value of labor dozhkalnost doshkіlnika rozvitok I
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    Spinning ryvitok і spіlno ї dіyalnostі peers at the end of
  8. Minion
    Penetration in taєmnitsi pіznannya names for more than one person can take part in the mission. Wondo vіdobrakaє dіysnіst usagalno - through words, MOV. There is no doubt that they are sensitive to the words, the head of the informant about the world light. Pochuttya, spriymannya, mislenya ан Lanki Single Act - pіznannya. Mislennya - tse mediately, abstractly, uszagalnene pіznannya navisch na volishishnogo svіtu,
  9. Psychological operations in the USA
    For the organization of the “psychological operations” in peace and military time in the United States and in the United States. The main food service has been developed for the potential of psychologic operations, for example, for the strength of forces and resources to achieve the same military-political course of the United States, to hold the President of the United States on the recommendation of the group for the art of the area for the art, for the United States, for the United States, to hold out the praise of the President of the United States.
  10. Psychological-pedagogical drainage of mislennium
    In the development of the mix of children with the help of their harmony, according to the new motive of these components. Formulation of the motivational components due to the satisfaction of the development of consumer consumption. Zavalnym minds formulated in child pіznavalno ї motivational, democratic style of vihovans (M. M. I.), positive, warm, intimate, emotionally barred and worn
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