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Retail of doshkіlnik

Naybіlsh Іntensivno zdnostnosti begin to grow at a preschool age. In the behavior of the individual chimdalі zrosta є share її vlno ї activism. Even worse is the appearance of the priestry bazhannya ditini to try it out for themselves in various games. Malyuki are being dabbed in nevpinno dіyat, to fall to the enemy, they are delivered by the organs of the snout, prygnat speak. Ditina will need zasosovuvati and development of her new people. Подобy follow the rules of the yakoya-nebud mark, obeyuku ochіkuvanі results zavydyaki vlasnim усusillam, cope with singing vimogami і with tsomu spilkuvatsya, zvertati on yourself uvaty, zustrichachi skvalennya. Little children are already in power Pragnennya before the participation in life. At the ci rock, the activity of the visitor is up to Igor, before the fantasy is the most characteristic of preschool children. In ігах зміцнюється і рвивієся people luduska actively vplivat otochuyuche. They have a ditin manifestation of an inconsistency, experiencing an increase in the story, redeemed by the new.

Children want to roznіznyatsya for rіvnem vyyavlennya them zagalnyh health: practical and that. Health doshkіlnikіv molded in rіznoanіtnyh species dіyalnost. For rozvitku pіznavalnyh naibіlsennaya meaningfulness of the situation, in yak vyalyaatsya

The active activity of Dini, її dopitliviy rozum. In the preschool community, the irregularities are related to the wisdom of the children. Ditina samostiyno abo at once with her peers shuki and zadozhit zadachi for poshuku. P_znavalno active Ditina stale leader for their comrades. The axis of the two hlopchikyuyuyu have a shvidkіsnu highway, like a servant of the shop. Rapta, on the road avarіya: і grashkova machine with great shvidkisty z'yzhzhє at "failing", falling from the bench. Children, troubled "avarієyu", vzhe ready to go up to Іnshoi gri, ale to one of them іdeya come: wiklasti vzdozh "avtotrasi" "parkanchik" for additional help. He is glad to accept a proposition that has become the first person. Go ahead with the new ідї: zakapіpiti palichki plastilіnom, earn a little parkk oboh storіn toscho. І Kozhn times one boy showing himself a yak ініціator, and інший - yogogo pomichnik. In children, they are asserting themselves in health, they try to learn to experiment, to joke, to understand the hypothesis, to propose. Water art is such children see high levels of rozvitka figurative forms pіznannya d_ysnostі: spriynyattya, figurative memory, naichno-figurative mislennium, uavy.

Central to the structure of the localities of the world of the modern model on the basis of the power of the subjects, of the spacious ones, the images of the art literature, the logical parties (L. A. Wenger).

Pіznavalnі dіbnostі klasifіkuyut vіdpovіdno to okremih etapіv pіznavalnogo protsesu: on etapі spriyatnya іnformatsіі (touch); on etapі analizu, pereprobki informatsіі (interntekualnіi); on the stage of practical vicarist knowledge (creative). Sensory health problems develop especially intensively in the process of the sensor touch etaloniv

3-4 fates. The preservation of the etalons by the dohkіlnik is carried out until the conviction of the authorities of the subject, which are signified by the word. Children should be familiarized with the options of the skin power system to systematize them, if, for example, they should be manifested in the spectrum, phoneme lines, and etalon geometrical forms.

The basis of the development of interconnected health is the basis of the current model: the deputy, the ready-made models and the necessary models based on the deputy and deputy head. By the finished model, you can imagine the plan of the kingdom of children, de children to study orinstvii. Potim stinks begin with a plan like this, in order to get things done in uk-yak-nebud with our wise badges, for example, style - with a lace, sofa - with a straight-forward speaker, and style - with a trikkatnik. In the first story, the children began to construct the objects for additional graphical schemes, and also the warehouse scheme itself.

In creative works, on the first plan is to entertain.
Pong viyavlyayutsya vipadkah in quiet, if not for ditina dіє template proponuє i realіzuє origіnalnі rіshennya way to practicality that іgrovih tasks viyavlyaє tvorchіst that otrimuє takі її products, yak malyunok, Tale, opovіdannya, konstruktsіya.

Practical health doshkіlnika manifest itself that is formed in rіznomanіtnyh types dіyalnost - grі, image, creative, labor, pobutovіy. For children, for those who are most important for their peers, to complete their activities are organized by the authorities. Doshkilniki with such health features are interpreted by the children of the children of the right, Igor. Stinks are given in the words of the voslovlyuvati proposes that priymati іх vіd comrades, in a visually high-spirited self-interest without viyavіv hvalkuvostі, zarozumіlostі, zdrostrovіv; To the good of the women, to the rozpod_lu obovyazkіv vіdpovіdno to the skin and skin intercourse; to control the rules of order; In the world virishuvati superechlivі nutrition and conflice without the introduction of mature, who decided the partner before the certificate.

Practical health is manifested in the rudeness of activity of the citizens of high temper, the strength of the body, spritism and grace of the ruins, of the heart before the folding of the collapsible systems of rukh. Taken health is the basis of the viconannya sports vidіv dіyalnost, dance, ballet.


Have bagatyh dosity dosit early wyvayutsya specials health. Among them, for example, music. Vіdomo, scho ñ early viyavlennya muzichnyh health of the little little from the works of Wolfgang Mozart, Lyudovka Beethoven, Jean Batista Lyulі. At the same time, sasasniki v_dznachalim, sci zagalnyy rozumovy rozvitok tsykh dіtey not buv chimos vidatnym. So, Mozart is grave on the harpsichord, if you don’t want to win a word. Lyulі at 13 rokiv rahuvav lishy to five. Such psychologists also know how to do it, but the demonstration to the interlocutor is not providd by the author's musical abilities. The water clock at the Bolshkost muzno-stripped children is a rose-colored rozvitku vishche middle.

