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Samosv_dom_st - newliness singularity pіdlіtka

Zmіni samosvіdomostі becoming the main newborn in a psycho piddlіtka, a good reason for usvіdomlyuvate yourself yak singularity - a member of the organization and participant vnosnin. Glybokі zmіni in the structure of the special features pіdlіtka zumovlyut yogo osobluu sensitiveness to the attainment of norms, values ​​that are capable of behavior, pritaminnyh doroglokh. The reincarnation of the norms of the children’s needs for doroslea, the emergence of the special matrimony, is a virtual role in the family position of the elder (D. І. Feldstein).

Pіdlіtok not just uskivdomlyu zmіni in their experiences and behaviors yak show growth. Until the end of the year, the central location of the new home from the homeland is almost dear to us, but it’s worthy of a great deal. When you feel respectable, they are characterized by superspecificity. Vono couldn’t have been able to be sufficiently strong, as it were, b pidlіtok bów definitely would be good for his height. Win usdomlyuє, scho not zovsіm just dorosly, in fresh rice bagato childish rice. Protea vіn ochіku vіd otochuyuhih pidtrimki svogo pragnennya, rozumnіnnya svoyh folding the experience.

You don't need to be raised to the bazhannya nasl_duvaty doroslykh, if you want to help out with the behavior of your child. Growing up sub'єktivno tied up pidlіtkom not so for us, as a young woman from his elder (D.I. Feldstein). P_dlіtok namagatsya zayanit missse dorogogo in the system of real people who are on the subject of search, that for new call, the attributes of growth (self-attitude, independence, husband, smiles, odeag), your own, your own, and your family, your ideas and ideas;

Providently, in a form that is central to the new features of the complex, which is intimate and special. It is important to be so blunt, as a positive emotionally important, trustworthy, equitable one-year participant. Spikyvkuvannya tako ї supposedly mozhet rozgortatis, yak in vdnosinakh z grow, and і with peers. A protest in reality is the growth of a nabagato that is more than ready to be ready for a long time. Axis to which spilkuvannya peers nabuvaє for pіdlіtka especially significant. There you can grow up to you yourself - self-sufficient and independent.

Pіdlіtok usvіdomlyuє svoє right to povagu, samostііnіst, dovіru from the side of otochuyuhih. At the new victor іnteres to your ndivіdualnostі, rozdumi about yourself. Dzherelom іnteresu є pragnennya v_dpovіdati vimogam otochuyuchih, usv_domity svodolіki, sco zvaryat spіlkuvannu (N. І. Gutkina). To that prov_dna funktsiya samosv_domost і pіdlіtka - sotsіalno-regulatory.

The development of self-attitude is especially intensely influenced by the process of development and cooperation with the peers, which are perceived by the situation.

The most important factor is the unfolding of the self-sv_domostі є navalnaya dіyalnіst.
Pіdlіtok naikrashche learn more about their own power, tied to the needs of the process, systematically comprehend the systematic behavior of the teacher. Often the self-positive behavior of positive actions and the ruling of domagan piddlіtka depends. So pіdlіtki shnilі to aktivіv - emotsіnyh vibukh_v, zokrema, if the reader to put the yom otsіnki, the bottom for ochіkuvani. Water hour, dozhnі duzhe shvidko vіdgukuyutsya on dobrozichlivі zvertannya, on the positive side of the reader. If psychologically wrong, they should be identified with the reader as soon as they’re doing nothing, idiot, pіdvishchena sensitiveness to be-yakyh otsіnok. Pidlіtki gostoruyut dobrochichlivo ї і tactkno ї pidtrimki from the side doroslih, yaka b added help vіlyuvati їхні прагнення to samostіynostі.

P_dlіtki adequately assess the interests of those who are poor, orient to themselves, oriental on the positive actions of others. Proceedings stinks of finely seen-out persons-singers in human beings - in touch with each other, and then inside.

Pіdlіtki perebіlsheno sensitive to criticism on the same side as peers. Naybіlsh important for them to highlight the situation and kindly put the comrades to comrades, their skills. If you don’t think like a positive peer of your own age, then you shouldn’t be afraid of it, but you shouldn’t understand.

For the pivotal power of pragnennya to podolannya their short-lived, at the link with the perpetrator of self-control, try the controllable behavior. Pіdlіtok take over the solution vikhovati in his singing rice, or aboard himself, to protect them, try to implement his solution to the yoma not envy, just as it is in the same way.

Children of Ukraine about the Maybuttians at the Children’s Relationship with their thoughts about their humiliations.

VISNOVKI about samosvіdom_st yak new establishment features pidlіtka:

- p_dlіtok initiation usvіdomlyuvate yourself yak singularity - a member і of the participant і the participant mіzhozobistіsnyh vzaєmin;

- centrally located at the self-development of the piddlka - respectable, just like in pragnenniy buti nd voroslim;

- provi dyaln_styu, in a form that is central to the new features of the complex, visually intimate and special;

- providna funktsiya samosv_domostі pіdlіtka - socially regulatory;

- for pіdlіtka power in pragnennya to podolannya svoyh nedolіkіv, at the link with yakim vinik є samovihovanya.
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Samosv_dom_st - newliness singularity pіdlіtka

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