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Zagalnaya characteristic of the early youth

Yunist - tse dosti trivalii perіod life of people from 14–15 to 25 rokіv, yaky podіlyayut on the early and pіznyu youth. Early youth of the wild period from 14–15 to 18 rok.

Vivchennya psihologichnyh problems youthfulness of the world are the two main objectives.

A number of theories (biologic, psychologic, psychoanalytic diagrams) explain the youth, viriyachi biased over three years in the organisms of the internal factors. When this happens, make rozvitok people people abo yak іndivіda, obo yak specialties. On one of polyusіv tsogo pіdhodu - bіologіchnі teorії for yakih yunіst - tse vazhlivy Etap growth organіzmu scho determіnuє OAO All lіnії (morfologіchnu, fіzіologіchnu, sotsіalno-psihologіchnu) ontogenesis іndivіda.

Psychological theories impudently on the fact that you have your own unique development of internal development, on the contrary - self-equalization of personal information.

Psychoanalytic theories emphasize respect for young people and yachts of burkhlivogo psychosexual development ditini.

Інший підхід - соціологічний - enter into the test of roskriti before the most importantly for the first time for young people to look at the organization, which is interesting for you. In tsomu rozumіnnі Yunіst - Etap sotsіalіzatsіі Ditini, the transition from the pastors of fallow to the state of self-reliance, the formation of social roles, cіnnіsnyh oriyntaci.

For the socialist psychiatrists characteristically, in a dialectical context of biologic, psychologic and social warehouse development. Difficult youth will be explained to the rosary at the moments of composure, from one side, biology, and from the other side - socially. At our technological level, the suspension of the school, the de period of the school campus, settles the trials and the tendency to the state of affairs, the development of the social situation.

Bolshim yunakіv і dіvchat tsogo vіku vzhe reach the state of the earth. May is completed with a renewal of the whole organization of ditini. Physical development of senior schoolchildren at the rate of control and better use of girls, and youths, as a matter of fact, “speak out” of їх. The growth rate in the three-year-olds is up to 16–17 years, and as for young people - up to 17–18 years.

Especially shvydko zrosta є mjazova masa і force in the boys, just rocking this period is important for our children in many kinds of sports. Bolshch zalansovanimi stryut demonstrations in the internal organs of the internal organs, the heart rhythm in the proportions of the motor showings of the judicial system and the darling systems of the people. Significantly in accordance with the nerve system, yak become stably stable and vitrival. Galm_vnі processi vrіvnovzhenі іz processes zbudzhennya.

OTHER ONE IS A SPECIALIZED SUCHASNOSTI є SURROUNDING THE BIOLOGICAL SURVEY (ACCELERATION) AND THE SOCIAL ASSOCIATION. Sotsіalna zrіlіst vimіruєtsya bagatma parameters, as it appears repeatedly, that is uniquely. Thus, the sustenance of the people of 17 years, if they won a passport, go to the authorities for all their rights before the law, with the right and the people with the rights of the most people. Water is actually a societal objective. You can get it right up to the moment of a legal life (for example, at the end of the hour, if you’re praying for this kind of youth), so і пізніше. Nowadays the hour is full of young people who are young people who have fallen into battle with their fathers and parents (especially, as a matter of fact).

Sotsіalna situatsiya rozvitku zumovlyuyatsya p_dgotovkuyu ​​senior pupils before I start, I will enter into self-made life, yaky polagaє have a choice of profession, I have a personalized way of life (continue to live, touch my motherboard, and I will have my own way to do it.
The star is the most urgent problem of the senior pupil of the living self-reliant, yak b gave you in May three years of real life in a real life, in a great country, living in one of your own.

Psychological development in the early youth is a necessary basis, which is permitted by people with everything that has been established and that it is responsible for the vibe of the underdog of life, which can be achieved even to your imagination and unique features. Transformations of the correctness of the shaken life of the vibor, and in children of the vipads of the first three years of the third, in the other half of the youth.

Social situation for senior pupil of senior pupil of superpowers superfly mіzh іdtififіkatsієyu іndivіdualіzatsієy yogo osobnostі sred otochuyuchih people (D. І. Feldstein). From one side, unaks pragnut to Independence, self-attitude, seize their right to separate power. From the other side, to become active, orientally, to gain pragnenia, you will have to conduct your behavior vodovіdno to the common suspension standards and iimog. The result of the modal processes associated with the individual and the identical identities of the different personalities and interesting personalities, the integral mechanisms of self-organized self-equalization, and the successful development of the strategic arrangement, the development of the integral mechanisms of self-equalization, the success of the project, the development of the integral mechanisms of self-development, and the success of the project, the development of the integral mechanics, self-development, and the success of the project, the development of the integral mechanics, self-development, and the success of the project, the development of the integral mechanics, self-development, cooperation, development, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation, development, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation, development, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation, development, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation, development, development, integration, self-development, self-development, cooperation.