Doshkіlne child of the line especially with the mind to form for art. Doshkіlnik inclusions in all rozmaїttya artists vidіv dіyalnostі. Vіn spіvaє, dance, drink, babyє. In the case of children of preschoolers, such buildings, such as decorative, decorative, inclusive, composites, rings, shapes; musical, musical, melodic and rhythmic hearing, following the rhythm; theatrical-movable, to yaky include poetic rumor, virality of inttonation and mimic. Special health care is based on the basis of: singing the development of the development of processes, technical intelligence, and the same responsiveness. Moreover, the remains in the artistic health of the vista on the first plan.

VISNOVKI about the development of health of a preschooler:

- Intensive development of the health of the activity of the activity of the child, of the urban type, of the imagination of the child, of the imagination, before the fantasy;

- at children vіyavlyayutsya pіznavalnі that practical zdnobnost_;

- Painters health doskіlnikіv klasifіkuyut on the touch, interactive, creative;

- practical health are manifested in the activities of the authorities, the diversity of the body, the spritheness and the grace of the trees, the temptation before the folding of the folding systems; health centers lie in the basis of the sports event, dance, ballet;

- in okremikh ditey special ways of health - music, art, mathematics, and children.
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Retail of doshkіlnik

    Rozvitok zdіbnostey at preschool
  2. The development of health of the service provider in the course of professional activities
    Yak vіdomo, central zavdannyam, yak pokklikaniya virіshuvati ofіtser spіlno with our own commanders, є p_dgotovka voyna professional, tobto vіskovosluzhbovtsya, ready і zatnogo vikonuvaty boyov zavdannya. The success of the visit of the endeavor to lie down among the dominant authorities of war, is understood by the concepts of "health". In such a psychologia and progression through the development of history, the development is possible
  3. Razvitok samotsotsinki at doshniklnika
    Provide a role in formulating self-predominating preschoolers in a post-situational situation, and in a positituative-specific form, in addition, and also intensive development in a separate environment. Spilkuvannya to the st_єyu sphere of dіysnost_, yaka akumulyuє all psychic functions of the child: її uvagu, spriymannya, pamіyat, mislennya, emotsi. Psihіka th singularity ditini nabuvaе very quiet
  4. Vpliv spіlkuvannya peer at the psychic rozvitok preshkіlnika
    Spillwork і іspіlno ї dіyalnost іs peer at rozvitok preschool development naybіlsh pіtniy і p yatyokh spheres osobnostі: etichnіy, pіznavalіy, sosv_domost і, creators of health, zdatnost_ to spіvpkras Let's take a look at the spill of the same age as the children of the same age on the leather of the three spheres. 1) In an ethereal development, the formation of moral manifestations, a humane imposition,
  5. Moving a personal mobile dowel
    Success in active children are manifested in appropriate forms of movement, significantly more importantly, but not in gestures and situationally. They are contextual and explanatory forms (A. M. Lushina), until the end of the pre-war period, everything is wider. Situationally mnelennya zalishaєtsya with tsomu wider form takozh. Suttєva vіdmіnnіst situational d
  6. Rozvitok samosvіdomost_ senior doshkіlnika
    In the older preschooler we have the difference between two aspects of self-relationship - self-initiated and self-contained. The image of “I” includes the folding of the system of powerliness: special, particular, state of the art, of imaginary hours of dynamo. Completing the image of “I” into a meaningful world of zavdyaki rozvitkovі from a senior doshkіlnika vmіnnya rozumіti yourself, assimilate your internal stany,
  7. Rosewatch mіrkuvan doshkіlnik
    In the case of preschoolers, the death of the child is visible, the stench is accelerated. Continue to reunite with practical practical actions, shortly after the rest. Mixed up chimdalі more spiraєtsya on uyavlennya that form, shaped by a minul dosvіdі. Pіznannya d_ysnost_ in a preschool walker і will be in a uniform form. Operative images and roby missions
  8. Spinning spacing doshkіlnika odnolіtkami
    Becoming a spouse of mutual relations and peers from one's peers, including the development of special educational activities. Spіlne perebuvannya in a child's little garden from the early morning, instilling in children rozpod_lyati spіl-nі_tstsya own актив activities, do not dare to one. So, skin Ditina pribiraє sviy odyag at his shafku. Persons show mutual understanding between preschool children and early adults, but not to wear a character
  9. Rozvitok doshkіlnik
    Doshkіlny Vіk with a cob etapom formuvannya singularity. In the case of these children, they identify such special features, as a subordinate motive, enforce moral norms and form the same rules. The subjugates of the motives of the Poles, in that the motivation of the behavior of the preschooler is not easy to understand, but enter into oneself at the same time. This goal is not just a fact in the name of the battle
  10. Razvitok obrazotvochochno ї dіyalnost_ preschool
    Rozvitok image of creativity
  12. Rozvitok components in the structure of labor
    Assignment be-yako dyalnost vimaga ovolodіnnya the main components of the її structure. Yakscho ditina volodіє vsima zimi components, won’t zonna vikonuvati dіyaln_st samost_yjno, without zapnі help. The structure of labor activity associated with the structure of the structure of human activity, including the motives, values, and control of the assessment, is the way of the Viconian. Doshkіlnika formєat yak internal, so і
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