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Rozvitok rіznih vidіv spriimennya ditini vіd narodzhennya to 7


It is convenient to have an approximate radius of 2–3 meters in front of the main transfer of your own perebuvaniya - lіzhechka, strollers or a playpen.

At tsyomu, the space malyuk begin to walk, enter into and manipyuvaty with objects.

In early childhood, the word for the beginning of the rosum is the word for a grown-up, as if to add help to the vastness of the word. Kommentuvannya dіy malyuka at the vastness of the words doroslich (tagori, down, far, close) allow ditinu enough shvidko zrozumіti basic storovіv_dnoshennya.

When roku malyuk ovolod_vaє walking, yak rozshiryє yogo zhittєviy prostіr, vіn self-sufficiently get suck from kіmnati to kіmnati. The development of the subject of such a process. The system of wide-spaced coordinates is characteristic for people, at a point where they have become established. Intensive rozvitok obyazhni dіy zumovlyu і vidіlennya provіdno ї hands (most of the right)), for the sake of the most active participation in the subjects of dіyah. Ditina ori-intuit in straight ahead, backward, burn down, right-and-right, or fall in that direction, as much as the body, head, hands and controllers ruin dawn (M. V. Vovchik-Blakitna). The sign of large-numbered vnoshnich at Movlen nechtke, uzagalnene, just to be turned at reversal of the victorist vkaznyh zaymennik_v "here"

“There”, meaning of yaky to be clarified for the help of gestures in “hostility” from this situation.

Movlennya role in prostorovomu spriymannі zrostaє in doshkіlnomu vіtsі, and znizhennya situativnostі movlennya only be sold to poznachennya prostorovih vіdnoshen for Relief slіv i, yak naslіdok to rozumіnnya ditinoyu zalezhnostі prostorovih vіdnoshen od vіdlіku point. Ditina’s talk about the vastness of the wicked way out of sight. Formuvnya bіlsh uzagalnikh uyavlen prostіr u eldest preschool vіtsі zbepepechuє zdatnit ditini thanksní directly і mikhodno іnshih osіb that objevіv.

The most important type of sprint, just to follow the forms for the beginning of the mother, at the end of an hour. Tsei kind of spriymania is important to give a child through vsdsutnіst bezpredrednіh nachnyh viyavlen hour. Once an hour comes after the occasional date and vyavlyavatsya yak process vikonannya dіyalnost, yak nabuttya subject of singing songs, yak zmіni, sco uinikayut zovnіshnost_ living organisms (zrostannya, starіnnya). Vіdnosnіst in fіksatsії promіzhkіv hour just bilshe worn, nіzh from a large-scale spriimannі: nezabarom, tomorrow, in a choir, on the day of the day, they wake up at one o'clock. To exact the right time to lie down for three years and to the character of nature, I will become a people in Denmark. Trivial promіzhkіv hour

Pereots_nyuvatis (passed 5 khvilin, and people were created, sco 8), or abbreviated. The triviality of the podіy, perіmod vikonannya tsikavo Robot nedootіnuyutsya. Children are not logged for hours, lurking around their rozrіnnennі, do not argue with a duo trivalі chasi perіodi (Rik, table).

The important role of the development of the sprint is that it is possible to repeat the rhythmically repeated procession, the mode of the day, until the end of the day, to catch the first days of life. In the absence of a new year in a child, it will be closed specifically to the people of the day activity and the need for a service. Zavdyaki tsomu ditina vіdrіznyaє day і nіch, to occupy ıh naybіlsh pomіtnі signs (in the day of svitit sonechko, vnochі - mіsyats toscho).
Up to 3 p. children watch out of order specific hours out of each other with different signs: (early evening), follow the instructions of the regime of the moments of the moment: wake up, wake to the room in the evening - the evening, sn_dak, marvel at the TV show "On the dobranich, children", a lot of signs. Ditina preschoolers begin to follow each other’s hands, often caused by the cause of the plin. Vnaslіdok such uyavlennya ditina іno і translate the lines of godinnik, schob ochikuvana podіya came shvedshe, abo schob vіdklasti її. There you have to go to those hours of the work, the year of the year: hvilina, godina, ext. Familiarity of the calendar with the calendar form є у у у яв The main role of a rozvitka spriyatyatya hour to lay down to a dorothy, a yak vidіlyaє chasі vіdrіzki, vvanovє іх links to the darling of the boy and iznachacha word (T. D. Rіhterman).

On the basis of the work of M.N. Zubaruva rozkryla painting, the drawing of the beautiful with a dokkilnik:

І рівень - the youngest doshkіlnik. Ditina radіє know things, yakі vpznala on karttsі, ale do not understand the subject of the subject in that way. Maluk nerdko plutu zobrazhenu і realnuyu dіysnіst: magnetizіrіrvati s pictures nalovanі kvіti abo take nalovanі apple. So ask them to talk about the ones that the malainiks are no longer the right person for them to be the deputy, a sign of the real object, and the little one wasn’t as good as the image of the world. The beautiful-ugly osenka is practical in nature (vibrating a picture with a shade that “Lyalka bude stvitat tudi odyag”), I will see the significant things depicted for the Viconoyan dey (“that you must go there, you can go to the dacha”).

ІІ r_ven - middle doshkіlnik. Ear of usdnomlennya elementary vlasna natural aesthetics, just to pardon a picture of privatized. In the liberty of a wiklikє in ditini primnі emotsії, just as the basis of the shape of the natural weed. The signs of a greedy stout, in front of the color, their relationship, then - the form and composition, the vastness of the springs of pictorial art.

ІІІ riven - senior doshkіlnik. Artistic image of the image of rozshiruєutsya, add some poderednіm dosvіdom ditini. Tom won’t see pictures of the interiors of the image. For example, Ditina will describe the picture: “Boss Trimmeru. Vin, melodiously, walking on the little street, sitting in the woods ... »i d.

VISNOVKI pro rozvitok vіznih vidіv spriimenya ditini:

- Ditini to kinitsya preshkіlnogo vіku vymyuyvatsya vidi spriimennya for forms Іnnuvannya materії (open space, an hour) that for zmіstyom spriimani ob'єktіv (spriimannya creation mytsetstva і litterturi);

- spriymannya to the expanse of a ditino of a polyagan at formvannya vyavlen about the fundamentals of prostranov_v_dnoshennya (burn down to the left, lіvoruch, pravoruch, far, close), about a point vіdlіku at their іх іхінці);

- for the formation of an hour, the important role is played by the repetition of the regime moments, of the backbone supports of the hour of the calendar;

- Ditina virznyak є tak_ vіdtinki hour, yak Khvilina, Godina, day- nich, Doba, Tijden, m_syats, Rik;

- the beauty of the beautiful is rooted in the beginning of the origin of the natural ages on the basis of the practical significance of the image to the most natural criteria (color, form, composition).
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Rozvitok rіznih vidіv spriimennya ditini vіd narodzhennya to 7

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