Providing a first class for senior pupils at the university school. Professionality dіyalnіst.

The central new features of the early youth are ready for the senior pupil to live on their own (I.V. Dubrovina), the center of the yaky professional vibration. In 80-year-olds in the choice of profession, high school students, peredusіm, orientalists to the prestige of the profession (social value), the professions of the profession, the principle and the norms of a particular character, which are characteristic for this professional grade. Sympathetic help is the pragmatism of young people with virishnian nutrition.

Zhittєve self-assignment to rely on the head on the head of the new psychiatry of the senior pupil - your first svogoglyad, so to become a system of looking at the information, de naukovі znannnya overlap due to reconnection.

VISNOVKI about the zagalnuyu characteristic of the early youth war:

- early adolescence of the period from 14–15 to 18 rokiv;

- for such young people it is more characteristic to concurrently pay attention to the acceleration (acceleration) and social management of the women;

- the seniority development of senior pupils at the pace of control, the growth of the rozmіr vnutrіnіshnіh organs rv іdbuvatsya proportional scopo show the court of this system, the nerves of the system, the march of the marines, the march, and the vyyazovoy systems, the nerves of the system, the march, the march, and the march, and the yyazovo systems, the nerves of the system, the march, the march, and the march, and the yyazovo systems, and the nerves, the system, the march, the march, and the march, and the yyazovo system;

- social situation rozvitku zumovlyuyatsya p_dgotovkoy senior pupils before joining in the self zhittya;

- central new features at the early age of young people ready to live up to their own selves;

- headache psychiatry senior pupil - yogo svyto-gazhd.
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Zagalnaya characteristic of the early youth

