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Zagodzhennya obrazotvacho ї dіyalnostі ditini to 3 rokіv

The image of the constructive activity of a child is called productive, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the national basis on the result, and on the other, on the creative character. Water, tsi vidi dіyalnost dopomagyut ditinі vіdobrazviti otochuyuchu dіysnіst so, yak won ї її sprimak ta rozumіє. Swing-up malyunok, aplikatsіyu, sculptural form of chi konstruktsіyu, ditina vtіlyuє on available її tehnіnichnom r_vnі svіndyndivіdualnі that sub'єktivnі и obrazivіv that yavisch otochuyuhogo, that kinda to wear a model The products of the image of the constructive and dynamic - the model of the design of the individual [120, p. ten].

The model nature of the productive nature of the child’s relationship with the country, is modeled in a manner of development.

The technical side of the productiveness of the democratic situation is to create an area for children. Victory color, form, composition, yakі are transmitted for additional reasons, farb, pape, plastic, designer, vikorisovuyuchi spetsіalnіn znaryaddya attachments: penzlik, olivtsi, nozhitsі toshko. With the help of the preschool childishness of Ditina Ovolodova, the advances of the productiveness of the individual, in the ways of modeling. In the results of productive activities, you can celebrate the best results of your life, and you will love your world. The water party pragnennya zmodelvuvi singing object is to confront the ditino with the task of detailed detailed understanding, seen in part of that power. It is productive to establish the form of a child in a child’s life, which is required by the self-wounded child.

Perspectives of the production of children on the basis of subject objects with such imaginative habits, yak olivets, penzlik, with such materials, yak papir, plasticine. Manipulyuchi Olivtsi in 2 p. ditina v_dkrivaє yogogo power zalishati on the surface of the slide. Perspectives of the first class of children are not the same for people, but for people, for furniture, but for the rest of their lives. Proceedings of Ditina are made about the links between the hands of the rukhs of their hands and the hands of the people, who have filled the country with their hands. From tsogo start formforma tehnіki baby, viroblennya Navik volodіnnya olіvtsem.

Dorossii sponukaє ditinu before osmyslennya first klyuchok, powered by “What do you mean?”, But saying “Tse myachyk. Tse yabluchko. Ditina know her children’s books, learn to learn more about the text, let me know all the links. The process of legacy of vlasnogo malyunka vіdbuvatsya for the scheme: Vipadkovі lіnіі olіvtsya - їх osmyslennya. The first image of the olivic man is roughly conveying the call of power of the subject. For example, Ditina is often a small closed lіnіyu, the form of a yakoy to draw up to a stake, a yak for not ¬ deserting a significant subject: the ti і kulku, і girl, і sonechko.
To the tall vazhko vpznati in them the singing subject. You explain the child: as if it were the apple, then domalyumo petioch or leaflet. Links krylyuchok subject of ditina zapam'yatovuє, just to be aware of him in his own little girls. With the year of Ditin, she started nazivati ​​nalovane.

The nazivannya ditinoi svarkh klyulyok become the first step in rozvitku image of the creative activity. At this process, take the fate of the sign functions of the fairground. Milyuvannya ditini nabuvak sutnno ї oznaku obrazotvotruschovo dіyalnost yak otrovennya obrazіv otochuyuchih objectiv_v. Ditina is all the more penetrating in the sunshine of the image of creativity, promising to assimilate the specificity of the image of education. About this stage, the statement by the child of the task before the cob is named after the principle by name-name. Malynok is asked to be a ditino in advance, just before his own words. Namayuvavshi, Ditina Pomicha, dorosly do not make a right decision Roma’s childish thought, do not want those little girls who want Nalomuvati Ditina. The similarity of the image of the original of the original with the intersection of the object intermediated by the subject of development is extended. Go back to the naval image of the subject line, in order to get the children to get to the point. Motility of the hand, її dovіlіst. TS Komarova saw three groups of imaginative minds:

1) Umіnnya vikorisovuvati znaryaddya i materiali (penzlik, olivtsi, farbi ta iin.);

2) Take care of the links of the dynasty to form the subject of the house, which is the key word for “broadcast” at the little girl;

3) Zorove spriyatyatya i control rukh_v on the basis of the uyavlennya about peculiarities of that malyunka, who is guilty of trying to ditin.

VISNOVKI about peculiarities of the image of creativity in Ditini up to 3 rokіv:

- the image of creativeness to be productive in nature, as seen by a child’s creativity;

- the image of creativity arises on the basis of consumption of activity in activity, in children, in children, in adults;

- obrazovotvchі dії vinikayut s 2-p. on the basis of the subject of the young child with the olivic at the appearance of osmyslennya yogogo slіdіv on the surface;

- a sign of the image of the creation of children of the name of the image that was depicted on it, just because of the sign of the sign of the functions;

- Forming a dynini tech nickname on the basis of the consumption of a baby for an adult, make contact through the baby.
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Zagodzhennya obrazotvacho ї dіyalnostі ditini to 3 rokіv

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