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Social psihologicheskaya adaptatsіya pershoklasnik_v to minds school schooling

Adaptation of the first class before school has one of the most pressing problems of child psychology, the yak virushu раз time and again pedagogical, psycho-psychological, biologic, social sociological. The process of adaptation is the moment when ditini is established in the vigilance of the subjugal principle. In the first place, to that, in the course of adaptations to the school curriculum of Ditin from the opposition to the system of conduct, as a rule, the share of it. In a friend, in the course of the process, a scientific team will be formed with a social and psychological basis. The relationship between schoolchildren and students can be achieved by special social functions, culture, behavioral norms, typical of the school.

Adaptation - is a universal form of mutual interaction between people and the middle ages. This is a socially zumovlene name, just like three different adaptive behaviors of people: biologic, psychologic, and sociological with the proving of the rest. Adaptive people motivate socially zumovlen_ consumed. The water hour is for the non-dominant and specifically biologic, accredited to the human organ. All tse is characterized by adaptaciu yak tsіlіsny biopsychosocial process.

The process of adaptation of perclass protest in all regions:

- to the biologicalist (pristosuvannya up to the new regime of learning life);

- to the psychologist (entry to the new system of wimogs, associated with the viconants of the beginning of the week);

- social (input to the collective).

All Tse oznachaє suttєvu perebudovu Zhittya, fіzіologіchnih that psihіchnih stanіv pershoklasnikіv scho suprovodzhuєtsya nepriєmnimi vіdchuttyami discomfort (pov'yazanimi mainly of vtratoyu zvichnih th ulyublenih take, zmіnoyu sotsіalnogo otochennye), i evils imbalance dinamіchnih stereotipіv, Shvidky nakopichennyam novoї Informácie that osobistіsnimi zmіnami . By such declarations, they can be trivozhnist, frustratsіya, depresіya, nestacha inevitably sobі, neurotic show.

Psychological adaptation is a process of motivation of adaptive behavior of people, form-taking programs and programs of real-life situations, meaningful novelty and meaningfulness. The process of mutual understanding of individual relations from the middle of the world, for such a child, the special means of active participation in realizing their main needs and realizing meaningful links are actively involved. The process of mutual understanding of the special means of the Poliga є in the compilation of the victorious adequate resources in the search of the mainstream of the main principles of the main discipline, in order to apply the need for physical and social consumption (for I, my child, and for his health care, he needs personal care and social needs (for Ige, for help, for his help, for his help). samovirazhennі, samostverdzhennі th in rozvitku. Tim himself will be mobilized for successful social adaptations of social needs.

Sotsіalna adaptatsiya - tse process, for help yakogo ditina abo dityacha group reach i become socially rivnovagi at vidsutnost_ surviving a conflice of ot from ochuyuchimi people

Sotsіalnu adaptatsiyu rozglyudayut yak final, psdalsumkovy etap adaptatsіі in tsilomu, just like you, yak fіzіlіchnye і psihologіchne, so і sotsіalne well-being particular. The pervoglassnik is guilty of pristosuvatsya to vimog of quiet social groups, characteristic of the school (educational group, students, nshі klasi toscho).

Sotsіalna adaptatiya pass Chotiri main stages:

- time-to-date - the opening of the first-time mіzh group and the special group, I’m willing to show mutual tolerance to the system and similarly stereotyped behavior alone;

- pseudoadaptation - the unification of calls of oneself to social groups up to negative stakes up to її norms and viog;

- pristosuvannya - in the viznnya і priynyattya systems in a manner similar to the new social spontaneity, mutual actions;

- upodіbnennya - psychological reorі переntatsіya osobistostі, transformatsіya kolishnіh plyadіv, orієntaatsіy, installations vіdpіdno to the new situation.

Peripheral Day Talker
In the first class of the meeting, the reduction of the motivation of the school is on, the spring of the young man, which is connected with the difficult adaptation of the perceiver.

The main problems of the young schoolchild in the first half of the secondary school can be made possible by the difficult social and psychological adaptation of the child to the highest school year. Before them lie on the tipi difficult.

• Zmіna mode zhittєdіyalnostі. Dorosly is guilty of chitko, zrozumіlo rozkrivati ​​vimogi that kindly control over their viconania, vikorisovuyuchi overtaken to each other.

• Specific education with a teacher. Teacher loan іншу Position, nіzh vihovatel preschool mortgage. Vin otsіnyuє, nasampered, the results of learning uchnya, and not his specialness. Ditina and pragne before the elder from the side of a tall adult, and in case of mutual admittance from the side, “not to love”.

• New classes in families, members of the yakoy begin to earnestly place themselves before school, before the age of children in schools. Zrostaє obov'yazkovіst in behavior ditini. In the center of the world, the results of the training process.

• I’m interested in getting to school when the first students find it difficult to learn, if you need to do so much, take it easy, love your child. The succession of positive developments in the evening of motivation lies in the shape of the beginning of events.

The teacher is to blame for all the abilities for success in adapting the first grades to school, and for this the teacher is guilty of learning the psychology of the young schoolchild. Nagadaєmo, scho characteristic of the skin perіkhod psi psik ichnogo rozvitku mіstit tak і basic components: prov_dnu dіyalnіst, sotsіnalnu situatsіyu rozvitku, the new psychiatry and special features Folding management in the field

VISNOVKI about the social-psychological adaptation of the perclass to the minds of school:

- in the course of adapta- tion to the school in which Ditin otrimu є oriцntaciu in sistemіnіvіn, yak nadgogo vnachnu є podalshu share її rozvitku;

- adaptatio - is a universal form of mutual understanding of people with an overarching medium, folding socially;

- the process of adaptation of perclass students on the biological, psychological, social and social regions;

- signs of the adaptive problems of the first grader, the village of trivozhnost, frustration, depression, non-contact, self-infidelity, neurotic manifestation;

- the teacher is to blame for psychological and pedagogical abilities for successful adaptation of the first grades before school.
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Social psihologicheskaya adaptatsіya pershoklasnik_v to minds school schooling

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    In the minds of schoolchildren, children do not have to succeed, and ate them to work with teachers and comrades. The moral behavior of the doshkіlnikіv is correct, and it is necessary to supervise positive emotions and emotions. Entry to school means for child life, tied up with new objectivities, with an insubstantial character of personal life with teachers and peers. Dzherelom childish
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