  1. Characteristics of mixed early morning
    Provisional mental development of the mission of the subject matter of the subject, pragneniya її to virіshennya vynyuuchih practical tasks. Mislennia vinikak yak suto pіznavalne stavne up to the problem (N. M. Ladigina-Kots, O. M. Leontiev). Diyuchi with objects, Dytena shvidko opanovu rationalization of priyomi that way. In this process, the importance of the role of succession has been increased, they have to be filled. On rozvitok
  2. Characteristics of the by-product ditylnost early childhood
    Early business to become an important step in the development of pobutovoi dyalnost, zokremma nachik self-service. Pobutov’s activity, a yak of knowledge of a volunteer vicariously folding the subject matter, developing especially intensely in a child’s life on the basis of success of a subject’s business, he wondered how a visitor, a visitor Motivational development of pobutovoi dіyalnost
  3. Zagalnaya characteristic pіdlіtkovogo vіku
    Підлітковий вік - це one of the most important stages of the life of people. In Nyomu Bagato Dzherel and I found the whole subordinate camp. Victory is unstable, ranimy, important and worn out, just in a better way, lowering your life, and laying down the realities of profit. Zagalnaya characterization pіdlіtkovogo vіku varіyє in other theories are fallow in the main ides. So, in psychoanalysis, domination ідї
  4. Psychic rozvitok ditini early vіku
    Early World War is marked by the emergence of fundamental lives over the edge: walk, subject matter, moving. Zavdyaki vіlnym pereusuvnya Ditina entered into the epoch of samostіnono ¬ є є є To develop an oriental space, the growth is possible. Dosyagnennya malyuka in ovolodіnnі subjects to kіntsya first rykho ryku life living in the early vіtsі special rozkvіtu.
  5. Osoblivostі Movlennya ditini early horn
    The special features of early childhood
  6. Formation of changes in the development of health among children of early life
    Talking about the goodness of the people, swearing on uvazі ї can be in tiy chi іnshiy dіyalnostі. In case of the same odd minds (preparation, knowledge, knowledge, military), people are otrymu, short results are diluted with healthy ones. Take care of them and know to get ahead: knowledge, intelligence, knowledge. The proteous health of the Poles are not in the knowledge, marriages and knowledge, but in fact, it is easy and easy for people
  7. Peculiarities of sensory-perceptive development of early childhood
    Sensory perceptive development in early vitsi povazaniyes іz vkoskonalenlenamam zdatnostі ditini virіznyati yakomoga bіlshu kіlkіst sign in subjects. The special commandment at the tsiomu vistupa is careful, as in the case of the young man, the duke is not sufficiently finished (outside, fragmentary). Accumulating the attention of a young member of a discipline to build it up to the development of a new business, into the Yakom is an integrated memory and memory. With
  8. Razvitok changes of the will of the nemovlyati that have Ditini early Victory
    The will is assigned to the link with the behavior and behavior of the people and the romance of the yak people. I can not tell you what can be called people. Essay classics for: 1) mimics, scrutinize with spontaneous spontaneity, impulsive character, permissive of chitkogo plan (see in stante aktu); 2) dovl'nі scho transfer usdіdomlennya tsіlі i naavn_st
  9. Understanding what is characteristic of psychology
    Psychic development of child development is the last step, tobto pass a number of periodes, the last step is non-negotiable and lawful. This means that the process of mental development develops for those who are stable. Stable periody for trivalistu, and perehdnі, abo critical, blame the kintsi before that on the cob offensive perіodіv, tobto on їх mezhі. H per_odes
  10. Characteristics of the film ditini doshkіlny vіk
    Characteristics of the film ditini doshkіlnogo
  11. Characteristic
    System organіv dihannya zabezpechuє zovnіshnє dihannya organіzmu for rakhunok Especially structuring kіntsevih vіddіlіv, SSMSC formuyut zamknutі porozhnini (alveoli) i zabezpechuyut fіzichne yavische difuzії mіzh povіtryam scho potraplyaє alveolar tree that structures krovі, SSMSC mіstyat hіmіchnі components organіzmu that neorganіchnі spoluki - nestіykі, welcome to take part
  12. Zagalnaya characteristic m'yazovo cloth
    The characteristic power of this group of fabrics is to get to the top of the list. The core of the basic functions (short-term) is the shape of the organ, to which the miazov tissue is entered, it is one of the most important functions — to reach the ruch. Tilka in a group of rozvinen specials organelles - myoflamenti, supposedly aggregate with myofibrils, and sweat with myazovye fibers. M'yazov tissue on the Vikonuє function
  13. Zagalnaya characteristic pedagogichno ї dіyalnost
    Pedagogical behavior - the price of straightening is woven and the harnessing of the reader to study with a special method. It is an interchangeable one that is uniquely developed, and also the basis of the self-development is that self-leveling. The pedagogical behavior of the characteristics of the person, the characteristics of the people of the people: the price is the direction, the content of the subject. N.V. Kuzmіna one of special features
    Allow me to give you the appointment of the subject, the course of which I begin to read to you. Otorhinolaryngology is the key word of the discipline, so it is morphological, physiological and pathological of the upper, upper dichal gangs and the total of them. The names of the chotiriohs of the walnut are: otos - voho, rhinos - nis, laryngos - larynx and logos - vcheno. It is cluttered, for the first students of the word, it is meant
  15. Zagalnaya characteristic singularity
    The problem is special in a course of psychology in one of the central ones. Formulation and diagnostics of the specificity of the service, assigned to the most effective directors, will not be able to know the structure of the specialty and the laws of form, development, and self-demand. Vodnochas specialty є subject doslіdzhennya bagatyokh innikhi disciplines - philosophy, sociology, pedagogy,
  16. Characteristic of the nerve tissue
    Nerve tissue is a high viscose tissue, the entire nerve system is stimulated. Nerve tissue is characterized by living sprimati, spend and transmit waking. The nerve system is stimulated by the nerve system, which is connected to the organisms in a single cycle, and the organisms, from the middle of the world. In the central nerve system, it is established in the brain and in the spinal cord,
  17. Zagalnaya characteristic of kistka tissue
    Phylogenetic kistkana tissue є bіlsh young, nіzh hryaschova, і bіlsh specialіalizovannuyu vikonannya supporting functions. It appears that the phylogenous lichen in the backbone іdірізняєць від cartilage is not just calcined, and the microscopic structure is scorched one-hourly and easily. Rotate kistka fabric on the mesenchy. Two types of rozrіznyayut rozdnostі vіd steps diferentsіatsії
  18. Zagalnaya characteristic of cartilage tissue
    The cartilage tissue on the back to the supporting tissues і in the link with the czim is characterized by a generic meccane speech and clintins, which do not affect the growth and roztasovuyutsya one by one. In the depth of the nature of the world of speech, the microstructures of the cartilage tissue and the phytosaologic diseases are not the same. Roznіznyayut gіlіnoviy, elastichny and fibrous cartilage. Cartilage develops from mesenchyme. Rozrіznyayut
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